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TNA Impact results, live blog (June 12, 2014): Slammiversary go home show

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 12, 2014) from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, featuring the go home show to the Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV) event this Sunday night in Dallas, Texas.

Scheduled for the show: All the final angles headed into the big event this weekend!

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- Eric Young was out first in full wrestling gear. He said he wanted MVP and his cronies to come out -- Dixie Carter, too -- because he had something to tell them. That brought out THE UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE. No Dixie. Young wondered if Bobby Lashley and Kenny King would get involved. MVP said he'll send Young back to doing something he's good at like fishing. Young got in a cheap plug, then said this isn't the place for cheap plugs. Young went on to say he just wants a fair fight so MVP said he could pick the stipulation if he could beat all three members of THE UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE. King said he couldn't beat even two of them. Young said he would try. King said it will be only two and MVP backed off, saying Young only has to beat two of them now. Sigh.

- Young vs. Bobby Lashley was up first. They worked the match about like you would expect, with Young playing the scrappy underdog against the mammoth muscular monster that is Lashley. I missed the finish but Lashley won via pinfall. Mike Tenay said after that Young would have to win two of three matches to pick the stipulation, which means I must have missed something. Lashley grabbed the heavyweight title and was going to attack Young with it but Samoa Joe's music hit. He ran down to the ring and Lashley turned around like he was surprised when Joe got there. HIS MUSIC WAS PLAYING. This show is unbelievable. Lashley got the upper hand in the brief altercation but Joe sent him out.

- Willow promo: "I am beaten, I am bruised, but I am not broken. You showed me how to embrace the pain." He started talking about the key to winning his war with Magnus and Bram being "behind the mask" and how tonight "we" will take care of things.

- Young was being attended to backstage and said he felt something pop in his back. He was advised not to wrestle again tonight.

- Joe did an interview with someone and said MVP is a big problem but Bobby Lashley is his next victim. Then MVP will be taken care of after that.

- Bram and Magnus were out next wearing jeans and black tank tops. Bram introduced his partner saying everyone will learn to fear him: "THIS IS MAGNUS!" Lord. Magnus talked to the camera and said his problem was the people in the back wanted him to be a watered down joke. He's sick when he looks back at the past six months because, well, he was a wimp. But now he's going to be who he really is and with Bram with him, they're unstoppable. Bram cut a promo on Jeff Hardy, saying Willow is an alter ego he needed just to get an edge. Willow came out with a mic and said he was giving them a chance to run. "I am dangerous". He said he's not responsible for his actions behind the mask. He is a figment of Jeff Hardy's imagination. "Where Jeff Hardy can't go, I go". Willow said "we" will take you down at Slammiversary. He was talking to Magnus, who said he would have Bram with him. Bram called Willow out for saying "we" because Willow and Hardy are the same person. Hardy said he would he would have someone with him. He introduced Abyss by doing a knock knock joke with the crowd. The babyfaces sent the heels out of the ring. That was the segment.

- Ethan Carter 3 was talking to the camera. He said he was going to make Bully Ray pay for making him bleed because nobody makes a Carter bleed. Before all that, he's going to go to the ring to expose him for the violent heathen he is, though. "Do you know who I am? I'm a Carter and the world needs us."

- Zema Ion was out to introduce Robbie E, saying he's finally gotten over his crippling fear of clowns. The Menagerie were introduced and, of course, Robbie E reverted back to being scared. The music never stopped playing during the match between Knux and Robbie E. It was incredibly distracting. So was Rebel doing the splits on the apron while Jesse tried to hit on her. Crazzy Steve was blowing his horn, so Zema Ion was blowing his horn, and this was a convoluted mess. After The Freak got involved briefly, Knux won with the spinebuster. They put balloons in Robbie E's trunks and he ran around afraid for a few minutes. Good lord, this was bad.

- EC3 was talking to Rockstar Spud backstage and asking if he got the special request. Spud said he did and they panned over to Brooke Tessmacher walking up. So she's back.

- EC3 was out next. He introduced Brooke to reveal his checkered past. He asked about her being in a relationship with him. She said they were together once. He asked if they broke up. She said yes and he responded by being sorry and talking about their being heartbreak and how awful that can be. EC3 started accusing Bully of doing all sorts of craziness and she denied it all. Then Spud demanded the lights go out and he get a spotlight. He said he has "THE RESULTS" and demanded she reveal what they want to hear. She was clueless, like the rest of us. He said "the DNA does not lie" and struggled to get the envelope open. Mike Tenay: "He's having a match with the envelope and the envelope is winning". Spud said it's confirmed ... Ray is the father. Brooke was baffled and just laughing about all this. They showed a picture of a baby and this was really dumb. Then the two guys started threatening Brooke and that's when Bully came out to make the save. Ray turned to Brooke and said she was an awesome girlfriend and things change and all that but he hopes for all the best for her. They talked about having a tables match at Slammiversary. Bully insisted they have a Texas Death Match. EC3 accepted the challenge.

- Kenny King was excited about his match with Eric Young. Bobby Lashley and MVP wondered if his head was in the right place because sometimes he gets in his own way. He said he'll be fine.

- Young vs. King was next. Young was favoring his back when he could but no selling it when on offense. King missed a top rope spot late and Young capitalized with the piledriver that got the pin. Taz put over that Kenny was too cocky and arrogant going for his big move off the top. Young was helped to the back by the referee.

- Madison Rayne did an interview saying she's only thinking about the Knockouts title, not the weird vibe she's getting from Brittany.

- Young was interviewed by Jeremy Borash backstage. He said he doesn't think MVP is man enough to beat him but he'll wrestle one more match tonight.

- Brittany vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim was next. Early on, Brittany was trying to impress Rayne. Kim got the better of them both. The Beautiful People made an entrance, complete with music. They joined the commentary team for the match. They built to Madison finally turning on and hitting Brittany. The Beautiful People got involved, of course, but Velvet Sky tried to use the spray on Kim and missed and hit Brittany. Kim hit Eat Defeat right after and got the pin.

- MVP was shown talking to a referee. He was asked about it by the interviewer who is always backstage at TNA and he said he wanted to make sure to tell the ref to call a fair match, right down the middle, once the bell rings.

- They ran down the Slammiversary match card and line-up. It's rough sledding.

- MVP vs. Eric Young was the main event. Naturally, Young was attacked while making his entrance, with King and Lashley beating him down before he could get to the ring. "The bell can't ring until both men are in the ring. It's GENIUS!" That was Taz's response to this. Young was thrown into the ring and the match officially started. MVP was in control for most of it. At the end, MVP used a chair on Young and got disqualified for it. MVP stood over him and said "you don't look like much of a winner right now, do you?" MVP cut a quick promo and then posed with the belt. The heels bailed out of the ring. Young grabbed the mic and said "I know it doesn't look like it, but I won. I won because you couldn't beat me fair". He chose the stipulation for Slammiversary: A Steel Cage match. "I'll see you in Dallas. And remember, I'm just crazy enough".


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