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Report: Bruce Prichard and D-Lo Brown both on the outs at TNA

Both Bruce Prichard and D-Lo Brown are reportedly on the outs with TNA, according to a recent report.

As has been noted multiple times over the past few weeks, TNA is in the midst of restructuring its entire company due to budget constraints. "Restructuring" is a nice way of saying "releasing a bunch of wrestlers from the roster and executives aren't safe either."

Indeed, the list of released talent includes Matt Morgan, Crimson, Joey Ryan, Christian York, Taeler Hendrix, Tara, and Doc of Aces and 8s, and that's without mentioning office workers and the like. In addition, Madison Rayne's contract was allowed to expire.

Rayne isn't the first wrestler to have her contract negotiations come down to the wire and end up gone from the promotion as a result. Since Bruce Prichard was hired, he's taken the blame for multiple instances of issues with talent contracts, like Bobby Roode's coming due and not getting resolved until the last minute, which nearly caused him to miss an important pay-per-view, Devon briefly leaving the promotion before re-signing and returning, Rob Van Dam leaving to go back to WWE with nothing but bad things to say about how business was handled with him, Bully Ray not getting re-signed until the last minute, Doc being in future plans but having his contract run out before they could come to terms on a new deal, and other assorted problems.

It turns out, if a report from is to be believed, that Prichard himself may be gone from the company here soon. Prichard was apparently asked to restructure his contract but refused that request and is expected to be ousted before long.

Prichard wasn't the only one asked to restructure. Agents were also pushed to work under "per night" agreements and while D-Lo Brown initially agreed to as much, TNA reportedly fired him anyway.

If these reports prove true, that hurts.

When asked about all this on Twitter, Hulk Hogan said he has no idea what's going on. This sentence may or may not be true.

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