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James Storm signs multi-year deal with TNA

So we're not sorry about his damn luck ... or are we?

Earlier today, John Gaburick announced via his Twitter account that "Cowboy" James Storm has re-upped with TNA.

Storm has, in fact, been with the company since day one and continues to be a major player inasmuch as one can be a major player within TNA. Of note, this news comes at a time when TNA had been in a long period of releasing its top name stars for lack of funding, like Sting, Hulk Hogan, and AJ Styles.

It also comes at a time of great uncertainty regarding the future of the company. After all, the television deal with Spike TV expires this year and there has been exactly zero word on a renewal. Meanwhile, all is quiet on the WWE front in regards to its new television deal, which may or may not have already been struck.

Still, business must go on, and Storm will be in the plans moving forward.

That a good thing to you, Cagesiders?

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