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Vince Russo responds to reports that he's working with TNA creative again

Not long ago, rumors were flying around -- they haven't really gone away, actually -- that Vince Russo was doing some consulting for TNA and its creative team. It was reported by outlets like PW Insider that he sends in ideas and sometimes they make TV and sometimes they don't.

For those of you who watch Impact each week, it's not hard to believe those rumors. His fingerprints appear to be all over that show.

But let's hear from the man himself, from an interview with Wrestlecrap's RD & Blade Show (worth the listen, so click the link when you're done here):

"First of all, just for the record, let me make one thing perfectly straight: my contract with TNA was over in February 2012. I do not have a contract with TNA that expires in three months. Where that information came from, I have absolutely no idea. I have not been under contract with any wrestling company since February 2012. So everything you read about 'Oh, he's with TNA and there's still three months left on his contract' ... Who pulled that out of their backside and why, I have no idea. I am under contract with nobody. If I'm working as a consultant for TNA, if I'm working as a consultant for WWE, if I'm working as a consultant with Jeff Jarrett, you know what? I choose not to comment on that, because I'm just as fascinated to sit back in my house here in the mountains, in beautiful Colorado, and just see how two years and three months I have been out of the business, but yet every day I still seem to be the topic of conversation. And I am totally, totally entertained by that. So if I say I'm consulting for Jeff or if I'm consulting for Vince or if I'm consulting for TNA, it would take the enjoyment out of that for me."

That's a fabulous non-denial denial, no?

Let the rumors continue...

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