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TNA Impact results, live blog (May 8, 2014): The Menagerie debut

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 8, 2014) from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Slammiversary event next month in Texas.

Scheduled for the show: The Menagerie make their highly anticipated debut, Kurt Angle vs. EC3, The Wolves vs. The Bro Mans in a ladder match for the tag team titles, The Beautiful People vs. Brittany & Madison Rayne in an Evening Gown match, and more!

Spoilers are available for this show and if you want to read them click here.

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- They opened with Bully Ray jamming out in the car saying he's in Nashville headed to find Dixie Carter at her office. He said he's ON THE HUNT FOR DIXIE. If he finds her, he's going to put her through a table.

- Eric Young was out first in the arena. He opened by saying the first hiccup in his title reign has happened. He told fans he would defend the title every week but that hasn't happened. He said if MVP wasn't going to book him in a match, he would have to book himself. He issued an open challenge. Bobby Roode came out, presumably to answer the open challenge. Roode talked about Young being a fighting champion and wanting to defend the belt. He put himself over as the next rightful challenger. Young brought up that Roode was the next challenger last week and lost. Roode didn't argue that but did say he came really close to winning. Then he brought up the history between the two, telling a long story about how they came up together and are a few of the TNA originals left. They used to be best friends but they were always better enemies. Roode offered that if they had the match and he lost, he would never ask for a title shot again. Young called him one of the best wrestlers in the world and accepted the match.

- Young meets with MVP in his office. MVP said he had something really special lined up for him and Young didn't give him the chance to tell him about it. He also said Young can't book his own matches because that's MVP's job. Young said he's the world champion, and that makes him the exception. MVP said it actually makes him the rule. IT wasn't long until MVP snapped and started yelling. He guaranteed that Young's opponent at Slammiversary will be someone he's never faced before and he should take the night off.

- The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne & Brittany in an Evening Gown match was next. After getting some good offense in, Brittany was eliminated. Her underwear looked like her ring gear, but she acted as though she was nearly nude -- to be fair, she was -- and wanted to cover herself quickly. She ran to the back. After a commercial, Mike Tenay and Taz were bickering like JBL and Michael Cole. Taz wondered why fans weren't alerted this was an elimination match and Tenay said, "well, they could figure it out once Brittany was eliminated and I said she was eliminated". Good lord. Back in the ring, Rayne eliminated Velvet Sky to make it one-on-one. After a back-and-forth, Velvet came back down in a towel and showed off her goodies to the referee. He went completely dumb for about two minutes, giving Love time to spray something in Rayne's eyes, stripping her and winning the match.

- Dixie Carter was rushing out of her office. Rockstar Spud was wondering why she was worried. She told him not to let Bully Ray into her office and not to let him talk to anyone. She ran away while Spud said he would take care of everything.

- They ran a promo for Kurt Angle vs. EC3. That match is next.

- Bram and Magnus are backstage. Bram reveals he signed an iron-clad contract with TNA. Bram says he booked Magnus against Willow tonight. He wants Magnus to be his old self, so he'll be out there with him. Magnus was confused.

- Now we got to Angle vs. EC3. Early on, Angle hit the triple suplex spot and Angle sold like he hurt his knee again. Not long after, EC3 got the edge and he stood there and yelled at Angle "YOU'RE HURT". After an Angle Slam, Kurt's leg buckled and the referee immediately threw up the "X" sign. EC3 got up at the same time Angle did, took a dive at his leg, and quickly got the pinfall victory. They went to commercial and when they came back, Angle was being helped to the back telling John Gaburick that he blew his knee out. "I heard it pop".

- MVP was out next. He said he thought he knew what he was in for when he accepted the gig as Director of Wrestling Operations at TNA. But it's stressful as hell because everyone is super passionate. He hopes he didn't disappoint everyone by putting the kibosh on Young vs. Roode tonight. He slipped in a Big Lebowski reference, which was nice. He said he had a blockbuster announcement for Young's opponent at Slammiversary. This brought out Roode. They argued about Roode not getting a title shot tonight. Roode called him a "son of a bitch". MVP tried to walk off but Roode pushed hi and they had a pull apart brawl.

- We go back to Bully Ray at TNA headquarters. He walked in and said hi to a woman named Catherine. She wondered how he knew her name. She tried to keep him out but he went looking for Dixie himself. Rockstar Spud showed up and said Bully would have to go through him. Ray said he would count to three. Spud stood his ground. Bully just picked him up and moved him. Spud was really upset that Bully went into the office with his shoes on. Bully sat in Dixie's desk, got on the phone, and demanded Catherine get him a sandwich while calling a meeting.

