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Report states Eric Bischoff is still involved at TNA; response comes quick and dirty

Is it back? Or is he not?

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Over the past month or so, there have been continuously conflicting reports regarding just who exactly is involved with the creative process at TNA, namely whether or not Vince Russo still has input. seemed to put that to rest when they reported that, yes, Russo is a consultant and while he's not exactly writing TV for the company, his ideas are being sent in and sometimes used for storylines.

Which explains oh so much about the product currently being presented.

PW Insider also reported that Eric Bischoff is still with TNA -- at least for three more months when his contract apparently runs out -- and he, too, has some say in the creative process.

Well, Bischoff came across said report and fired back swiftly on his Twitter with the following shots:

Whether it's true or not, television for TNA has been mostly dreadful of late and while there are reasons to hope for the future -- the Sacrifice line-up is solid, all things considered -- there are just as many to make you shake your head.

Your thoughts on Bischoff maybe working with TNA again, Cagesiders?

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