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TNA reports Mr. Anderson suffered a 'possible concussion' at No Surrender

In a report that appears to be written entirely in kayfabe, TNA brings word that Mr. Anderson suffered a "possible concussion" at the No Surrender event last night (Sept. 12) in St. Louis.

Mr. Anderson took one hell of a beating at the hands of Bully Ray last night (Thurs., Sept. 12, 2013) at the No Surrender event that aired on Spike TV in place of the usual episode of ImpactThe two had a bloody brawl in a Last Man Standing match and Anderson turned babyface the old fashioned way: he simply got his ass kicked so bad the crowd felt sorry for him.

Well, it appears that one top of that turn, they may have also been running an injury angle as a way to write him off television, at least for the time being.

Indeed, according to a report from, Anderson suffered enough (seemingly kayfabe) injuries to keep him out for a while: has learned that in addition to several lacerations to his head and body, Anderson suffered a possible concussion and was being examined for damage to his neck from the piledriver. Anderson will be evaluated tonight by doctors at a local St. Louis hospital, and we hope to have an update on his condition on Friday.

With TNA having burned through the feud with Ray so quickly, and his having to move on to get things rolling with Bound for Glory Series winner AJ Styles, it's entirely possible creative simply doesn't have anything for Anderson. After all, he's no longer a member of the depleted Aces and 8's stable that now boasts just six members and only four active wrestlers.

Hell, the group doesn't even appear on Impact next week, at least not according to spoilers that were released today.

There hasn't been any word circulating around the rumor mill of an impending issue with his contract, but don't be surprised if something along those lines pops up.

This is TNA we're talking about, even if they did put on an "A-" show last night.

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