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Chris Sabin on the future of TNA: I'm not worried

Recently crowned TNA Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin says he's not at all worried about the future of the company.

With TNA still dealing with a public relations nightmare stemming from a series of cuts thanks to financial issues and various other blunders, wrestlers who work for the promotion are facing just as many questions on the future of the company as those in charge.

Current Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin was hit with those hard questions when speaking with the Busted Open Radio show, which you can hear on Sirius 92, XM 208 and on the app on Sports Zone. His reply:

"I've seen the company change, management actually, many times. Just throughout the years but that's just how it's always been. Writers change, people's jobs change, people come and go but it is weird every time because you get used to working with someone and use to seeing someone and then they're not there anymore. So it's like ah, well, what's it gonna be like when the next group of guys that are coming in? So you got to pick it up and start over with that too but I've seen it happen many times and luckily I have seemed to stuck around the entire time so hopefully I can continue to stick around.


"Well. How bout this? I am the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and I'm not worried. People have been saying they've been worried about the company honestly since I started. There has always been that little whisper in the background like oh no how much longer is it gonna last? That's been going on since the beginning and you know what it is still here today. So even though I think this is maybe just another wave of little chatter and that's all it's gonna be. I think the company will continue to thrive."

K. Sawyer Paul of International Object (a great site you should visit here) adds his two cents:

He's not wrong. TNA has been a company on the verge of failure for over a decade. But there's also no denying that the squeaking of our skin against the steel has gotten worse.

Neither of them are wrong. TNA is not going under anytime soon, what with all the backing the company has from Spike TV and Viacom. The ratings are good enough to get them by for as long as Impact is drawing around one million viewers every Thursday night and Sabin, who just helped the show do its biggest rating in over a year for his title win over Bully Ray at Destination X last week, knows that.

TNA is always on the verge of going under, even when its not.

Still, the issues facing the company are very real and concerning enough to cause pause among the pro wrestling media and fan base alike.

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