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TNA Impact results, live blog for May 1, 2014: Sacrifice fallout

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 1, 2014) from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, featuring the fallout show from the Sacrifice pay-per-view (PPV) this past Sunday night.

Scheduled for the show: Eric Young has stated he will defend his heavyweight title, James Storm vs. Willow, Bully Ray wants revenge on Dixie Carter, and more!

Spoilers are available for this show and if you want to read them click here.

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- They opened with replays of Sacrifice, a show that featured some ridiculous nonsense.

- The first thing we see is Bully Ray spray painting a table. We aren't shown what he's spray painting.

- Quick cut to Eric Young meeting with MVP, who said the old regime had no control and Magnus wasn't much of a champion but Young is calling people out himself. That's commendable. Young wants to defend the belt tonight and MVP has a great idea for that. Mr. Anderson and Gunner are ushered in. Bobby Roode shows up demanding to get in the mix. MVP says Young winning the title was a test of endurance, so the next number one contender will be crowned the same way. MVP explains a card game to set up the matches tonight. High card gets a bye, then they could tournament style. Roode calls it ridiculous but plays along because what other choice does he have? They reveal Anderson and Gunner both drew a 4 while Roode drew an Ace. So it's Anderson vs. Gunner with the winner facing Roode and the winner of that facing Young.

- Magnus is out first. He's pissed about what just happened. He calls out MVP but instead they pan the camera over to spotlight Abyss just hanging out in the crowd. It tells you a lot about the Impact Zone that no one seemed to notice a huge man in a trench coat and a mask walking up and just standing around. They brawled into the ring until Abyss hit a choke slam. The fans chanted for Janice and lo and behold, right there under the ring, there it was. Abyss knew right where to find it too! Magnus ran off and that was that.

- Bully Ray came out lugging a table. He was selling injuries from Sacrifice. Once in the ring, we see what he was spray painting earlier: DIXIE. Taz on commentary: "That's a message directly to our TNA President." Oh, really? I thought it was to someone else. Ray started his promo saying, "A woman's name who I would rather not use..." before explaining the finish of his match at Sacrifice. So you would rather not use her name and you spray painted it on a table and lugged said table to the ring? Then he actually used her name. Amazing. He admitted to not being as tough as he used to be but he's still tough and Dixie can't take his career away. He also vowed to put Dixie through the table with her name on it if he sees her tonight.

- To the back and Dixie Carter was arriving in a limo. She said she was happy about Sacrifice.

- Dixie was in catering and Rockstar Spud saw her. He tried to cover her up to keep Bully from seeing her. He made her aware of the situation and she scoffed at the idea of Ray doing anything to her. She acted tough because she was the one who put him through a table at Sacrifice. Exasperated, Spud exclaimed, "THAT'S THE POINT! YOU DID IT TO HIM, NOW HE WANTS TO DO IT TO YOU!" Dixie, dumb as she is, said she wasn't worried about it.

- Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner was next. Late in the match, James Storm came running out. He took one punch and sold it like crazy. That is until Storm apparently went to kick Gunner in the back but ended up clipping Anderson. That led to Hangar 18 and the pinfall. Storm walked to the back with a smirk and just shrugged his shoulders. Sorry ... not sorry.

- Magnus was getting packed up in his locker room. When he turned to leave, a man he identified as Bram was there and after a hug, Bram said they needed to talk. They cut to commercial but when they returned Bram said Magnus was a sorry excuse for what he used to be. He called Magnus an embarrassment to everyone in the U.K. Bram reminded him of the good old days of women and fighting. He said he was here for Magnus' own good.

- They IMMEDIATELY cut to the ring and EC3 was talking. Like, it felt like they hurried to cut away to a guy mid-promo. This show. EC3 was talking about having a match with Kurt Angle next week. He said he's happy Angle is back and he looks forward to validating himself as a man by beating him again. He called himself an accomplished mat technician who was like 288-0 at Boca Raton prep academy. The crowd started chanting "where's your boyfriend"? He responded by saying "funny you mention that, because I need a sparring partner for this exhibition tonight". Way to handle it, EC3! He calls out Rockstar Spud, who is rocking a singlet with SPUD written on it. He was also wearing head gear, and only one kneepad. I love this guy. When he got in the ring, the crowd chanted "There's your boyfriend". So they had the exhibition. At one point EC3 grabbed the mic and told Spud to assume the position. The crowd was shocked. Spud got down on all fours with absolute glee. EC3 responded by saying, "That's a little too much position." These two are great. Finally, Kurt Angle came out. He said Carter will be facing an Olympian next week not "the foul mouthed little midget you were just humping". Angle said he's out for blood and EC3's precious undefeated streak will come to an end in seven days.

- Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were backstage. They said they have an epic celebration planned.

- They replayed the video package from Sunday with Knux and Rebel. He said he needed Rebel to be the one coming back with him. She said it will be "just the two of us". He said it will be "the four of us". She demanded to know who he was talking about. He revealed they were going to pick up Crazzy Steve and The Freak. She didn't like this at all. "Not Crazzy Steve ... he's crazy!" TNA reveals the group will be known as The Menagerie and they'll debut next week.

