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Video: Hulk Hogan finally addresses daughter Brooke's TNA depature

Hulk Hogan has broken his silence on his daughter Brooke's departure from TNA. Here's what he had to say.

It's been a while now since TNA decided to fire Brooke Hogan in a cost cutting measure to further get the company's finances in order. This came as somewhat of a shock, considering the fact that Hulk Hogan is nearly untouchable thanks to his relationship with Dixie Carter.

Well, "The Hulkster" kept quiet on the situation for longer than anyone expected but he's since broken his silence in the above interview with CBS Sports Radio.

"She switched gears on all of us pretty quick. She doesn't work with TNA anymore. She lives in Dallas, Texas now and is getting ready to marry a Dallas Cowboy football player (Phil Costa)."

It's difficult to get much of anything out of that but it sounds a bit like Hulk is implying the decision had more to do with Brooke going off in her own direction. That would make sense, as she never had any grand plans to work in the industry anyway.

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