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TNA Impact results, live blog (June 19, 2014): Slammiversary fallout

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 19, 2014) from the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, featuring the fallout show from the Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV) event this past Sunday night in Dallas, Texas.

Scheduled for the show: All the results and coverage from the big show this past weekend, an Eric Young title defense, Dixie Carter addressing MVP, the return of Taryn Terrell, and more.

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- The recap of the heavyweight title resolution at Slammivesary started the show. Eric Young retained the championship after defeating Austin Aries and Bobby Lashley in a triple threat steel cage match.

- MVP was out first with his cronies. He was on crutches. They were chanting "you can't wrestle" at him and he said "you're right, I can't wrestle, because I have a serious knee injury". He said he's disgusted with what happened at Slammiversary. Because of Dixie Carter, he got an official reprimand and he was forced into doing something that wasn't actually fair at the PPV. So tonight he'll be doing it his way and his way alone. He called out Eric Young's "sawed off" ass, which is a line WWE used against Daniel Bryan many times. Young said the only travesty at the PPV was he didn't get to punch MVP in the face. He started pandering to the crowd and said if it was okay with them, he was going to beat up MVP tonight. MVP said he would kick Young's ass all over Pennsylvania if he wasn't on crutches. So Kenny King said he wanted a title shot right now and Young asked the crowd if they wanted him to put "big mouth" in his place. They approved, so they worked a match.

- Eric Young vs. Kenny King. Early in the match, Young ended up on the outside and MVP and Bobby Lashley acted as though they were going to put the boots to him. That's when Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, and The Wolves walked out to make sure it didn't happen. The crowd was hot for Joe, chanting his name. Young ended up winning with a small package.

- Coming back from a commercial, MVP was smacking TNA employees ringside. They told us it was the bell ringer. MVP demanded an apology before saying "the whole world saw that man kick out". MVP threatened to smack the bell ringer again and the babyfaces ran out to attack King and Lashley. Security joined the fracas and it was just a big ass brawl with a million bodies all of a sudden. MVP got back in the ring and he cut a promo saying he runs the company as the Director of Wrestling Operations. "I AM LIKE GOD". He booked MVP in a second title match tonight, this time against "The Destroyer", Lashley. He said security will escort everyone out of the building during that match and whoever doesn't leave willingly will be fired. Then he booked a tag team title match and started botching his lines. He covered for his botch by screaming like he was super pissed. In fairness, it fit with his promo. Dude was going insane. He booked The Wolves vs. Austin Aries & Samoa Joe vs. Mystery Team for the titles. Then he called out Earl Hebner. When Hebner got in the ring, he fired him. Brian Hebner came running in upset. "If I had a heart, I would be touched right now," MVP said. Then he threatened to fire him too. Earl got on the mic and said he's loved the business for 37 years but it's people like MVP that make him hate it. But he loves the fans. MVP kicked him out anyway.

- Dixie Carter and EC3 were shown walking into the arena. She said everything MVP is doing is just backing up everything she said to the Board of Directors. She wanted to talk about EC3 instead. He put over retiring Sting, injuring Kurt Angle, and knocking off Bully Ray. "You can call me the Hardcore American Icon, ha ha ha". Dixie told EC3 to go to her dressing room because she "flew in Helga", who is apparently a massage therapist. Dixie said she had to take care of business with Tommy Dreamer.

- Eric Young was interviewed about defending the title for a second time tonight. He said he's just fine with that but he's not fine with Earl Hebner being fired and MVP took it too far with that. He suddenly took a phone call and asked the person on the other end of the line if they were "at the hotel". He got a positive response, then took off abruptly, leaving his cell phone on and not bothering to hang up. So the camera man zoomed in and revealed "Kurt Angle" on the iPhone.

- Tag title match was next: The Wolves vs. Aries & Joe vs. Willow & Abyss. The match was good early, with Aries and Joe working hard. Mid-match, they cut to the back to show Tommy Dreamer arriving and pushing away a camera. The match was bonkers from there, including some big spots like Hardy flying backwards into a crowd of people. He tried a Swanton on Davey Richards but Davey got his knees up and The Wolves double teamed Willow and hit their finish to get the pin to retain the tag titles.

- MVP was shown talking to King and Lashley backstage. MVP wasn't happy about Angle possibly getting involved because he's "an Olympic gold medalist". King said he was injured, so why worry about it. They hatched a plan to have Angle "accidentally" tweak his recently surgically repaired knee.

- They ran down the situation with Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer for those who don't pay attention to Twitter or know anything about Dreamer's independent promotion. They did a rush job explaining it, so anyone who didn't pay attention beforehand is going to be lost unless they explain everything during their promos against each other. Dixie was shown walking with Rockstar Spud, so that segment was next.

- They showed Samoa Joe and Austin Aries being thrown out of the building by security.

- MVP was shown talking to a couple guys and The Wolves walked up wondering what he wanted. He said he had a gift for them. There were two guys who deserved to be in the tag title match tonight but weren't in. So MVP booked them in another match tonight for their titles against Magnus and Bram, then told the two big cats he was talking with that he wanted them thrown out once that match was over.

