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TNA Impact results and live blog for June 20: Open Fight Night kicks off the BFG Series

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (June 20, 2013) with its latest episode of "Impact" from Peoria, Illinois, featuring Open Fight Night as the kickoff to the Bound for Glory Series. Full results and the live blog are right here!

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 20, 2013) from Peoria, Illinois, featuring the Open Fight Night as the kickoff to the Bound for Glory Series that will take the promotion all the way through the summer and into its biggest pay-per-view (PPV) of the year.

All 12 wrestlers in the Series will be wrestling tonight, so expect the show to center around someone calling someone else out and that match being for the all important first points in the Series.

Also on the docket: Sting will likely have more to say about the Main Event Mafia and Brooke Hogan is scheduled to give a "State of the Knockouts" address.

It all goes down tonight starting at 9 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

We open with a pre-tape of Sting walking up to the arena wearing a blue suit with his hair slicked back and sunglasses on. He really does look a bit like a mobster when he dresses like this. He should have ditched the face paint a long time ago.


The entire Bound for Glory (BFG) Series field is standing in the ring. Hulk Hogan makes his grand entrance while they're in there, getting a big enough pop. Peoria is a great city for TNA to run because it's pretty damn big but not so big as to make them look small time.

Hogan brings out Bobby Roode first. Remember, he was one of the two in the fan vote to determine who gets first call out. The other guy is getting called out next, that man being Jeff Hardy.

"The Hulkster" tells us everyone in the ring will have a match tonight as the kickoff to the BFG Series. The first guy to get to call someone else out is whoever won the fan vote.

And, of course, it was Hardy by a score of 68 to 32-percent.

Before Hardy can call anyone out, Austin Aries grabs a mic and says he would like nothing more than to be the man called out first but he knows that's not going to happen because there's another man who has his legion of fans in every city they go to and that's Aries.

He gets heat for this but not much.

Christopher Daniels takes the mic next and he says the same thing Aries did but in regards to both he and Kazarian.

When Hardy does speak, he ignores all of them and calls out Roode. Bobby pushes him and this leads to a big brawl between everyone in the ring.

I'm not sure why.


Mr. Anderson vs. Joseph Park

They were acting like Hardy vs. Roode was next but they're doing that later in the show now.

Instead, we get Anderson being the most annoying human on Earth, and not in the good heel way, and he calls out Park so he can get a "guaranteed dub." Yes, he said "dub" as in "W" as in "win."

He's an asshole, after all.

Story of the match is the same with every Park match. The seasoned veteran schools him early but he shows off a few of the moves he learned down in developmental at OVW. That includes the Boston Crab he's starting to use as his submission finisher.

He'll need it for the Series.

Naturally, we get an Aces and 8s run in from Doc and Anderson wins with the Mic Check.

That's 7 points for Anderson.


Jay Bradley out to call someone out. He claims he's got a chip on his shoulder and he says Austin Aries needs to come out here and get ... uh ... did he say "boom sticked"?

Jay Bradley vs. Austin Aries

Bradley tries to attack Aries while he's doing his entrance and Aries counters him by tossing him to the outside and hitting a double axe handle. Aries actually looks like he's going twice as fast, like he's got something to prove to this kid.

Okay, they've slowed it down.

Tazz tells me Bradley's finisher is a lariat called the Boom Stick, so that opening promo makes sense now. Still dumb as hell.

Bradley actually had control for most of this match but Aries hit the brainbuster to get the pin.

That's 7 points for Aries.


Sting backstage was talking to someone asking if he was "all in" with him to become a member of the new Main Event Mafia.

The guy, who was off camera, reached his white hand out and shook Sting's hand to signify that he is indeed joining up.

I guess.


Hernandez is the next guy to call someone out for the BFG Series and he wants the better half of Bad Influence.

Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels

This one didn't go long. Daniels used a low blow and a cradle to earn a pinfall victory.

That's 7 points for Daniels.


Kazarian calls the fans "turd burglars," which is great. He calls out a guy Dixie Carter claims is the future and who she thinks is gorgeous, tee hee. Come on down, mate!

Kazarian vs. Magnus

Another incredibly short match but this one ends with Magnus scoring a submission victory with a Texas Cloverleaf.

That's 10 points for him, putting him in the lead early.


Hulk Hogan is walking backstage and talking on the phone. While he's doing so, Bully Ray walks up behind him with a hammer in his hand. Hogan finishes up his phone conversation and immediately turns and puts Bully against the wall.

He asks for him to go ahead and swing but Ray says no, he's not the type to do that.

You know, unlike Hulk, who was totally going to do just that a couple weeks ago.

Ray says he's only here to talk to Brooke. Hulk says the two of them are done for from here on out and Bully needs to just move the hell on. Ray refuses that and brings up the fact that she saved him from her own father during the aforementioned attack.

He walks off and Hogan is pissed.


Brooke Hogan's state of the Knockouts address is next.


Oh dear god, they put a podium in the ring for Brooke. Eric Young is in there with ODB with the Knockouts tag team titles, which apparently still exist.

