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Video: Bully Ray wins the heavyweight title back from Chris Sabin at Hardcore Justice

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Here's video of the finish from Bully Ray's heavyweight title victory over Chris Sabin at last night's (Aug. 15, 2013) TNA "Hardcore Justice" show on Spike TV, complete with Tito Ortiz turning on Rampage Jackson.

And now we go to the video tape.

On last night's (Aug. 15, 2013) episode of TNA Impact, promoted as the former pay-per-view (PPV) known as Hardcore Justice, Bully Ray defeated Chris Sabin in the main event of the evening in a steel cage match to become a two time TNA heavyweight champion.

He had help along the way. First, Mr. Anderson stopped Sabin from exiting the cage, then Tito Ortiz turned on Rampage Jackson -- though they were only actually aligned for about 20 minutes -- by knocking him out with the dreaded Aces and 8's hammer, allowing Ray to hit his Bully Bomb to get the pin on Sabin.

All this while the referee was unconscious, conveniently waking up right as it was time to count the pinfall for Ray.


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