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Vince Russo's original vision for TNA is exactly what you would think

Vince Russo, former creative writer with WWE, WCW, and TNA, is now making his mark on the Internet with his own website, and a new gig working up slideshows for What Culture.

His first piece of work is worth getting eyes on, as linked previously, a look at "10 Things You Didn't Know About Vince Russo". Number one on the list is of particular interest here because, well, it explains so much:

Many people don't know this, but I actually came up with "TNA", and it was supposed to mean EXACTLY what you think it was supposed to mean (Tits and Ass!). "TOTAL NON-STOP ACTION", was just designed to be the "EXPLANATION" if anybody ever asked. Originally "TNA" was to be adult-orientated, with adult storylines, harsh language and nudity. That's why it was originally pitched as a pay-per-view show, rather than a network one. Unfortunately, over the years, TNA became just "another" wrestling show.

It should be noted that Russo was in charge of creative for that very same company while it became "just another wrestling show". It's also worth mentioning that despite the fact that Russo wasn't able to see his vision through to its conclusion, the company garnered the reputation that would have come with it even if he had anyway.

Here's the question, though, Cagesiders: Had TNA been what Russo wanted it to be, would you have paid money to watch it? Be honest.

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