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TNA announces return of six-sided ring at upcoming New York Impact Wrestling tapings

Exciting news, TNA nostalgists!  Sorry, Austin Aries (and our own Eddie Mac).

It was announced yesterday that, beginning with their upcoming New York tapings, the six-sided ring will return to Impact Wrestling.

The company put it to a fan vote via social media, and those fans "overwhelmingly" voted for six-sides.  Here's the official announcement:

Fans voted and the TNA Board of Directors listened! Beginning this week at our New York tapings, the 6-sided ring returns to IMPACT Wrestling!

Last week, posted a poll for the fans to vote on their favorite TNA ring, 4-sides or 6-sides. We can now exclusively report that the TNA Board of Directors requested this information during a series of closed door meetings regarding the future of TNA Wrestling. Fans voted overwhelmingly for one of the options and this was presented to the Board during another private meeting today.

Giving the fans a major voice in the decision, the TNA Board of Directors has just revealed to their decision to reintroduce the 6-sided ring! Effective immediately, the new 6-sided ring is set to debut at the upcoming IMPACT television taping on June 25th at New York City's famed Manhattan Center.

Witness the return of #6Sides this week during the #TNANYC IMPACT tapings!

The wording makes it sound like a permanent change, but it doesn't explicitly state that, so it could be spun as a special feature of the summer shows.  There has already been an emphasis on making those feel like special, big events by announcing big returns, main events and special attraction matches.

But with some concern about or at least preference against working in the six-sided ring among talent, they could back track and return to a standard, four-sided ring for wherever their autumn tapings take them.  If it ever proved to be a factor in stars decision to not work with them, they'd surely reverse course.

How about you, Cagesiders?  Excited?

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