- Gunner vs. Bobby Roode was next. Gunner has a really great fall away slam. He catches these deceptively big guys and just dumps them back. It always looks good. Bobby went over clean with the Roode Bomb, which is just the worst name for a finisher.

- Dixie was walking with three security guys. She told them to "get that table and set it up in the middle of the ring and no matter what you do, don't leave my side."

- Velvet found Angelina in the locker room. Angelina was reading a letter. She read it out loud. Apparently, the TNA office sent it to her and it said her wardrobe is crass and unappealing. The Beautiful People are going to get in trouble if they don't change it. Velvet wondered who said so. Angelina told her it was from the Board of Directors and Velvet, the worst actor in history, said "oh, well they obviously mean business, what are we going to do?" I couldn't tell if this was intentional sarcasm or not. Velvet hatched a plan to wear evening gowns to be classy.

- Dixie Carter was out next. She had her security goons with her and they set up the table with her name on it in the middle of the ring. Does that mean Bully just left it laying around and they found it? Dixie cut a promo saying this was payback for the double-cross at Lockdown. She said Bully should fear Dixie. He came out with his chain swinging. Multiple security guys were standing in his way, a rag tag crew of misfits who looked like they were taking this either way too seriously or not seriously at all. They kept showing these six or so guys from behind and two of them ha a huge bald spot on their heads. Bully appealed to their wanting to see Ray put Dixie through a table. They decided that's exactly what they want and just walked off. That left the three security guys left in the ring. Bully went with the more direct route this time, threatening to just beat the shit out of them if they didn't leave on the count of five. The crowd counted for him and they went really fast. He actually had them pretty hot for him when he rushed the ring. For having a busted rib he was moving really well. He sent all three security guys out, leaving Dixie alone in the ring. She stepped right to him while they chanted to put her through the table. She tried to slap him but he blocked it. He went to powerbomb her but MVP's music hit and he came out telling Bully to stop. MVP said he didn't have time for all the bullshit from these two, so for now they're both barred from the Impact Zone.

- Willow was out next, twirling that umbrella that you could own for the low price of just $42.99! James Storm was out next to no reaction, so it was time for their match. They had a decent little brawl. At the end, Storm grabbed a beer from under the ring and took a swig. The referee went up to him at this point and said, "come on, man, that's enough beer." Storm pushed the referee and THAT is what got the disqualification. After, Storm broke a beer bottle and acted like he was going to use it on Willow but the umbrella made the save. Willow grabbed the broken beer bottle and went to use it on Storm but stopped short when Anderson arrived and took Storm out with the Mic Check.

- The BroMans were backstage yelling at MVP about how the match at Sacrifice wasn't fair. MVP decided they would have a match tonight, this time 3-on-3.

- After the BroMans left, Bully Ray walked up and reminded MVP that it was because of Bully that MVP has his job as Director of Wrestling Operations. MVP told Ray that everything within the ring is his responsibility but everything outside of it is not. Ray seemed to understand the implication.

- Eric Young cut a promo on Bobby Roode. Typical babyface promo before his title defense title against Bobby Roode.

- The Wolves mystery tag team partner for their match against The BroMans turned out to be X Division Champion Sanada. This was played up for comedy not long into it. Robbie E tried to chop Sanada in the head and sold like he broke his hand screaming "what's wrong with you?!?!" Naturally, Sanada hit the chop not long after. The BroMans got some early offense but this was more or less a squash. Taz, after the match, talked about how great the camerawork was. Unreal.

- Angelina and Velvet were shown backstage wearing their evening gowns. They're next, apparently, which almost surely means we'll get another backstage skit or two with other people after this here commercial break. Hey, they were actually next. Angelina starts by saying "it seems earlier I was sent a letter..." Seems? Anyway, she mocked the letter and the ladies started stripping down. Mike Tenay got really excited about this and then was devastated when they didn't come through. Angelina said "you couldn't get girls like us if you went to Nevada with a fist full of 50s". Velvet revealed they were the ones who actually wrote the letter and they did so just to set up the crowd by promising them something they will never get. Good god, this is a real angle they're running right now. Gail Kim came out and said they made a mockery of the the division she helped build. She said they promised the crowd they would strip down, so she's going to make sure they get stripped of everything. She tried to strip them but they escaped. This led to their backing up the ramp into the awaiting arms of Madison Rayne and Brittany, who came up from behind and stripped the evening gowns off. Wow.

- Main event was next, with Eric Young defending the heavyweight title against Bobby Roode. Holy hell. They showed a woman in the crowd during Young's entrance and she was sitting with her legs crossed with the most annoyed look on her face while she was clapping along with the rest of the audience. She didn't even bother to turn her body, just her head. The ensuing match was actually pretty damn good. Young hit the piledriver late and Roode kicked out of it. Then Bobby hit the Roode Bomb and Young kicked out. They did the "oooh" and "ehhh" back and forth punch spot to give the match that epic feel. Bobby went for a Roode Bomb off the top but Young battled out sent Roode to the mat in perfect position for the Flying Elbow. That got the pin. Really good match. Young went over and shook Roode's hand in the corner after the match, helping him to his feet in the process.

- Instead of ending on that note, they showed Bobby Roode backstage talking to the cameraman hanging around. He said he would do the only logical thing now that MVP has banned him from the Impact Zone -- go to Nashville, Tennessee.


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