Mickie James demanded her own entrance, apparently. Mickie comes out and says thanks for allowing her to speak on the state of the division. She can't say how happy she is to be representing this group as its champion.

"It's a full time job just to be me."

She's wonderful.

There are only five women out there, and that doesn't seem like enough.

Brooke brings up that she had a conversation with Young about a year and a half ago and he goes into his comedy schtick. "No, I'm not a woman. The good news is I'm the toughest dude in this ring right now."

He relinquishes the tag titles and starts making out with ODB because "it's National Kissing Day," apparently.

So off they go.

There are four women left now and Brooke is addressing them like they all mean a great deal to the company. This just feels odd with so few ladies out here. There should be more. They're all super talented, and there should be more of them.

Velvet Sky is addressed and her knee is good enough for a match with James next week. On top of that, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell will have a rematch of their awesome Slammiversary bout, only this time it will be a ladder match.


That does raise the question, though: What the hell is going to be hanging suspended?


Hulk is trying to get Brooke to leave because "Bully is trying to turn this into a circus."

She wonders why she has to go and he literally says "I don't need any more drama out there."

Isn't that kind of exactly what you need out there?

He puts her in a truck, tells her he loves her, and off she goes.


AJ Styles is out and he actually grabs a microphone. He says it's not about TNA or Aces and 8s, it's about him becoming the next world heavyweight champion. Not for the fame, not for the glory, but for the money.

"Everybody's looking for a hero. Well I can tell you this, if I've learned one thing in the past 11 years it's this: This is no place for a hero. And in case you missed it the first time I said it, let me say it again. I am tired, I am sick and tired, of doing the right thing. I'm doing my own thing."

I no longer understand the point behind the Styles character. Now he wants to win for money? He's really hurting for cash now or something?

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

The story of this match is that it went the distance. It was a decent TV bout between two of the better guys on the roster but with the 15 minute time limit, they made sure to play up how they were really pushing it.

Towards the end, Joe tried a suplex off the top rope and the two went down awkward. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not. They went into a sequence of hard strikes before Styles locked in the calf slicer that Tenay continues calling a "calf killer." Joe reversed it into a rear-naked choke before AJ countered into a pinfall attempt that got two but was overshadowed by the fact that Christy Hemme told us just one minute remained in the match.

She did the same at 30 seconds and then audibly counted down once it got down to 6 seconds.

The two went to a draw.

That means Styles gets 2 points and Joe gets 2 points.


Bully Ray is shown talking to someone on the phone asking "why did you leave?"

It turned out he was talking to Brooke and she agreed to come back because he said he wanted to talk to her. Once off the phone, he told the rest of the Aces and 8s crew that they needed to make sure she made it back to the building, so go get the nucks and chucks and all that jazz.

Off they go.


Hogan talks to Chris Sabin, Kenny King, and Suicide. We're told the three will have an X Division championship triple threat match next week on Impact and the winner is going to get the chance to put the belt up for a shot at the heavyweight title at Destination X.



Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

Sting's announcement of who is joining him in the Main Event Mafia is getting main event billing over this match.

Another fairly entertaining television match won by Hardy after a Twist of Fate.

That's 7 points for Hardy.


Before we get anything from Sting, we'll hear from Bully Ray.

They're cutting it close here to cram two more segments into this. Unless, of course, they intertwine.

Oh god, they're not making the entire Aces and 8s the new Main Event Mafia and having Sting turn heel to become the new leader, are they?

Yeah, let's just forget that.

Ray runs down everyone who is trying their best to get a shot at his title before saying he's not a fighter, he's really a lover and he wants his wife, Brooke, to come on out right now.

There's a long pause.

"I said, 'Brooke, please come out here right now.'"

The Main Event Mafia music hits and here comes the Stinger.

Oh god, they are going to do what I just said, aren't they?

Sting says he realizes there are no lone wolves who are going to pierce the Aces and 8s and that's why he went back to his family. Bully cuts in and cuts a quick promo on the crowd before saying family doesn't matter and he's the guy who beat Sting single-handedly.

He's the reason Sting won't ever wrestle for the world title again.

Sting says he's right but that doesn't mean he can't get retribution, and it doesn't mean he can't get retribution here tonight.

Sting walks over to the corner and slowly starts taking off his suit. The tie goes first and the Stinger is struggling with it. Ray is asking what he's doing and Sting is taking his sweet time getting undressed. Ray is threatening him the whole way.

"Stop doing whatever you're doing."

Sting doesn't stop and Ray snaps his fingers to call upon the Aces and 8s. No one shows up.

Instead, Sting throws his jacket directly in Bully's face. Sting directs him to the Titantron and it shows the entire crew laid out while the commentary team wonders aloud who is responsible for as much. Sting then punches Ray and he starts to bail up the ramp.

He's stopped from behind by Kurt Angle, who takes him down and puts on the Ankle Lock.

He's wearing a suit, signifying he's the other member of the Main Event Mafia.

Yeah, that's about right.


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