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Christopher Daniels TNA contract expires, won't be renewed

It looks like one half of Bad Influence is gone.

One of the most entertaining wrestlers left on the TNA roster, Christopher Daniels, is no longer a part of the TNA roster. It was well known that his contract was coming up soon but it wasn't certain exactly when. Then, he tweeted this out:

Daniels is believed to have had a contract that paid him handsomely, at least as far as TNA contracts go. And with the decisions made over the past year or so, including dropping Hulk Hogan, Sting, AJ Styles, and many, many more, Daniels was simply the next star sent back to the independent circuit.

That's where he'll undoubtedly end up too, as he's already accepting bookings with no interest from WWE.

As for his partner in Bad Influence, Kazarian, his contract is also up soon and it is not expected that it will be renewed. He, too, is taking independent bookings.

You sad, Cagesiders?

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