- Cut backstage to Rebel doing fire tricks. Knux had someone bring in a big box. Rebel asked what was in it and Knux said "it's their home".

- Backstage, Roode was being kicked out of the building by security and Al Snow.

- The Wolves vs. The BroMans in a ladder match for the tag team titles was next. As expected, this was a spotfest with some really wild spots. The crowd was hot for it and it was actually a fine match. The finish saw Zema Ion come out to stop The Wolves from grabbing the tag titles but get tossed over the ropes down to The BroMans below. It could have been a disastrous spot, but it worked out. That was entertaining.

- Backstage with Knux and Rebel. She seemed worried about who was inside but Knux was super excited. She wondered if they could breathe in the box and he said it was their home. He asked if they were ready to come out and a gigantic muscle bound monster wearing a mask busted out the side. He was followed by a clown. CRAZZY STEVE AND THE FREAK.

- Back to Bully at TNA headquarters. Spud was bringing him tea but Bully wasn't in Dixie's office anymore. He was in the staff room, according to Catherine.

- Kazarian was out next for a match. Actually, he was out next for the big debut of The Menagerie. They had the carnival music and two people on stilts. They had an entire entrance worked out. Rebel did some tricks and then laid out. Crazzy Steve came in behind her and threw some balloons. The Freak was next flexing his muscles. Knux was out last and Rebel got up to kiss on him. The dudes on stilts came to the ring and stood on the outside for the match. Rebel did the splits on the bottom rope and Knux screamed, "can you believe she's with me, baby?" No, Knux, I can't believe it. Tenay said he didn't think TNA would ever be the same. Meanwhile, Kazarian was beating down Knux in the ring. Knux looks like he's gained a hell of a beer belly. Kazarian ended up on the outside and had a run in with Crazzy Steve and The Freak. The match wasn't long after that. Knux won with a spinebuster.

- Back to TNA headquarters again and Spud went to the staff meeting room. He found a bunch of geek workers wearing "Bully Fears Dixie" shirts. Spud cut a promo on Ray, calling him the worst human being on the planet. Naturally, Ray came up behind him and sent him off to get a couple cases of beer. Bully wanted to know what the new company motto is and they repeated "Bully Fears Dixie" three times. He said they've got work to do but he knows just what they need.

- Gunner and Mr. Anderson were arguing backstage before coming to an understanding. Gunner doesn't like to cheat. Anderson talked about Sam Shaw being crazy and Gunner asked why that may be. Sometimes people go through trauma and it makes them all weird that way. Anderson just said he was nuts.

- Back at TNA headquarters and Spud returned with beer to a party in the staff meeting room. Spud jumped on the table and said this was unprofessional and everyone needs to get back to work. Bully called him a buzz kill. Spud begged him to leave. Bully said he would but only if Spud told him where Dixie is at. Then he changed his tune and said he would leave if Spud had one beer. Spud started drinking one and Bully grabbed him up and powerbombed him through a nearby table. Then he stole his phone and found out where Dixie lives that way.

- Willow showed up for a promo. He gave a history lesson. Then said these words: "Magnus, I do not fear your reign for I have an umbrella". Dear lord.

- Magnus vs. Willow was next. The match started with Magnus smashing Willow while he was running around the outside like a crazzy person. Bram approved of this vicious streak. When Willow gained the advantage, Bram got involved by tossing Willow into the steps. That led to a disqualification. Bram got in the ring and started beating the hell out of Willow while shouting at Magnus that "that's how you do it". Then things got kinky when Bram broke out some handcuffs. He handcuffed Willow to the bottom rope, then broke out Mr. Turnbuckle. He beat Willow with it and Magnus, disgusted, walked away.

- They went to the exam room and they already had x-rays back on Angle. Nothing was broken but there was no movement, swelling would occur soon, and his ACL was torn. He would need surgery. He wasn't happy about this at all.

- They cut quickly to MVP in the ring to announce Eric Young's opponent at Slammiversary. He brought Young out. MVP said he was proud of Young and everything he's accomplished. He called Young an inspiration. He said a few more words then pointed to the stage to announce the number one contender. No one came out. MVP asked if he was late. "Well, I guess since they didn't play his music I'll just break it to you this way", MVP said before clocking Young, turning heel and booking himself in a title match. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, or something like that. Mike Tenay was outraged.


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