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TNA Impact results and live blog for June 6: Rampage Jackson debuts

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (June 6, 2013) with its latest episode of "Impact", from Duluth, Georgia, featuring all the fallout from Slammiversary and the debut of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Full results and the live blog are right here!

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 6, 2013) from Duluth, Georgia, featuring all the fallout from the Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV) that went down this past Sunday night in Boston. That means we can expect all the closing angles for that show.

Tonight marks the debut of former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, as well as the return of "The Artist," Jeff Hardy.

Advertised matches: James Storm, Gunner & Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, & Kenny King.

It all goes down tonight starting at 9 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Seeing as this is the fallout show to Slammiversary, we start with a video replaying everything that happened at the show. They actually play much more footage than I've ever seen any company play. Wait, TNA always does this, never mind.

We'll start with the Aces and 8s. Bully Ray has the title on his shoulder and he's feeling great about himself for it. Looks like he's walking alone.

I thought when you rode with Aces and 8s, you never walk alone?

Ray is getting huge heat here and most of it is probably piped in. This is not a live show, despite the advertisement of it being as much. It does seem as though they're booing him quite a bit legitimately, to be fair.

His spiel early is to introduce himself. He's Bully Ray, from Hells Kitchen, New York, and he's the guy who beat Sting.

Now, rumor is that Sting might retire after what Ray did to him. TNA has no more heros because he destroyed them all and no one can do a damn thing about it. So there's only really one thing left to do.

"I deserve to be in the Hall of Fame."

He calls Dixie Carter down to the ring but instead gets, you guessed it, Hulk Hogan.

He's got a white glove on over his left hand. It looks like a surgical glove, actually, and it's really funny considering the rest of his attire. For those unaware, he's wearing it to cover up some severe burns he suffered in a radiator accident at his home not long ago.

Anyway, Hogan is in a great mood and acting all happy about being in Hulkamania country. Hogan wonders why Ray thinks there is no competition and Bully responds by calling him "Dad."

Hulk's response to this? "Well, my son of a B..."

I don't know if Hogan realizes what he just said there.

Hulk is really pushing that they're in Atlanta, Georgia, getting a lot of cheap pops for it. I thought they were in Duluth? Is that a suburb close enough to just call it Atlanta?

Anyway, Hogan says Bully will be facing a returning Jeff Hardy tonight. He called him "The Enigma," apparently not realizing he's got the new "Artist" nickname.

Or maybe that was just for that one promo.

Crowd is INSANE for Hardy.

Ray is pissed and says Hulk can't do that. Hogan says he's the General Manager and he can do whatever the hell he wants. And because this is Hardy's first night back, he wants to make him really comfortable back at TNA. So it's going to be a ladder match.

But the title won't be on the line. That makes sense.

Actually, no it doesn't.

So what will be hanging above the ring for the ladder match?

A hammer.

I'm not kidding.

Hardy actually had the hammer in his pants and brought it out upon demand from Hogan. The premise for using the hammer over it being the title is that Aces and 8s have used that as their weapon of choice to take so many superstars out over the past few months that this will even the playing field.

So that's that.


Chavo Guerrero is backstage with Hernandez and he tells him he's frustrated but they have a lot to look forward to because they just got added to the Bound for Glory Series.

Both of them? And didn't Hogan just say the selection show is next week? Did I write that above? If I didn't, that's what Hogan said, so it's weird for Chavo to be saying as much here.

Hernandez says something I couldn't quite make out and Guerrero says that while he taught him a lot, he didn't teach him everything.

Hernandez had his hand extended but Guerrero walked off without shaking it.


Now here comes Hernandez for a match and we're told by Christy Hemme this is a Bound for Glory qualifying match.

Oh, he's up against Chavo. That's what that pre-tape was all about. That made no sense the way Chavo presented it.

Hernandez vs. Chavo Guerrero

The premise here is these two are longtime tag team partners but now must square off because the winner gets into the BFG Series.

Match isn't bad so far, but isn't great. Hernandez is a lumbering fool at times, even nearly botching the three amigos before countering out after the second and eventually winning by stacking Chavo.

Hernandez is in the BFG Series.


Devon out and he tells all the jackasses to sit down. He's pissed and he wants Abyss to come down and give him a rematch for the television title that he cares a lot about for some odd reason.

Joseph Park's music hits and he comes out telling Devon to just shut up.

He's got a piece of paper with him and he's really upset. Says he's done being bullied and he's going to do what Abyss did last Sunday and what he should have done a long time ago and that's ... bam, suddenly he's taking Devon down and beating the shit out of him.

Devon gets the upper hand, though, and once he does, Abyss' music hits. Devon waits for him but when he never shows up, says he'll "find your ass, bitch."

Then he takes off, but not before drilling Park one last time.

Park, for his part, sees blood coming out of his mouth and immediately goes into the dark Park, heading towards Devon.


Robbie E is out with a microphone. He talks about being the MVP of the Bound for Glory Series in 2012. He beat Jeff Hardy and Hardy is the guy who won the whole thing.

"I even got 5 points, bro!"

