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TNA Impact results and live blog for July 25: Ultimate X

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (July 25, 2013) with its latest episode of "Impact" from Louisville, Kentucky, featuring all the fallout from Destination X last week. Results and the live blog are right here.

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (July 25, 2013) from Louisville, Kentucky, featuring all the fallout from last week's Destination X show that saw Chris Sabin defeat Bully Ray to win the heavyweight championship and the Main Event Mafia run off the Aces and 8s.

Set for this week is Ray addressing Sabin in a twist you'll probably hate, an Ultimate X match for the vacant X Division title, and three Bound for Glory Series matches.

To follow along with the live blog as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to check for updates from the show set to air on Spike TV.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

We start with the Main Event Mafia coming down to the ring. Suits for Sting, Kurt Angle, and Magnus, while Samoa Joe is in ring gear and Rampage Jackson is rocking his usual get up.

Sting starts by saying this war they've got going with the Aces and 8s is already going their way.

Angle puts over Chris Sabin winning the heavyweight title last week and introduces him as just that. Here he comes, belt over his shoulder and a big smile on his face.

Sabin thanks everyone for having his back and helping his dream come true, which is the fact that he's the champ. But he knows he now has a big target on his back, so he'll get ahead of the pack by challenging the winner of the Ultimate X match later in the night for a champion vs. champion match.

Cue Bully Ray.

He's out with an old man wearing a suit.

"Do you know who this is? It's my attorney."

His lawyer throws out a bunch of threats, saying he'll bring down all of TNA if Sabin doesn't give the heavyweight title back. Ray has been wronged and Sabin has until the end of the show to bring the belt back to its rightful owner.

Tick tock.


They give us backstory on Manik, who made his family homeless at one point just to be selfish and chase his dream of being a big time wrestler. He's shown without his mask on but the rest of the suit.

Does that just completely give away the result of the upcoming match?

Manik vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Trent Baretta

Okay, his name isn't Trent Baretta, but I feel like being a snarky smark right now. Or I just can't remember how to spell the last name he uses for TNA.

This was a strong match, driven mostly by higher spots, of course. It was more about the tease of crazy bumps, though, and no one actually going through with one.

Ultimately, Manik won the belt. Dead giveaway with the pre-match promo.


Pre-tape shows Bully Ray talking to Mr. Anderson about Hulk Hogan being flustered and the Aces and 8s having him right where they want him. Meanwhile, Ray is really proud of Anderson being the new Vice President of the group.

Being VP is an important job but what's more important at this point is to win the Bound for Glory Series. So he wants Anderson to go out and "do what you do best: get the job done."

Yeah, okay.

He's next in a BFG Series match against Hernandez.


Apologies for the lack of a live blog here. Emergencies come up, unfortunately. Thanks for understanding!

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