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Video: TNA fires back at claims of copying WWE with Dixie Carter promo on Impact

Here's the response and it is absolutely unbelievable.

Last week's episode of TNA Impact featured Eric Young winning a match in the opener of the evening, injuring his shoulder in the process, battling for the heavyweight title in the main event, and ultimately triumphing as the ultimate underdog. Oh, and he also has a beard and was never really expected to be the top guy in the company.

If that sounds like exactly what WWE did with Daniel Bryan, that's because it's the case.

Naturally, they were called out for it and, in true TNA fashion, chose to respond with the following segment on this week's episode of Impact featuring an unbelievable promo from Dixie Carter.

The video:

The relevant text:

"Eric, Eric, what an emotional week is was last week, huh? Twelve hard fought years and look at you now. And we know that there is only one person responsible for this right here, right guys? And that person is me. You know, Eric, you know I've always seen the potential in you, right? What was it, like eight years ago when you were almost fired and the whole 'don't fire Eric', that movement started, right? Well I allowed you to stay, remember? Also, this little thing, this little thing on your chinny chin chin here: I invented the beard. I am the one who made this fashionably cool to wear on TV long before anyone else did. And I am the one who should be receiving big, fat royalty checks from all of those people who are blatantly ripping me off with my intellectual property."

Yes, that's Dixie Carter outright stating she was the one who invented the beard and made it cool for a wrestler to wear on TV and WWE is actually ripping TNA off.


Your thoughts on this, Cagesiders?

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