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TNA Impact spoilers from New York tapings (July 17 - 24 air dates): What is ____ doing in The Manhattan Center?!?!

by shstrng via Wikimedia Commons

The company is doing a slew of tapings, with big names and big matches, this week in New York.  Last night was the first show at The Grand Ballroom of Manhattan Center Studios, and will comprise the episodes that appear on Spike TV July 17th and 24th.

LOTS of stuff went on, so let's get right to it:

July 17

  • Kurt Angle and Taz come out to warm the crowd up (not clear if this will make television or not).  Angle puts over the return of the six-sided ring and talks about TNA "rebooting" starting tonight.  Taz compares TNA today to ECW when it was just about to break big.
  • Ethan Carter III pinned Tommy Dreamer with the help of a handful of tights.  This was set-up by Dreamer offering more ECW comparisons and Bully Ray promising to put Dixie Carter through a table.  EC3 and Rhino came out to address them, and Tommy asked for the match.
  • New X-Division champ Austin Aries has to defend in a gauntlet (which is Royal Rumble-style battle royal in TNA).  Eddie Edwards, Manik, Davey Richards, DJZ, Tigre Uno, Crazzy Steve and Sanada entered, in that order.  Aries won with a brainbuster on Sanada.
  • MVP was forced to wrestle injured by Angle (who's in charge as of these shows).  Eric Young & Bobby Roode win against MVP & Kenny King via disqualification, and the heels end up beating down EY & Roode with crutches.
  • Madison Rayne pinned Brittany in a no DQ, no Countout match that the crowd apparently crapped all over.
  • Bobby Lashley beat Jeff Hardy to keep his World title.  He won with a spear after dodging a swanton bomb while he was laid out on the steel steps.  Roll that footage!

July 24

  • Dixie, Rhino, Spud and EC3 out for the opening talking.  Dixie calls herself "The Hardcore Star" for putting Bully through a table and runs down New York.  Dreamer and Ray out with a table, and manage to end up alone with Carter and tease putting her through the table, but her troops regrouped and saved her.  Devon showed up and jumped Ethan, who ended up taking a WAZZUP headbutt and a 3D through the wood.
  • Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim in a non-title match for Xplosion.
  • Robbie E returns to the Bro-Mans, and DJZ gets fed to Low Ki.  Ki Krusher gets the squash, and the crowd was very happy to see the Ring of Honor original.
  • The Great Muta had his NYC debut as the build toward Bound for Glory in Tokyo gets rolling.  He beat Robbie E, and was the subject of a post-match promo from James Storm.  After calling him another old guy taking time from an original like himself, The Cowboy attacked the Wrestle-1 legend.  Sanada came out to make a save, but turned and attacked his mentor with a chair and finished with a moonsault.
  • Jeff Hardy cut a promo about Willow being gone now, but not for good.  He called out his brother.  Matt Hardy apologized to Jeff and TNA for not being right the last time he was here, and wanting to make up for it.  The Hardys challenged The Wolves for the tag belts at Destination X.  Edwards & Richards accepted.
  • Aries turned in the X-Division title to Angle for a shot at Lashley at Destination X.  MVP and the champ told him he made the biggest mistake of his life.
  • Dixie was in the balcony for the main event with Bellator's King Mo.
  • EC3, Spud and Rhino beat Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer in a NYC Streetfight.  Dreamer took the pin in the match that saw run-ins on behalf of the heels from former WWE wrestlers Snitsky and Ezekial Jackson.
Told you it was a lot to take in...thoughts?

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