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Christy Hemme added to TNA Creative team

Interesting move.

Yesterday (April 7, 2014) was the biggest news day of the year for professional wrestling. WrestleMania 30 went down the night before in New Orleans, Undertaker's streak was broken by Brock Lesnar, the number of subscribers for the WWE Network was announced, Rob Van Dam returned to WWE, Ultimate Warrior returned to Monday Night Raw, Paul Heyman cut the greatest promo of all time, Cesaro became the newest Paul Heyman Guy, Paige won the Divas championship from AJ Lee in her main roster WWE debut, Jeff Jarrett revealed the name and launch of his new promotion, and Christy Hemme joined the TNA Creative team.

Wait, what was that last one?

Yes, folks, TNA picked an interesting day to make this equally interesting announcement. From Twitter:

Hemme first broke into pro wrestling by winning a Diva Search contest held by WWE in 2004. She lasted a couple years before leaving for TNA, where she wrestled until injuries brought an early end to her in-ring work as an active wrestler. She transitioned to an interviewer and, eventually, ring announcer.

As of late, she's been involved in a stalker angle with Samuel Shaw. It's been widely panned as one of the worst things TNA has done in some time. Now, this announcement of her joining the Creative team to give the product a "female touch". We'll see what that means in regards to the Shaw storyline.

On the surface, this would appear to be a baffling decision, considering she has seemingly has no experience in this particular position but everyone within the company appears to be excited about it, at least publicly.

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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