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TNA Slammiversary 2014 news: Title match added, MVP still hopes to wrestle in main event

TNA is just four days away from staging its latest pay-per-view (PPV) offering, the Slammiversary event scheduled for this Sun., June 15, 2014, at College Park Center in Arlington, Texas. The card has been marred by a lack of interest, disorganization, low morale, and an injury to one half of its main event.

Here are the latest updates:


A ladder match for the X Division championship was announced with Sanada defending his title against Manik (who hasn't been used consistently on television for months now), Tigre Uno, Crazzy Steve (in his first official match since joining the company), Eddie Edwards, and Davey Richards.

The fact that this match was announced just days after WWE made official that it would have a multiple man ladder match for its main title at its next PPV is not lost on anyone here. Then again, rumors were out for days that TNA was looking to bring in former X Division talent for this show.

It's also worth noting here that, according to the Wrestling Observer, a lot of the wrestlers on the roster haven't been made aware of whether or not they'll be working the show. That could very well include the six individuals listed in this match.


It's been announced that while he can't work the show as a wrestler thanks to his knee surgery and subsequent recovery, Kurt Angle will be in attendance to reveal the third member of the TNA Hall of Fame.


Exactly 2 years ago today, June 10th, "The Icon" Sting was announced as the first inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame. The announcement was made at Slammiversary in Dallas, TX.

This Sunday marks TNA's first trip back to Dallas since then - for Slammiversary XII - and we have just learned that Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, will announce the next inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame! Slammiversary has become the annual event where a new inductee is announced and, just last year, Kurt Angle became the second man in history to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

No word on who it could possibly be, what with the most logical name, AJ Styles, no longer with the company. It's anyone's guess on who they'll come up with. Mike Tenay, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young are names to look out for.


In an interview with Chris Jericho, MVP reveals he's put off having an MRI done on his knee in the hopes that it will recover just enough to allow him to work the main event title match against Eric Young the entire show has been built around. It's entirely possible, however, that he's unable to go and a last minute switch will have to be made.

The reason they haven't been able to talk about it is because the final episode of television has yet to air yet. Impact tomorrow night will feature a closing angle with a big reveal that the match will be contested inside a steel cage.

It's anyone's guess as to who will step in for MVP if he can't go, but Bobby Lashley seems like a logical enough choice. That would leave Samoa Joe out in the cold but it's not like they can't book around it. Plus, this card has been doomed for weeks now, so it probably doesn't matter either which way.

That's all the latest on the Slammiversary event, Cagesiders. We will, as usual, have live coverage of the show this weekend.

See you then!

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