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Mickie James TNA contract status in question

This post contains potential spoilers for future episodes of Impact Wrestling! Word on the sheets is that former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James is a free agent. Could a return to her previous employer be in the works?

Multiple sites are reported (although it seems to have started at that Mickie James contract with TNA has expired. Allegedly, TNA offered the Knockouts champion a new contract, but James rejected the offer. This would leave the five time WWE Women's champ a free agent, effective immediately.


James' situation probably sounds familiar - that's because it is very similar to what we've heard recently concerning AJ Styles (apparently resolved with a short-term deal to be evaluated later) and Ken Anderson (possibly on his way out the door, too, due to inability to agree on a new deal). Speculation about the company's financial situation is widespread, enough so that President Dixie Carter was forced to address it and admit that they are looking to focus on younger and less expensive talent.

At 34, James may not be considered young, and Carter and her backers may just not consider the Knockouts division to be a particularly sound investment at this point, given that they also recently released 24 year old Taeler Hendrix for spurious reasons.

This may well explain why, at the tapings for the episode of Impact that will air Thursday, September 19th, James dropped the Knockouts' belt to ODB.

Could a WWE return be in Mickie's future? While their Chief Operating Officer is rumored to have no interest in the TNA roster, I'm sure they could find some place to feature a female pro wrestler who has had an album on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and opened for acts like Gretchen Wilson and Rascal Flatts...

What do you think, Cagesiders? The latest sign of TNA's demise? Any interest in the Mickster bringing her sweet curves and sweeter moves back to a WWE ring?

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