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TNA Impact results and live blog for April 4: Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray face-to-face

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (April 4, 2013) with its latest episode of "Impact Wrestling," featuring Bully Ray hoping to have a face-to-face encounter with his ex-wife Brooke Hogan, plus a 10-man tag team main event.

TNA Impact Wrestling comes walking back into our lives tonight (April 4, 2013) from Jonesboro, Arkansas, featuring a potential face-to-face confrontation between the President of the Aces and 8s, Bully Ray, and the woman he used to earn a heavyweight title shot by wedding her, Brooke Hogan.

Also set for the evening is a 10-man tag team main event featuring the Aces and 8s (Devon, Doc, Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff, and Knux) vs. Team TNA (Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Eric Young, and Joseph Park). Other announced matches/segments include: Taryn Terrell and Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim and Tara, Sonjay Dutt vs. Mason Andrews vs. Petey Williams, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez contract signing, and Gut Check with Adam Pearce vs. Magno.

All that and more.

It all goes down tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.




And we are "live!"

Out comes Aces & 8s to start the show.

Mr. Anderson calls us all douchbags, and says he has a very important package.

He's actually holding something. That's not a reference to anything.

Anderson has a leather vest in his hands, and tells AJ Styles that he has an offer for "The Phenomenal One."

Devon is holding a manella folder, and says it's for Brooke Hogan.

D-Lo says he has a gift, but it is one he received. It is a letter from TNA headquarters.

It was a notice of termination.

Crowd: "You got fired! (clap clap clapclapclap)"

D-Lo is not happy he got a letter instead of being called. He calls out the officials in the back. He wants to know why he has been fired!

Out comes Kurt Angle! He's going to walk down the aisle, get in the ring, and tell D-Lo how he really feels.

And we got a brawl!

And here comes back up! Somoa Joe! Magnus! Eric Young! Joseph Park!


In the locker room with Brooke and Joey Ryan. He offers her a sucker.

He's actually holding a lollipop. He's not referencing anything.

Ten minutes in and already two dick jokes. This is a good show.

He asks for a favor. Brooke tells him she's technically still married...

He says that's not it. The Knockouts need a ref, and he's the right man for the job!

Brooke hesitates, but it seems she has no choice. She agrees.

This will only end awesomely.


Tara & Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell & Velvet Sky

Ryan making sure to check every inch of the contestants for foreign objects.

Tara and Sky starting things off. Sky runs the ropes and lands a pair of clotheslines. She gains the side headlock.

Ryan gives Sky a massage.

Tag to Km and Terrell.

Ryan is all up on Terrell.

Tag back to Tara.

Terrell with a roll up. No count. Bridge. No count.

Ryan is just enjoying the view.

Tag to Sky. Double team shoulder block and elbow drop. Sky with the cover.

Ryan slides behind Sky and watches. No count.

Kim rushes in and attacks Sky. The heels drag her to the corner. The beat up on Sky before Kim lifts he up with the fireman's carry and drops he to the mat.

She goes for the cover. No count.

Tag back to Tara. She hits the shoulder blocks in the corner. Ryan gets between the talent and pulls Tara off.

And he holds on a bit too long for Jessie's taste.

Roll up by Sky.

No count.

Tara lays out Sky.

Ryan gives a one count.

Tara goes for the standing moonsault...

And eats mat.

Both women down. They're crawling to their corners...

Tarrell gets the hot tag! Kim gets the hot tag! Everyone gets a hot tag!

Tarrell gets her shine with a pair of clotheslines and a snap suplex. To the top rope she goes...

Flying cross body! Tarrell slams Kim's head into the mat.

Tara comes flying in to knock her off!

And Sky comes in and sends Tara over the ropes.

And here comes Kim to send Sky out of the ring.

And...Kim is all up on Ryan. They're digging each other.

Ryan turns around to oil up his chest.

Tarrell with the roll up! Ryan doesn't notice!

He turns around...

And no count.

Kim rolls through!

Ryan with the quick count!

Kim and Tara are your winners!

The heels walk up the ramp. Ryan tries to follow, but he is shot down. He wonders back to the ring.

Sky rubs his chest, distracting him. Tarrell gets on her knees behind him...

And a low blow! Man down! Man down! Man down!

Not cool.


JB on a podium, with Dirty Heels and Chavo & Hernandez on opposite sides.

Aries says they are not the Tag Team Champions. They are a team of champions.

Roode says neither Chavo and Hernandez have been tag team champions. And neither can measure up to the pure talent of him and Aries.

But Chavo reminds us he is a Guerrero! And Hernandez is strong as a sun of a gun!


JB wants to sign the contract, but Aries has an idea. He wants some extra perks.

Fruit basket. Green M&M's. And more money for the winner.

Good perks.

Chavo has a stip of his own. He writes something down.

Aries and Roode laugh and agree. They also have one more to add.

Chavo and Hernandez are cool with it.

JB to read the stips.

Two out of three falls match.

And if Chavo and Hernandez lose, they may never team again.

The Dirty Heels step up to sign. Chavo and Hernandez follow.

And everything is official!