That was the lowest of any of the 12 guys in it, you guys.

He says he's got a qualifying match now and he's going to win and then score upwards of 20,000 points this year.

Or something like that.

His opponent is Samoa Joe.

Robbie E vs. Samoa Joe

There's nothing to say about this match. Joe destroyed Robbie to qualify for the BFG Series.


Mickie James finds Velvet Sky backstage and tells her she's sorry about just standing there and that it will never happen again. They're still best friends and it was everyone else's fault.

Velvet says that's fine but they both look like they're ready to go, so they should do the rematch tonight.

James counters by saying she talked to Brooke Hogan and she will be having a match with someone Sky overlooked while she was champion but just as soon as her knee is healthy, they can have that match.

Sky complains that she's healthy and ready now but James walks out anyway.

Love it.


We get the video of Kurt Angle's Hall of Fame induction, this time with footage of the announcement at Slammiversary.

That actually was a great moment, mostly because Angle wasn't told beforehand and they went the surprise route to get a genuine reaction. I'm sure they didn't expect that he would break down and cry with gratitude.

Pretty cool.


Time for the interview with Rampage Jackson.

His entrance music starts with a big howl. He's back to doing that, and stops just after coming into view long enough to howl at the crowd. He gets a pretty good response.

Borash says welcome to TNA and Rampage tells him he used to be a fan growing up in Memphis and all that and that's why he used to use slams in MMA, where he got addicted to knocking people out. He started off talking like it was a regular interview in a sit down setting but quickly transitioned into promo mode, saying he knows if he wants to be the best, he's got to beat the best.

That brings out Kurt Angle, who gets right in Jackson's face.

"You want to be the best? Well, you got to beat the best, and you're staring right at him."

Rampage's face is shaking as he looks at Angle. This is his environment enough so far. Just a strong staredown. Angle says Rampage might have been the biggest dog in the yard in the cage but the ring is his world and eventually, when he thinks he's ready, he'll have to go through Angle.

They stare down some more before shaking hands. Rampage acts cool at that point but quickly loses the smile again and pulls Angle in for another staredown.

Angle walks out and that's that for Rampage's debut.

Not awful. Could have been much worse.


Bully is backstage talking to Mr. Anderson, asking if he's seen or heard from D-Lo Brown. They both agree they haven't. But things are much better off because of it.

Then, Ray brings up Hulk Hogan and what the hell he's doing. They're wondering why Aces and 8s aren't represented in the BFG Series. He says he'll rectify that.

Anderson asks if he needs help tonight against Hardy and Ray says "a good VP would know how to make that decision."

Anderson wonders aloud if that means he's the VP.


Time for the only advertised match on the card.

James Storm, Gunner, and Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries, Bobby Roode & Kenny King

They're working a fast pace match, easy to do considering they've got six bodies to work with. Storm appears to be moving well enough.

Shockingly enough, the hot tag clean house guy ended up being Gunner and the crowd was actually cheering for him to get into the match before Storm tagged him in. That's a big surprise. Is he actually getting over?

Sabin ended up getting the pin with his finisher on King.

Good match.


Devon is still backstage looking for Abyss. He's got Mike Knox with him. They rush a room but we don't get to see if they run into anybody.

How thrilling.


They run a video showing highlights of Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim from Slammiversary. Brooke Hogan is backstage telling Terrell people are still talking about how great that match was.

"Props to you, girl, I'm so impressed."

Why is it that Brooke calls everyone "girl"?

Terrell says she doesn't want to be unprofessional but "are you still in love with Bully Ray"?

Brooke doesn't want to answer because she would rather keep it professional. So Taryn runs off and Brooke looks exasperated about the question.


Mickie James vs. Taeler Hendrix

Mike Tenay tells us it was June of last year that Hendrix earned a TNA contract. We've seen almost none of her since then. She's been down in OVW learning how to work and all that good stuff.

She's all smiles here while Mickie is being her bubbly self.

Mickie is so great with this heel character. She fakes a knee injury to get the upper hand, then hits the Mick Kick for the pin.


Devon and Knox are still looking for Abyss. Devon leaves Knox's side and we see the shadows on the wall. Abyss grabs him up and takes him out, throwing him back to Devon once he returns to the picture.

Devon stands there and waits around and Abyss takes him out too.

Then he stands over him and says, "I'm taking this belt into the Abyss."


Main event up next.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

As expected, it's a hard match early. Hardy is doing most of the work, which was also expected.

The ladder has played almost no part in this match. The hammer is still hanging there and it's almost the end of the show. It's been used as a weapon maybe twice.

Hardy has taken a couple bumps off it, but nothing too crazy. Certainly nothing on the level we've seen from these two in the past in WWE.

Ray eventually gets the hammer but runs into a Twist of Fate from Hardy and throws it up into the air. Hardy gets to it but Ray runs out before he can use it.

Oh dear god.

Ray is shown running through the back and suddenly Hogan comes out of nowhere with a hammer of his own. Just before he uses it, Brooke comes running up to make the save. Bully turns around and sees the situation. He's shocked, but runs off.


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