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TNA Impact results, live blog (May 29, 2014): ON THE WARPATH

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 29, 2014) from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Slammiversary event next month in Texas.

Scheduled for the show: More from MVP and his new alliance with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King, Bully Ray is on the warpath apparently, The Beautiful People vs. Brittany and a mystery partner, Mr. Anderson & Gunner vs. BroMans, Bram in action, and more!

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- They opened with a promo package of MVP talking about money, power, and respect. Basically a recap of last week.

- Bully Ray was first out in the arena, limping with a microphone. He said he'll keep fighting no matter what and he's now obsessed with six people in the company. He promised fans that he will put each of them through a table. They had tables set up along the stage with packaging on them. Bully ripped away the black tape to reveal the names. Lashley, EC3, Kenny King, MVP, Rockstar Spud, and Dixie Carter. He really played it up before revealing Dixie's name. Then he went to the ring and challenged someone to come up and fight. MVP arrived dressed in full ring gear. He said nothing's going down tonight, no matter what anyone says. MVP then brought out his two crew members, then EC3 and Spud attacked Bully from behind. So this was a five-on-one beatdown. Taz pushed on commentary that he didn't think Carter and Spud were working together with MVP and his cronies, then changed positions after Mike Tenay started talking. They set up a table, the one with Spud's name on it, but before Bully was put through it Eric Young, Austin Aries, and The Wolves came down to make the save. Spud was left behind by the heels. Aries proposed a 3-on-3 match. Bully demanded it, then put Spud through the table to send a message. EC3 was shown damn near crying on the stage over this.

- After a commercial break, everyone was brawling while Mike Tenay was telling us this was "the payoff to that explosive opening segment". Could have sworn he said those exact words or something very close to them. I guess the match is The Wolves & Aries vs. MVP, King & Lashley. After the stretcher job last week, Davey Richards appears to be just fine now, by the way. They actually had a decent little match once it became an actual match. Team MVP went over.

- Bram and Magnus were backstage in the locker room. Bram said he wants the old Magnus back. He's got a match tonight and Magnus will be out there with him so he can "see and feel the violence". Magnus was conflicted.

- EC3 was talking to Dixie Carter backstage, saying he had a perfectly executed sneak attack on Ray and then everyone else blew it, including MVP and his cronies. Also, Spud went through a table. Dixie said "that sucks but I've got to talk to MVP and I want you there with me".

- Tigre Uno was out next for a match. His opponent was Bram and Magnus was indeed out with him. Bram is a psychotic piece of wacko. He was basically beating the tar out of Uno and screaming at him all wild eyed with veins popping out everywhere. Bram ended up winning with a DDT and screaming all the way through the pinfall. After the match, Bram went under the ring and grabbed Mr. Turnbuckle. Magnus got on the mic and asked what's wrong with Bram. Naturally, Bram talked about the same thing he's been saying since he came back. Magnus said Bram needs to prove himself against a stronger opponent. Then instead of naming himself, he named Willow.

- Gunner found Mr. Anderson backstage. Anderson asked Gunner if he's out of his mind for going to see Sam Shaw. Gunner talked about Shaw just needing someone to listen to him. Anderson continued running Gunner down for trying to help the wacko Shaw (his words) before asking if Gunner is committed to what they're doing tonight.

- Madison Rayne was backstage and Brittany showed up to ask for a favor. She wanted Madison to be her partner tonight against Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. Madison sat Brittany down and said she's not ready for the Beautiful People. So she made Brittany promise she won't have the match tonight.

- The BroMans were already in the ring with Gunner halfway down the ramp when they cut back to the arena. We got the full Mr. Anderson entrance, because of course that's the one they would make sure we had to suffer through. The match was short and mostly a waste of time. The babyfaces went over.

- Post-match, The BroMans were licking their wounds in the ring when The Menagerie showed up. They had someone introduce them, though we never saw who exactly it was that was talking. Taz when Rebel came out: "Oh, she can swing a stick." Tenay cackled at this. They showed The BroMans during The Menagerie's entrance and they were scared shitless. The BroMans went back-to-back-to-back and completely lost their minds in fear with The Menagerie surrounding them. Robbie E and Jesse Godderz escaped but Zema Ion was thrown around by The Freak. Crazzy Steve acted crazzy and that was the segment.

- Brittany was shown walking up to Gail Kim. She said she can't get over how the Beautiful People embarrassed her last week. So she wants Kim to be her partner tonight. Gail agreed and Brittany gave her a big hug.

