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Report: TNA was nearly sold to Jeff Jarrett, Toby Keith but fell through because of Dixie Carter

Dixie strikes again!

All throughout January, there were rumors circulating that TNA was for sale and Jeff Jarrett may have hooked up with Toby Keith to buy the struggling promotion. This after a 2013 campaign that featured a mass exodus of many of the top stars, a failed bid to raise ratings and attendance by taking Impact on the road, and even a ton of turnover on the executive level.

In short, the company was ripe for the picking.

That's why it's no surprise that a sale very nearly took place. It's also no surprise why it ended up falling through. Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) has it:

The deal was very close at one point. Bob Carter came to Keith to finalize the deal and the two sides were close on a price, although they were not quite there. The belief is they were going to hash it out, but Carter only had one request in selling, which was that Dixie Carter would remain with her title, have some power in the company and remain a television character. Keith said he wasn't going to buy the company with any creative limitations, so the deal actually fell apart because Bob Carter in the end was going to protect his daughter.

Because of all that, Keith and Jarrett simply decided they could start their own promotion working contacts they've made throughout their respective careers for television deals and the like.

But that's how close it was and that, of all things, is what made it fall through.

Your thoughts on this, Cagesiders?

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