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#August1Warning reveal: Tito Ortiz is the TNA mystery man

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The late rumors proved to be more than simple speculation: Tito Ortiz is the mystery man behind the #August1Warning hype videos, as revealed on TNA Impact tonight in Wichita Falls, Texas.

This shouldn't really come as much of a surprise considering the fact that it was announced just last night (July 31, 2013) that Tito Ortiz was signed with Bellator and would headline its first foray into pay-per-view (PPV) against Rampage Jackson on Nov. 2 but some are still feeling shock and dismay at the outcome of the heavily hyped #August1Warning videos that led to tonight's episode of Impact in Wichita Falls, Texas.

But, yes, the mystery man in TNA is indeed the artist formerly known as "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy," as revealed on the Spike TV broadcast, proving the rumors from earlier today entirely true.

He was introduced during the main event segment. In it, the Main Event Mafia challenged -- or demanded, whatever -- the Aces and 8's to a 5-on-5 match at the Hardcore Justice show with the added stipulation that the man who gets pinned must leave wrestling forever. After a short brawl, the heels accepted.

Then, the lights went out.

When they came up, Ortiz was slowly walking to the ring but stopped before he got there. He stood on the entrance ramp, crossed his arms, did his best to look menacing while smiling slightly, and every wrestler involved looked both terrified and confused at his presence.

Most notably, Rampage.

There's no telling how this is going to play out, but at the very least it appears Viacom is going to promote an MMA PPV main event fight through pro wrestling storylines. And not like Chael Sonnen, where they cut pro wrestling style promos and borrow heavily from wrestlers of times past.

No, this will take place on actual pro wrestling shows and, possibly, in actual pro wrestling matches.

The big question this raises, however, is whether or not Viacom is going to go the full nine yards and do a co-promoted PPV show with some pro wrestling from TNA and some MMA from Bellator.

The possibilities are endless.

Your thoughts on all this, Cagesiders?