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TNA Impact spoilers for Sept. 19: No Surrender fallout

Get complete spoilers for the episode of TNA "Impact" that is set to air on Sept. 19, 2013, from St. Louis, Missouri, that was taped last night after the live show on Spike TV.

Now that TNA has taken Impact on the road, the schedule calls for one live show immediately followed by a taping for the show set to air the very next week on Spike TV. Well, the promotion was live in St. Louis, Missouri, last night (Sept. 12, 2013) with two fantastic hours of television before taping next week's show.

Here are spoilers:

- Manik did indeed get his match with Jeff Hardy and, naturally, despite the fact that Hulk Hogan claimed he was just as strong as Hulkamania in its heyday, he lost. Not only that, but he was laid out by Chris Sabin after. So it looks like we're getting that program, with Sabin going back to the division they think he belongs in.

- ODB def. Mickie James to win the Knockouts title. So I guess it pays to drink beer and grab your tits all the time. Come to think of it, has any pro wrestling promotion ever marketed more stars whose message is that they love to consume alcohol?

- Eric Young def. Robbie E because reasons.

- Gunner def. Hernandez, so I guess they completely ignored the previously set up tag team match that was supposed to determine the next number one contenders. Not that it matters because Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez weren't exactly lighting it up.

- E.G.O. def. Main Event Mafia in a six-man tag match, which means Roode, Kaz, and Daniels interrupting Magnus vs. AJ Styles actually is leading to a feud with the Mafia. That makes sense and could signal the near end of Aces and 8's, who don't even appear on this show.

- AJ Styles cut a promo saying he's no longer under contract to TNA and he could say anything he damn well pleased. So he went after all the same talking points the smark fan base likes to harp on, such as the fact that the roster is so deep with talent but the guys who get pushes are the "big names" who are broke down (cough Sting cough, cough Hogan cough). Dixie Carter came out and actually returned the favor. Believe it or not, from all the reports coming from St. Louis, the belief is she turned heel.

That might be worth tuning in for on its own, huh Cagesiders?

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