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TNA releases Doc and the bloodletting is reportedly set to continue

Yet another wrestler has been released by TNA and even the Aces and 8s aren't safe anymore.

Earlier today (July 16, 2013) TNA announced Tara was released from the company, and while it wasn't specifically noted the decision was made as part of a cost cutting measure, all indications are that's exactly the case.

And according to a report from, the bloodletting isn't over just yet.

The first evidence of that comes from the following tweet sent out by Drew Hankinson, who wrestled under the name Doc as a member of the Aces and 8s:


Doc was last seen on television just last week on Impact, when he was voted down as Vice President of Aces and 8s in favor of Mr. Anderson. Now we know the reason that happened the way it did.

As noted before, Doc joins a growing list of wrestlers that includes the aforementioned Tara, Matt Morgan, Crimson, Joey Ryan, Christian York, and Taeler Hendrix. That's without mentioning the office workers who were also let go, names you wouldn't recognize because they aren't active talent.

And, again, this likely isn't the end.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: According to, Doc may not have actually been released due to budget cuts, as he was reportedly planned to turn babyface at some point in the future and leave the Aces and 8s. That makes sense, seeing as the storyline sort of calls for as much right now. However, his contract negotiations went too long and he was let go, something that has happened far too many times since Bruce Prichard was hired by the company. Click here to read more on the situation.

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