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Kurt Angle has another knee surgery, has he worked his last match for TNA?

Last night's angle from Impact Wrestling was born out of necessity, as reports are coming in that the Olympic hero recently underwent ACL surgery. With his TNA contract reportedly up this fall, it has to make you wonder if his time in Orlando is done.

TNA Wrestling on YouTube

If you tuned in to Impact Wrestling last night (May 8, 2014), you saw Ethan Carter III defeat Kurt Angle in a match that was as much about the Olympian having trouble with his knee as it was about putting over EC3.

TNA then aired this video:

According to Mike Johnson at, this is not a work and the Pittsburgh native did undergo ACL surgery earlier this week.  He allegedly did work house shows this past weekend after the match with Carter was taped (because he's Kurt Angle...of course he did) but then "quietly" went under the knife.

This would be his second knee surgery this year, having already been operated on following Impact's European tour in January.  Reports at the time also indicated that medical professionals had cautioned him to not work the overseas dates, but that he went ahead and did them to further the program with EC3 and to provide a storyline excuse for his absence (and because he's Kurt Angle...of course he did).

With recovery time keeping him out at least until the summer even on his typically aggressive recovery and return schedule, the interesting wrinkle this time out is his contract status.  Word is that his TNA deal is up in the Fall of this year.  With rumors and professional flirtations going back and forth between the gold medalist and WWE and Jeff Jarrett's new Global Force Wrestling promotion, it's possible that we have seen the last of Kurt Angle on Spike TV for quite some time.

At least, on Spike for TNA, depending on your confidence in Impact getting renewed by the Viacom-owned channel.

Stay tuned to see where Kurt and TNA land as time goes on.

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