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TNA Impact results, live blog for April 24, 2014: Sacrifice go home show

Complete results and a live blog for tonight's (April 24, 2014) episode of TNA "Impact" from Orlando, Florida, featuring the go home show to the Sacrifice pay-per-view this Sunday night.

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (April 24, 2014) from Orlando, Florida, featuring the go home show to the Sacrifice pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sunday night.

Scheduled for the show: Eric Young and Magnus are both set to appear, Kurt Angle takes on Rockstar Spud, MVP returns to the ring to wrestle Austin Aries, Beer Money will reunite for a night to square off against Bully Ray and Gunner, and the Beautiful People have something planned for Madison Rayne.

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- They started with Kurt Angle working out in the back. He cut a promo saying he'll go after EC3 tonight if Rockstar Spud decides to back out of their scheduled match.

- Extensive replay showcasing Eric Young's title win and subsequent title defense in the Monster's Ball match with Abyss. This led to Magnus kicking off the show. He came to the ring wielding what Taz said was a piece of the turnbuckle. He started by saying "ladies and gentlemen, this is your champ..." and trailed off because he can't say that anymore. He was upset about it. He said he doesn't look at it like he was beaten, but that he was severely let down by his help. He said he was going to break tradition in the pro wrestling business and he wouldn't talk shit behind Abyss' back, but rather to his face. That's a great line. Magnus called him a blithering idiot. "You make me sick. You make me want to puke but you're not worth the stain it would make on my custom Tommy Hilfiger." Magnus went in on him, calling him a letdown and a huge disappointment. Abyss claimed he didn't help Magnus retain his title because MVP would have fired him. Magnus said Abyss doesn't work for MVP or TNA, but for Magnus. Then he fired him. Abyss said it was never about the money, it was about a sense of belonging and being friends. But now Abyss realizes Magnus is just a pompous jackass. He said he Magnus needs to realize he's a guy who hurts people, who destroys lives. He'll do that to Magnus now. Magnus said he can't because he's not under contract and he'll press charges if Abyss lays a hand on him. Naturally, this brought out MVP, who forgave Abyss for his past transgressions and said Abyss could have a full time roster spot with TNA if he beats Magnus tonight. Then, for some reason, MVP skipped to the back like AJ Lee. Abyss told Magnus he never liked him and he'll kick his ass tonight.

Editorial break: So Magnus threatened to press charges on Abyss if he touched him because he's not under contract, then MVP came out and booked a match between the two with a contract on the line. So that would mean Abyss will be touching him before he has a contract and therefore subject to prosecution, no? This show makes my head hurt.

- EC3 ran into Rockstar Spud backstage. He told Spud that last week he saw the real Kurt Angle and in that moment he realized that there's only one man on the planet who can defeat Angle, and that's him. Carter said he's asked Spud to be a lion and a tiger and other assorted animals but tonight, he needs Spud to be a gazelle. Spud was confused.

- Kurt Angle was out next. They chanted for him while he waited for Spud to come out. Spud walked out, saw Angle, and immediately tried to bail to the back. EC3 was behind him and forced him to go to the ring. The match started and Spud tried to shoot a single leg. Angle threw him across the ring. Spud tried leg kicks. Angle hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. EC3 tried to interfere and for a second it helped. But Spud still ended up getting thrown from the top rope and ultimately tapped to the Ankle Lock.

- After the match, EC3 attacked Angle's knee while screaming "remember me" in his face. Before he could put on a hold, Willow's laugh rang out through the speakers and he came running out with his lethal umbrella. That sent the heels off.

- Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were backstage talking. They said things were getting ugly with Madison Rayne lately. But out of the goodness of their hearts, they're going to give her a much needed makeover, Beautiful People style. Then Velvet kissed the camera.

- MVP was shown backstage talking on the phone about taking care of Austin Aries. He ran into Kenny King lounging on the couch in his office. King continued whining about MVP making him a featured player. So MVP said he was calling the Production truck to get set up for King's opponent tonight. Then he actually called the Production truck and said King was next and he'll personally come over and tell them who his opponent is because apparently this show is booked on the fly. That would make sense, actually.

- Kenny King was not next, by the way. It was Madison Rayne coming out to call out the Beautiful People. They came out. Angelina said Madison looks awful and blamed her baby for it. Love asked for forgiveness in a condescending way and Rayne actually apologized but telegraphed that she was only saying sorry for what she was about to do, and that's attack with a boot to the gut. So she got beat down. Love screamed at her about being a nobody and how she was only hired to make Angelina and Velvet look better. Brittany did a run-in to ZERO response, and she was tossed in short order. Then Velvet hit the In Yo' Face. Love put a bag on Rayne's head to end the segment.

- They cut to Mr. Anderson saying he's got Samuel Shaw's home address and he's going to head there and we should come with him. Uh ... what?

