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TNA Impact results, live blog (May 15, 2014): Willow vs. Magnus & Bram

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 15, 2014) from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Slammiversary event next month in Texas.

Scheduled for the show: Willow vs. Magnus & Bram in a 2-on-1 handicap match, MVP and Eric Young talk about their upcoming title match, Bully Ray is still hunting for Dixie Carter, James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson, DJZ vs. Sanada vs. Tigre Uno, and more!

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- They opened with Eric Young pacing in the building, saying he's waiting on MVP to arrive. A limo pulled up and Young jumped in trying to fight. A team of security guys pushed him off.

- After a video package recapping MVP's heel turn and subsequent booking of a title match at Slammiversary. Young came out for a promo. He talked about "last Friday" waking up into a nightmare because someone he trusted turned his back on him. They were hoping MVP would bring change and he didn't. He said MVP could have just asked for a match and he would have gotten it. Also, he's crazy and he's not waiting for Slammiversary. MVP came on the Titantron and called Young ungrateful because it was MVP who booked him into the title to begin with. He said he has a grand plan and Young is just a patsy, the "Oswald", as it were. The pencil pushing culture isn't for him, even if he's Director of Wrestling Operations, because the real power lies in performing and winning titles. So he's going to beat Young for the belt and make "EY" an insignificant nobody once again. Young demanded a title match between the two tonight. MVP said no and promised he would have security to protect him. So Young went running to the back.

- Cut to Nashville and Dixie Carter is in a car with Rockstar Spud. They see something and Dixie reveals they're at her house and a table is laid out under a tree that says "Dixie Fears Bully".

- Video recapping Magnus and Bram's issues. That led into a Willow promo: "Magnus, Bram, how dare you attack me last week, beating the living hell out of Willow. Helpless but not afraid. I challenge you to face me this week. ... Approach me now and await your fate."

- After a commercial break, Willow was hanging out on a staircase with black lighting and Magnus and Bram showed up and started brawling with him. Willow did a spot where he slid down the handrail, laid out Magnus, and did that awful laugh of his. They got to the ring and started a match. At one point, Bram put his foot on Willow's throat, so Willow did that awful scream. The story of the match was Bram trying to get Magnus to be more violent. Late in the match, Bram tagged him in and tried to get Magnus to use a pry bar on Willow. Magnus refused and Willow rolled him up to get the win. So Willow is playing second fiddle in a feud between these two.

- Young was backstage looking for MVP. He broke through two dorky security guys -- all while saying "you don't make enough" -- but found an empty office. So he destroyed it.

- Back out to Dixie and she got a call from Bully Ray just outside her house. There was a table sitting close to her front door. He said that yes, the call was coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE. Dixie demanded Spud and the camera crew go in and see what's going on.

- Gail Kim was out next for a promo. The fans reacted well to her and Taz shouted it out. She seemed happy about it. She said she wasn't there for a makeover or to put on an evening gown. She just wanted to prove who she is, which is the hardest working woman on the roster. She helped build the division so he wanted the Beautiful People to come out and fight. They showed up and trashed her outfit. Angelina Love said Kim's a good wrestler but she's not the champ now and "you should never be the champ". Should? Love distracted Kim by talking while Velvet easily came up from behind and cheap-shotted her. Another dumb TNA babyface move. Love accepted the challenge for a match and called out Brian Stifler to referee Sky vs. Kim. They worked the match you would expect before Kim went over with Eat Defeat. Naturally, after not learning her lesson the first time, she allowed Love to sneak up behind her and cheap shot her. The segment closed with the Beautiful People standing tall.

- The Menagerie were shown coming to the building and Knux was giving Crazzy Steve a pep talk because apparently he's working a match. Knux has a new glittery jacket this week.

- Kazarian was out next making a lot of unnecessary movements. He didn't walk to the ring, he jerked around until he got to it. Out came The Menagerie with their full blown entrance. So it was Kaz vs. Crazzy Steve. Part of Crazzy Steve's gimmick is that he can't navigate the ropes. Rob Terry is terrifying with that mask on. The entrance literally took like 10 minutes. The music and lighting continued all throughout the match. Essentially, these guys are just goofy idiots and no one knows what to think about them. At one point, Crazzy Steve had Rebel give him his balloons and he set them up in the middle of the ring so he could hit a splash on them. Then, The Freak climbed up on the ropes and just started working out. Meanwhile, Rebel was climbing around on the ropes. Crazzy Steve then pulled the referee's pants down and this is what led to the disqualification. Kazarian's reaction was to say "hey, I won".

