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Robbie E's latest excuse: A ladder match isn't a sanctioned pro wrestling match

For weeks on end, The BroMans found a way to make The Wolves look ridiculously bad by successfully defending their tag team titles via less than honest means. They're heels, after all, and that's what they do.

The problem, of course, is that it wasn't all that entertaining. But all that changed when TNA booked The Wolves to win the belts and Robbie E had to start coming up with excuses as to how that could possibly happen.

First excuse: The match at Sacrifice, where The BroMans lost the titles, was a 3-on-2 handicap and even though it was in their favor, it still threw them off their game.

Second excuse: The rematch on Impact was 3-on-3 but The Wolves had a mystery partner and that meant The BroMans couldn't prepare for them properly. Said mystery partner was Sanada, who doesn't speak English and therefore his wrestling isn't English and The BroMans only know English wrestling.

Now, for his third excuse:

Yes, the BroMans are the "true champs" because "a ladder match isn't even really sanctioned professional wrestling."

Can this never end? Can The Wolves beat The BroMans in a new an interesting way every week just so Robbie E can find a way to make an awesome excuse about it?

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