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Mr. Anderson expects to re-sign with TNA, possibly within the next week

Mr. Anderson's contract with TNA may have run out recently but he's expecting to be back, possibly as early as next week.

The last we saw of Mr. Anderson, he was executing a babyface turn by opposing Bully Ray, his leader within the dwindling Aces and 8's stable. A heavyweight championship match between the two saw Anderson take a severe beating but always get up for more, effectively turning him to the side of good -- or at least getting a few fans to cheer for him -- before Ray hit him with a piledriver on the stage.

And that was after the stretcher job.

The write off was necessary because Anderson's TNA contract came up and the two sides couldn't agree on an extension in time. That doesn't mean that won't happen, though, and, in fact, the man who hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin, told the fellas at 4th and Pain that he has no intention of not working with the company and he expects to have a new deal in place possibly as soon as next week:

"My contract with TNA expired as of Friday last week. But we're just negotiating right now. I'm hoping and assuming that we're going to come to an agreement relatively soon and I'll be back on Thursday nights. I have no intentions of not being with TNA. I've enjoyed my time with TNA and I think that it's a really good time for the company right now. I'm really excited for some of the changes that are going on there right now, some of the changes that are taking place. I've been pretty happy with, creatively, the direction that I've gone in the last month or so. I'm looking forward to coming back. ... It's the legal stuff, and I've got my agent and my lawyer and they're working and they're dealing with stuff so I'm just basically sitting back here trying to enjoy some time off and not get too stressed out about things. ... I would be open to taking (independent) bookings; however, I don't think it's going to take that long, I think we're going to have something wrapped up here within the next week."

You know he's fishing for a new contract with comments like "I think that it's a really good time for the company right now" because, well, it's decidedly not a really good time for the company right now. TNA is in financial disarray, on the verge of tucking tail and heading back to a single location to tape its television shows after taking Impact on the road nearly bled the promotion dry.

That's without mentioning the seemingly endless stream of talent contracts that have come up and never been renewed, or, worse, the talent who have been outright cut because they cost too much. It should be noted, the former group includes Hulk Hogan, whose deal expires effective tomorrow and his write off from TV airs this coming Thursday night on Spike TV.

Perhaps that's why Anderson likes the changes that are happening.

Nevertheless, if he says a deal is very near, there's little reason not to believe him. Any of you Cagesiders excited at the prospect of his return to TNA?

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