- Dixie Carter was out next. They booed the hell out of her. She put over EC3 beating up Bully Ray then said she'll never go through a table. Well, yeah. Then she said when you're a big star people will always try to latch onto you and get big in the process. Then she said she's in charge and MVP knows that. WHAT?!? She said for him to keep doing what he's doing tonight because it's digging his hole deeper. God, this company sucks. Finally, she got around to inviting out Tommy Dreamer. He walked out to no music but a nice babyface reaction from the audience. Dixie acted like she hardly knew who he was, or what his name was. So the fans chanted his name. She said she invited him to the show to do the right thing and apologize to her for his comments. "Dixie, first of all, thank you for having me". The fans chanted "E-C-W", so Dixie said "you people did not go to school, and those are not the right letters". Dreamer brought up the history between the two, how they met on Twitter and then put together the Hardcore Justice PPV. She drank beer with all the boys celebrating the event but she's changed now. He sits at home on some days and is embarrassed to be a professional wrestler on some days based on the crap he sees on television. Yeah, tell us about it. Dreamer said she's got a locker room full of wrestlers who would die for her but Impact has become the Dixie Show. If she wants a show, go to Hollywood. But she's not a wrestler. She looked like she was going to cry during this. Dreamer tried to get emotional during his promo saying something about people having cancer and watching wrestling to keep fighting. He brought up Dixie watching Slammiversary in the skybox with her family and seeing Kevin Von Erich run his angle and exploding as the fan she used to be. For once, it wasn't about her. He pleaded with her to do the right thing for once. She hugged him, then nut shotted him. EC3 came out and beat him down.

- Kurt Angle was shown walking into the building before being stopped by King and Lashley, who were both holding pipes. Angle said he just wanted to talk to MVP, so King went to fetch him. Lashley stayed to watch over Angle, who told him he had a big pipe.

- After a commercial break, MVP was shown telling Kurt Angle he had business to take care of but he would be back. Angle turned to King and said Lashley's pipe is bigger than his.

- The Wolves vs. Magnus & Bram was next. The announcers were putting over British Steel as a really powerful duo who work a physical style. Sure enough, the story of the match was the two taking turns just beating the shit out of The Wolves. When the tag champs finally made a comeback, it was Davey Richards who got the hot tag and ran wild. They did a spot where Bram ended up in Magnus' arms and Richards dropkicked Magnus into giving Bram a DDT. Not long after this, Bram grabbed a chair and the heels just started working The Wolves over. Willow and THE MONSTER ABYSS came running out to make the save and I guarantee Abyss running in will be a popular GIF in the very near future.

- MVP ran into Brian Hebner backstage. Brian was crying while talking on the phone, so MVP made fun of him. "There's no crying in pro wrestling!" MVP talked about professionalism and what not before booking Hebner as the referee in the Young vs. Lashley match. He more or less bullied Hebner into doing what he wanted using his family against him and threatening his job.

- Taryn Terrell was shown walking backstage. She was only shown from behind. Then she walked up to a mirror and gave herself the once over, which is how we were reintroduced to her. She's back tonight, but what for?

- They did an interview backstage with British Steel and they talked about doing the job they were tasked with doing, which was to beat up The Wolves. Willow and THE MONSTER ABYSS then attacked and they brawled off camera.

- Gail Kim was in the ring and she introduced Terrell. The crowd chanted for "one more match", which seems weird. Gail told Taryn that when she first showed up to the company Gail didn't believe in her. But then they had a Last Knockout Standing match at Slammiversary and Terrell proved she belongs. Kim said Terrell earned her respect by beating her that night. They hugged. Terrell said she left to have her baby but she's back now. She brought up how they both won a match against each other, so the series is tied at one win apiece. She wanted to book a third match. That's when The Beautiful People arrived and shit all over both of the babyfaces. Angelina said she hasn't had the chance to formally introduce herself, so let her do so. She popped Taryn at that point and then Velvet dropped Gail. The heels put the boots to Kim but Terrell made a comeback and sent them out.

- Kurt Angle met with MVP and said he wanted MVP to look inside himself. MVP accused him of playing mind games. Then he gave Angle the chance to join the crew or leave. King got in his face and told him to get out. Angle told him to pound sand, then punched him in the head and stepped to Lashley and MVP, daring them to make a move on him. They both just stood there.

- They cut backstage AGAIN and Taryn Terrell was shown getting thrown out. Jeremy Borash started talking about everyone being gone now and MVP walked up to say "not everyone" beforse also tossing Borash and the cameraman.

- Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young for the heavyweight title in the main event was next. Christy Hemme introduced them while Taz and Mike Tenay did commentary. So I guess not EVERYONE was made to get out. The match was about what you would expect with King and MVP ringside for it. At one point, Young hit the Piledriver but before Hebner could count the fall, he was pulled out of the ring by MVP. Young went after King, who tied him up, but moved when Lashley charged. That got King knocked off the apron. Back in the ring, Young hit a DDT on Lashley but missed on the follow up Flying Elbow Drop. Lashley took advantage with the Spear and got the pinfall to win the title.

- After the match, THE UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE was going to beat Young down even worse but Bobby Roode made his return, coming through the crowd to make the save. King and MVP held Lashley back from getting in the ring to get at Roode, so it looks like Lashley vs. Roode is the program going forward. Sorry, EY, Daniel Bryan lost his title and is out for a couple months, so you're shit out of luck, apparently.


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