- They show us footage of what happened "during the break". It was Gail Kim talking to Rayne about the Beautiful People ruining things in TNA. She wanted Madison to be her tag partner tonight, and the Knockout's Champion said yes. Brittany said she would be there to help and Madison told her "thanks, but no, thanks".

- Kenny King out next. His surprise opponent turned out to be Bobby Lashley. He actually got a reaction. Lashley was in control for most of the match, overpowering King with his freakish size and athletic ability. There was a great spot late where Lashley caught King in midair as Kenny was coming from the top rope and hit a suplex. A follow up spear attempt was avoided when King rolled out of the ring and chose to be counted out.

Editorial break: I don't even want to know what Anderson is doing in Shaw's home town and going to his address. And they have a good match and, of course, it ends with a lame finish.

- Anderson arrives at the home Shaw grew up in. His family still lives there, apparently. He rings the bell and Shaw's mother answers. Her name? Christy. She invites Anderson in.

Editorial break: Oh dear god.

- James Storm rolls in to the locker room and has it out with Bobby Roode. They argue over their shared history. Of late, it's been violent and the two have had a fierce rivalry. But there was a day when they were thick as thieves. They ultimately find common ground in their shared want to destroy their opponents tonight.

- Austin "Dog House" Aries vs. MVP was next. They went back-and-forth in what was a somewhat sloppy but still solid match. The finish saw Aries miss a 450 splash and MVP get the pin shortly after.

- They showed a video of Sanada training and told some of his story.

- They cut back to Anderson with Samuel's mom, Christy. They were drinking tea. She said she makes apple pie for him every day. Anderson wondered if that meant she had it delivered to him. She laughed and said yeah, I deliver it to his bedroom. Anderson wondered where his bedroom was and she said the basement. Spit take. Christy took Anderson to go see the room.

- Beer Money vs. Gunner & Bully Ray was next. There was a funny spot early when Bobby Roode distracted the referee so James Storm could pull Ray into the turnbuckle, racking him. Except Bully is heavy enough that Storm couldn't move him very quickly and it just looked like he gently slid him into the post. Bully sold like he'll never have kids again. Ray got the heat until the hot tag to Gunner. He ran wild, then they did the old 3D spots. That included Bully doing a countdown so the crowd knew when to shout "get the tables". Taz called it "throwback Thursday", another reason to hate social media. Gunner only set up one table, and Bully ended up going through it on a failed elbow. Back in the ring, Gunner hit Hanger 18 on Roode but Storm hit the Last Call for the victory.

- Magnus did a backstage interview. He said Abyss didn't fulfill his obligation to Magnus, so now he'll fulfill his own obligation to people who don't understand their role. He's going to end Abyss' career because it's time for people to understand whose time it really is. There isn't anything anyone can do about it either. Of note, no talk about those charges he was going to press.

- Back to Anderson at Shaw's house. He was shown heading to the basement. Samuel's mom smiled and waved as she closed the door and Anderson turned the corner. He stopped short and said "oh my god" before a commercial break. They came back and Shaw came in. He screamed and demanded to know what Anderson was doing in there. The cameraman got hit and decided to bail out, breathing heavy walking up the stairs. They played it up like a horror flick. Christy offered the camera guy some pie. He said no. Samuel emerged from his room bleeding from the lip. He got on his knees and hugged his mother's midsection. The camera guy said he was done and left Anderson in Shaw's basement.

- Knockouts tag match was next. There were shots of the arena and man, that building was empty. After a commercial break, they tell us Brittany suffered a concussion from the segment earlier. That seems odd, considering the segment they shot with Brittany saying she would be by Madison's side when Gail Kim lobbied for a partner. Anyway, the babyfaces were in control for most of the match but the Beautiful People went over.

- KNUX! They showed Knux drinking beer with buddies and watching a show with some chick doing tricks with fire. Then he was hugging and loving on this chick saying he was sorry for being gone so long. He's proud of her but is she proud of him. He said he needs to follow his dream and go back to Impact Wrestling. She said she didn't support it before but she's made a decision and she's going to support it now. So she'll be going back with him, leaving everything at home behind. I guess they cleaned up after the flood.

- Abyss cut a promo breathing heavily and screaming. He said he turned his back on the actual person who cares, all confused about things. So tonight, this massacre will be for him.

- They had a video for The Wolves. They talked about coming to TNA to rid it of Dixie Carter, and that the hunt is on for this Sunday when they wrestle for the tag team titles at the PPV this weekend. A loss there would be the death of them.

- Eric Young came out to do commentary for the main event, Magnus vs. Abyss. The crowd cheered Abyss. The match was slow and it sucked. Magnus went with a nut shot for the disqualification. The commentary team had no clue if that meant Abyss had earned his contract. MVP said he had to win and he did, so where's the confusion? Magnus grabbed a chair and beat on Abyss after the match so Eric Young ran in to make the save. Except as soon as he grabbed Magnus, he was downed with a nut shot too, Ric Flair style. They piped in heavy boos as Magnus laid waste to everyone in the ring.


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