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TNA releases Crimson, Joey Ryan, Christian York, and Taelor Hendrix

In a move necessitated by budget cuts, TNA has released multiple wrestlers from its roster.

In a move necessitated by ongoing budget cuts within the promotion, TNA has released Crimson, Joey Ryan, Christian York, and Taelor Hendrix. With none of the four being featured prominently on television on a weekly basis, all were deemed expendable. has more on why this is happening:

The talents released were being paid a monthly guarantee with an additional fee when they were booked for TNA events. The feeling was that with the talents not being used regularly by the promotion, there was no need to keep them held under contract.

After the decision was made to take Impact on the road, things got murky regarding money. The PW Insider report also makes note of wrestlers being paid late, a story corroborated by the Wrestling Observer, though it was mentioned by the latter that not everyone is getting that treatment.

For his part, Ryan took the news well:

To the company's credit, television has been written far more cohesively than in times past. Unfortunately for a lot of talent on the roster, that meant they were fazed out almost completely. There's only room for so many dogs in the yard, and none of these four were barking loud enough to be noticed.

So they've been led out of the fence.

Cagesiders, do you see a name you'll miss within this list?

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