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TNA desperate to find tag team challengers for The Wolves

Although the ongoing feud between The Wolves and The BroMans has become infinitely more interesting after the former team won the tag team titles and the latter team, led by the brilliant Robbie E, was forced to come up with new and interesting excuses to explain away their losses, it can't last forever.

With that in mind, ran an article today wondering who The Wolves next challengers will be. An excerpt:

Having been partners for over 6 years, The Wolves have proven themselves over and over to be the best and from ladder to three-way bouts, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards continue to thrive as partners in any type of match.

But with this influx of new characters and reemergence of former teams, will The Wolves soon be dethroned as the kings of the tag team division?

They came up with four different potential teams. They are:

1. Beer Money
2. The Menagerie
3. EC3 & Rockstar Spud
4. The BroMans

To be clear: Beer Money hasn't been a tag team for years now, The Menagerie just debuted as a stable (read: not a tag team), and EC3 and Rockstar Spud aren't a team and the only time they competed as one, in a 2-on-1 handicap match against Willow, they lost.

It should be noted TNA allowed contracts to run out for both Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, better known as Bad Influence, one of the most entertaining teams in the industry over the past couple years.

So maybe that BroMans feud actually can go on forever.

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