- Dixie Carter and EC3 opened the second hour. Don't everyone act so surprised. Dixie called out MVP and he came out, this time in business attire, with Lashley and King. They argued. Dixie reiterated that they need her. MVP said he and his crew have all the power so how could she help them? She said she could mind her own business and go back to Nashville, or she could head to Dallas and take a meeting with the Board of Directors to call him out. MVP said she was sexy when making threats. Eric Young and Bully Ray came out. Young was holding a pipe. MVP called out Young for not being as crazy as he claims because he's cognizant of his craziness. He had a good line about taking Young's title at Slammiversary so EY can go back to doing things he's good at, like fishing. Young tried to hop the ring but Bully held him back saying there's a time and a place for everything. MVP agreed and then said Ray isn't a Bully, he's just another New Yorker with a loud mouth. Bully tried to rush the ring, so Young had to stop him saying "time and a place, man, where were you a couple seconds ago when you said that?" Big pop in the crowd for that line. MVP booked a match between the two tonight with EC3 as special guest referee. Ray said he wouldn't do it, so MVP threatened to fire him before Dixie ran him down calling him a quitter and saying she's been overpaying him since he signed with TNA. Good lord with this show. Bully called Dixie a wench and then promised again that he'll put everyone through a table. Then the segment just ended with no resolution to Ray vs. Young as a match and whether anyone would be fired. Taz and Tenay were confused but said it appeared as though the match was on. I guess we'll see later.

- The Beautiful People were interviewed and ran down Brittany and Gail Kim. Angelina shook her ass. Velvet said "beautiful is back". That was that.

- They played video on Kurt Angle and once again brought up his comeback. They must plan on re-signing him.

- The Beautiful People were out next to sex things up. Brittany was overly excited about Gail Kim when she came out. As in, hugging on her and pointing to her while Gail was working the gimmick. The heels were in control for most of the match. Tenay continually talked about Brian Stifler, the referee. He wondered if Stifler is even his name, which is a funny thing to bring up here. They showed two fans wearing Beautiful People bags and Taz laughed and said it was "a big upgrade". Tenay said "you should have seen them before they put those on". Then they yukked it up about how they popped themselves. Gail Kim got the hot tag and ran wild. As she was about to win the match, Brittany tagged herself in to get the glory but screwed it up and got hit with the Botox Injection and was pinned before Gail could make the save.

- Young and Ray were talking backstage. Bully said no one deserves to be champion more than Young but if he wins tonight, he'll be the new number one contender to the heavyweight title. EY agreed, they shook hands and said may the best wrestler win, and that was that.

- Brittany was in the ring and called out Madison. She asked why Madison rejected her. Rayne took the mic and said everything is getting a little bit weird for her. She explained the rivalry between her and the Beautiful People and how that needs to be handled between the three of them without Brittany getting involved in it. Madison said she didn't want to be responsible for Brittany getting involved. Brittany said "I'm a big girl and I just want to be with you." Madison asked what she said and Brittany repeated herself. Madison got really upset and said Brittany went too far and she needs to keep her distance from now on. Brittany freaked out at this point. "Why don't you like me? What do I got to do? Accept me. Come on, Madison. Why? Why?" That brought the Beautiful People back out to make fun of them. Then Velvet said Madison was acting like a Queen Bee because that's who she really is and they know because they made her that way. Rayne said she's cashing in her rematch clause for the Knockouts title next week.

- They did a segment with MVP and his crew intimidating EC3 before he went out as special guest referee for the main event.

- The main event was next, Eric Young vs. Bully Ray. Christy Hemme was doing the ring introductions before Kenny King came out to take over. He ran away from the babyfaces when they chased him. EC3 got his entrance last, by the way. The referee for the match. Before anything happened, King said they needed a special guest enforced and "who better than the living tank himself, Bobby Lashley". MVP was, of course, out next. Because they can't just have a wrestling match, they have to overbook the hell out of everything. Also, this looks like a copy of the angle WWE did with Evolution and The Shield on Raw recently, even though it's not. The match wasn't so much a match as the two babyfaces in the ring trying to work while all the heels surrounding them continued messing that up. EC3 ended up getting kicked in the head by Bully and that just led MVP and his goons in to beat down both Ray and Young. Samoa Joe's music hit and he made his big return to clean house. King tried to come off the top rope and Joe just moved out of the way before hitting the Muscle Buster. He stared down MVP, who took him seriously.


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