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Report: Matt Morgan released from TNA contract

According to a report, Matt Morgan has been released from his TNA contract and is now free to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

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Matt Morgan originally left TNA around this time last year because he was unhappy with his treatment within the company. It wasn't so much that he wasn't being taken care of as it was a lack of upper mobility. After years of faithful service, he felt a run at the heavyweight title and an extended main event program were warranted.

It never happened.

In the time after his contract came up, he teased jumping ship back to WWE. It never came to be, however, and he re-signed with TNA, returning at a house show to little fanfare and quickly jumping into a tag team with Joey Ryan while he cut promos on General Manager Hulk Hogan on a weekly basis.

But it never went anywhere. After his split with Ryan, he got booked for a number one contender match against Sting, lost, and promptly disappeared from television some two months ago.

It was then, apparently, that he asked for his release.

Here was a tweet he sent out on July 4 teasing some big news:

Now, according to a report from, he has been granted his release and is now free to pursue opportunities elsewhere:

Matt Morgan is telling colleagues that TNA released him from his contract on Tuesday. It was well known within the TNA locker room that Morgan asked company officials for his release a month ago.

If it was so well known, one would think the news would have gotten out sooner. Still, it appears Morgan is gone from the company and he's now free to resume teasing the world that he may or may not sign a deal to return to WWE.

And with how much is going on over at the offices in Stamford, that might not be a terrible idea. Bray Wyatt could use a new buzzard with a bushy beard and the look of a behemoth. And with it being a crossover signing, it might have even more impact.

No pun intended.

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