- Quick cut to outside the arena and Austin Aries was wondering if "something funny" was going on "in there". We see MVP coming out of the bathroom, of all places, and the security guards hold Aries back so MVP can hit him with the old gut shot. While the security guards were dragging Aries away, Eric Young showed up from behind and attacked. Then they went to commercial.

- When the commercial came back, Young and MVP were still brawling, right into the interview area backstage. MVP put Young's arm in a chair and stomped on it. Then he took his tie off and started choking Young with it. He actually drug him out to the arena set up and because of where they were, it was revealed the interview area where MVP was earlier talking to Young on the Titantron was only about 20 feet from where Young was in the ring. Just makes TNA look so small time. Anyway, they kept brawling. Security came out and they just kept brawling and brawling and brawling. MVP sent security out and then grabbed Young's arm and just fell back while holding it. Taz called this a flying armbar. Finally, MVP said Young would get his world title match tonight.

- Back out to Nashville and Spud is disgusted to see that it appears as though Bully Ray had been cooking. They hear Ray talking and Spud hides behind the couch. The camera guy narc's on Spud and Bully grabs him up before telling the cameraman not to go anywhere. When they cut back to the arena Mike Tenay said "don't worry, Bully, we're not going anywhere".

- Mr. Anderson came out working his gimmick. They set up his match with James Storm, who was out next to no reaction. The match was your typical TV bout. Storm went and grabbed a beer, took a drink, tried to hit Anderson over the head with it, Anderson countered into the Mic Check, but Storm still had beer in his mouth and spit it in Anderson's face while the referee was getting rid of the beer bottle. So he hit the Last Call superkick and got the pin.

- They cut to a scene of Samuel Shaw wearing a straitjacket in a padded room at the "funny farm". A worker told him he had a visitor and he repeated the name Christy before asking if that's who had come to see him.

- They ran another great video package for Sanada before the triple threat match for his X Division title: Sanada vs. Zema Ion vs. Tigre Uno. It was a fairly good match with Sanada retaining by pinning Ion.

- Back out to Nashville and Dixie Carter was still outside. She got a call from Spud's celll phone and answered asking about Spud being in the house. Bully, of course, was on the other end and said "Yeah, it's not Spud and it's a shame that you're all alone". Dixie hung up, turning around and staring at her front door in fear.

- Back to Samuel Shaw and his visitor turned out to be ... Gunner! He came in and said he was there because he thinks Shaw needs somebody to talk to. Shaw did not react to this.

- They played video of Kurt Angle getting hurt and sending out an Instagram with updates on his recovery time. They wished him all the best and hoped he would get back soon. This for a guy who could very well never come back to the company.

- Cut back to Nashville and Dixie was in the house on the phone trying to act scared while mustering up some tears. She was begging Bully Ray to stop this and saying they ould work things out. She found Spud laid out under a table and wondered where Ray was. He was hiding behind a door and swung it shut for dramatic effect. Bully, living up to his name, said Dixie had caused all this and he wouldn't have invaded her home if it wasn't for what she's done. He asked her if she really thinks he's afraid of her. He asked if she wanted this to end. He said he would if she only said one thing: "Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray". She started to say it -- "Dixie Carter fears ..." -- but Ethan Carter 3 showed up and smashed Bully from behind. When Dixie finished she said "... no one".

- Main event was next, MVP vs. Eric Young for the TNA heavyweight title. Young snuck up on MVP and attacked from behind while MVP was playing up to fans. About this, Taz claimed Young "swerved MVP in a big, big way". MVP was in control for most of the match. Young got the big comeback but Kenny King showed up right when Young was going up top for the Flying Elbow. MVP acted surprised at first, then demanded the referee restart the match. The referee refused, MVP threatened to fire him, then King just cold-cocked the ref before he could answer that threat. MVP was confused at first, wondering what King was doing, then he just shrugged it off. The heels started beating Young down, then Bobby Lashley's musi c hit and the announcers were really happy to see him. Then he speared Young. King set up a couple chairs and Lashley hit the Dominator in between them. Young did the old Hulk Hogan full body spasm sell and MVP celebrated with his new crew holding the heavyweight title over his head before giving it back to Young to keep it warm. Taz just kept repeating that this is bad.


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