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TNA's Bully Ray would jump back to WWE in a heartbeat

Whilst promoting TNA's Impact TV tapings in New York City this week, Bully Ray, when put on the spot, admitted he'd go back to WWE in a heartbeat if Vince McMahon ever snapped his fingers.

Bully Ray still has dreams of returning to WWE.
Bully Ray still has dreams of returning to WWE.
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It's rare that TNA deserves credit, but they should be praised for working their asses off in attempting to make this week's series of Impact television tapings in New York City feel like a big deal.

Indeed, it seems like they've thrown everything but the kitchen sink to generate a buzz for the shows, including bringing back name talent like Matt Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Homicide and Low Ki amongst others, and booking a major TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy. They've also promoted the events hard in the local media, even managing to bag some national exposure through appearances by Bully Ray, Eric Young, Velvet Sky, Gunner and Lashley on Fox News Network's morning talk show, Fox & Friends.

If ever there was a time that TNA needed to hit a home run out of the park, it's today, as their television contract with Spike TV expires in the fall and there hasn't been any movement so far to renew that deal. If Spike TV decides to cancel Impact, then TNA would be left scrambling to find a new television partner, which would be tough in today's marketplace. Although TNA's ratings are still comfortably above the station's average, Spike TV may be apprehensive at backing a company that has seen its star power diminish considerably over the past year, as savage cost cutting drove the likes of Hulk Hogan, Sting and AJ Styles out of the promotion. Clearly, there would be a fear that this trend would continue in the future and the few big names that TNA still has left would also leave when their deals are up.

Thus, it would be the worst timing possible for a top TNA star to publicly proclaim that he'd go back to WWE in a heartbeat if Vince McMahon ever called him up with the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Bully Ray said when put on the spot during one of his many interviews in his recent promotional tour of his hometown of New York City, according to Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer on today's Wrestling Observer Radio show. Way to remind everyone that TNA is the minor leagues in a city that only supports major league entertainment!

Of course, if anyone should be happy to stay in TNA it should be Bully Ray. Even in his trimmed down state, Vince McMahon would have never dreamed to push him as the top heel in his company. Mr. McMahon would never be powerbombed through a table after a lengthy feud with Ray as his main protagonist. Moreover, in WWE, he wouldn't have the influence that he now holds within TNA. He wouldn't be allowed to craft his own storylines and his opinion on the creative direction of the company wouldn't be heard. Someone who has such carte blanche to do as he pleases, really shouldn't be wondering if the grass is greener on the other side.

As Arn Anderson would say, be careful what you wish for, Bully Ray, as you just might get it.

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