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TNA Impact results, live blog (May 22, 2014): UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 22, 2014) from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Slammiversary event next month in Texas.

Scheduled for the show: Willow vs. Bram in a Falls Count Anywhere match, MVP's new UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE is in the building, Dixie Carter will return to address MVP's recent actions, Angelina Love's open challenge, and, more!

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- The UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE were shown beating up a guy before coming out to the arena. MVP cut a promo saying he's brilliant because he took a position that gave him power to bring in his friends. He said professional wrestling is a business and it's all about money, power, and respect. It's also about politics. The crowd chanted "you sold out" and he said "yeah, I sold this building out". Note: Admission is free at the Impact Zone. Kenny King got the mic and put MVP over before putting himself over. He said a lot without saying much at all. Then it was Bobby Lashley's turn. He didn't say much. The Wolves finally interrupted. Davey Richards wondered where the good MVP went. MVP mistook him for Eddie Edwards. Probably a heel move but it could have been a shoot. MVP said he gave them the opportunity to win the tag team titles but he didn't cut them into the deal because they don't have the stomach. MVP threatened to fire them and send them back to the indies, where they probably belong anyway. A brawl broke out. Lashley speared Edwards out of his boots. They took Davey up to the stage and had Lashley spear him off it through a table after MVP apologized saying it had to be that way.

- EC3 was shown arriving to the building in a limo with Dixie Carter. When the driver opened the door, he said "adequate driving, now go away".

- They did a stretcher job for Davey Richards during the commercial break.

- Eric Young came out to talk. He was almost immediately interrupted by MVP. Once again, he brought his goons out with him. Young called King a scumbag. He expressed disappointment in Lashley for going this route after paying his dues in wrestling, MMA, and the military. Then Young brought up Bobby's kid and Lashley didn't like this one bit. MVP interrupted to start talking about money again. Finally, the three heels beat up Young in the ring. Austin Aries came out at this point to help the champ. He was on fire at first but THAT DAMN NUMBERS GAME. Young recovered and the babyfaces cleared the ring. Aries got on the mic and called MVP fake, then he challenged him to a match. MVP accepted, then said he would book Young in a match when he's ready.

- Bram was backstage with Magnus. He said he spoke to MVP again and got another match made between Magnus and Willow. It will be Falls Count Anywhere. Magnus said he was getting sick of Bram, so Bram grabbed him up. Magnus popped him in the mouth and he bled. Then he laughed and said that's what he was trying to do, help Magnus find himself.

- Angelina Love was interviewed. She said she had an open challenge for her Knockouts title. Gail Kim walked up and said she accepted the challenge. Love said she wasn't allowed, then Kim just started beating her down. It was broken up and Love was upset because Kim didn't let her finish.

- The Beautiful People were out next. Love got on the mic and said she wanted to make one thing clear. She did issue an open challenge for tonight but it excludes all former Knockouts champions. She wants to build the division by giving a "newbie" a shot at the title. Considering the roster, there was really only one option, which was Brittany. She's the one who came out. They had a match. The finish was Velvet Sky distracting referee Brian Stifler with her ass and Love hitting the Botox Injection, which is just a kick to the head, to get the pin. After, they tried to get a bag on Brittany's head but Gail Kim made the save and cleaned up.

- Dixie Carter was interviewed. They said MVP had banned her from the building but she said due to his recent actions she needed to address the situation tonight.

- Mr. Anderson was at a bar drinking with James Storm. They talked. It ended up with the two agreeing to a drinking contest.

- MVP vs. Austin Aries was next. The match was pretty good for what it was, but it was given very little time and Kenny King and Bobby Lashley interfered for the disqualification. Eric Young came out to assist Aries when the beat down was on after the match but he was taken out in short order. MVP announced Lashley would be Young's opponent tonight. After that, Dixie Carter's music hit and she came walking down to the ring. She said he wasn't returning her calls or texts. He said she's like every other woman in his life. He reiterated that he banned her from the Impact Zone and she said she's still President and she can go where she wants. Bully Ray came running out swinging something around and EC3 grabbed Carter and ran away with her. MVP revealed he banned Bully from the Impact Zone as well as Dixie, so why was he here? Bully and MVP started going at it verbally. "Of all the people for you guys to pick on, Eric Young?"  It didn't take long for Lashley and King to jump in and Bully caught a beat down. Dixie and EC3 showed back up while this was happening. The UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE left while Dixie and EC3 clapped for them -- WHAT?!? -- and Dixie climbed in the ring to stand over Bully: "Ethan, get the tables". He did. Bully went through one. That was the segment.

- Dixie and EC3 were walking to the limo boasting about getting the better of Bully. He was limping up behind them. Once they realized he was coming, they ran for the limp and took off.

- Magnus vs. Willow in a Falls Count Anywhere match was next. During Willow's entrance, Mike Tenay talked about how hard it must be to prepare for an opponent like Willow because you never know what he might do. So what did he do? He just started running laps around the ring while bellowing out that piercing scream of a laugh. Bram was once again trying to get Magnus to use the pry bar. This time, Magnus used it, but only with a gut shot. He wouldn't follow up with a head shot. Willow hit Twist of Fate and got the pin right after. Bram walked off disgusted.

- Gunner was with Samuel Shaw in his padded room. He said he was here for the third time and he wouldn't go anywhere until Shaw talked to him. Shaw freaked out and Gunner tried to get through to him again. He said he's spent plenty of time in a place just like the "funny farm" Shawn is at.

- Eddie Edwards was shown marching back into the building with a purpose.

- Back to Gunner and Shaw and Gunner was telling Shaw a story about a friend who went through the service and combat and ended up in a bad place. The trauma of war led him to deeply psychological problems but in the end he got better. In the end he found himself. Gunner believes there is good inside of Shaw and that he can get better. Shaw wasn't sure if he could trust Gunner. So Gunner started by trying to get the straitjacket taken off.

- Eddie Edwards stormed to the ring. He demanded one of the UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE members come down to the ring and fight him. That's how pissed he was about Davey Richards being put in the hospital. He said he wouldn't leave until someone came out. Kenny King was the guy who answered the challenge. There was an extended brawl, most of it consisting of King putting a whooping on Edwards.

- James Storm and Mr. Anderson were in the midst of their drinking contest. Anderson was acting drunk but winking at the camera. Storm was getting wasted and talking about how long the night would be.

- MVP was shown talking to Brian Hebner, saying he'll be the referee in the main event and he can make things up to MVP by doing the right thing.

- Anderson was still acting drunk with Storm. Then, he revealed the con and said he wasn't drinking real beer but Storm was. Direct quote "REVENGE, BITCH!" Then he punched Storm in the face and beat him all around the bar and threw him into the dumpster. Then he stuffed some money in Storm's gaping mouth because "that might help you with your hangover, bro".

- Jeremy Borash did an interview with Eric Young. He asked if Young was in any condition to perform. Young said he wasn't but his brain works and he learns from his mistakes, unlike the UNSTOPPABLE ALLIANCE. "When I get in the ring, you'll get 100-percent of everything I have left. You're going to see just how crazy I can get".

- Main event was next, Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young. It was an okay match. The finish was MVP and Kenny King interfering on behalf of Lashley and Hebner getting intimidated into looking the other way and making the three count dspite the rule breaking. After the match, Austin Aries ran in to try to make the save but he was laid out. MVP and King bailed out, leading to a fan screaming at MVP that he's not tough. MVP's response: "I don't have to be tough. He (Lashley) is tough." The show went off the air with the heels once again standing tall.


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