Video for Gut Check contestant Adam Pearce.

Video for Gut Check contestant Magno

Adam Pearce vs. Magno

Both men circle, with Magno jumping and flipping.

They lock up. Pearce gains the short advantage. They trade holds until Magno flips out.

Peace stacks up Magno, but he reverses with a hurricanrana.

Pearce gains the arm, Magno flips out.

And Pearce lays him out ith a heavy right.

Whip from post to post from Pearce. He tries to follow, but Magno gets the leg up. Magno charges...

Right into a huge back body drop.

Only gets a two count.

Big elbow to the head from Peace. Whip from post to post.

Magno jumps up on the turnbuckle and...

Foot is caught on the rope. Lands a little awkwardly, but he looks to be good.

Magno hits the tilt a whirl backbreaker.

Only gets two.

Off the ropes Magno goes. He launches himself...

Right into a nasty spinebuster.

Only good for two.

Pearce sends Magno into the ropes. He skins the cat, and launches himself to take down Pearce. He follows up with a running enziguir. A running clothesline sends Pearce over the top rope.

To the top Magno goes!

Moonsault to the outside!

Back into the ring we go. Magno is playing up to the crowd.

Pearce with the roll up! His hand is on the rope!

Pearce gets the win via dirty, dirty heel tactics.


Recap of Hulk and Sting's screaming match last week.


AJ Styles walking backstage. Mr. Anderson and Co intercept him. Anderson tells Styles he likes how he has been acting recently.

He hands over an Aces & 8s vest and tells Styles to think about it.


Recap of the Bully deception.


Backstage and Hulk is asked about an update on Sting. Hulk says he's not here, and it's good.

Because tonight he needs warriors!


Park knocks on Angle's door. Tonight he is ready for a fight. He says his classmates watched when Angle won his gold medals. Tonight he is inspired by Angle.

Angle tells him that Park may be green, but he can do damage. If he sees an opportunity, he should take it.

Park thanks him and leaves.


Out comes Hulk to the ring.

Hulk wants to cut to the chase. He is done making mistakes, because he will lead with his gut.

And there is one man his gut is telling him to call.

And that man is AJ Styles!

Styles walks out, holding the Aces & 8s vest.

I still want to know where the hell I can get one.

Hulk is shocked! He wants to know if he made a mistake.

Hulk tells Styles that he understands what Styles had to go through. The way people dragged his name in the mud. The stipulation Hulk set up at Turning Point.

But now AJ Styles has transformed into a different type of AJ Styles. He has been acting strange, and Hulk wants to know why.

Because TNA is Styles' family, brother. And TNA needs Styles' help.

TNA needs Styles to be dangerous, brother.

Styles stays silent. He looks down at the Aces & 8s vest.

Styles: "You want me, to help you?"


James Storm out to ruin Styles first words!

Not cool Storm.

Storm says he remembers the stipulation that if someone was pinned, they don't get a title shot until Bound For Glory 2013.

And yes, it was Storm who pinned Styles.

But everyone looses bad matches. What is not cool is Styles watched as Storm was beat down by Aces & 8s.

They had been friends for 17 years. Their backs built TNA. They've been to every show. They've driven every mile together. They've entertained the fans together.

From the Asylum. To overseas. To Orlando. And to right here in Tenn.

Now Styles wants to join them?

Well Storm says he can go ahead, because he is not the same guy.

Storm: "You better clock out...before you get knocked out."

Oh that was beautifully cheesy.

Out of the ring Styles goes. He looks down at the Aces & 8s vest as he leaves up the ramp.


Hype for tomorrow night's PPV, One Night Only: X-Travaganza

Sonjay Dutt vs. Mason Andrews vs. Petey Williams for the #1 Contendership to the X Division Championship.

All three lock up

Williams shoulder block and near fall.

Andrews rolls up.

Dutt near fall.

This is going to be fun to live blog.

Dutt roll up. Rolled through and drop kick. Willaims suicide dive to the outside on Andrews.

Dutt over the top rope to bring both men down.

Andrews and Williams in the ring. Stomps by Andrews. Huge freaking backbreaker by Andrews!

Dutt on the apron distracts Andrews from the pinfall. Andrews knocks him off.

Andrew with the shoulder block in the corner. He flips Williams to the middle of the ring.

Top rope elbow strike. Only good for two.

Dutt comes flying in for abdominal stretch on Andrews. He is sent to the outside.

Andrews with fireman carry on Williams.

Dutt comes flying over the top rope!

Post to post whip on Dutt by Andrews. Tries to follow, and eats turnbuckle.

Dutt over the top rope again! Only gets two count on Andrews.

Here comes Williams! Elbow on Andrews. Williams goes for Canandain Destory on Dutt!

Dutt pushes him off into the corner.

Andrews flies in and sends Williams flying.

Dutt hits reversed DDT on Andrews.

Williams comes flying back into the action and sends Dutt out of the ring.


Williams pins Andrews and is the #1 Contender for the X Division Championship.


In Aces & 8s secret clubhouse. Bully is not trying to be a hardass, but he is not in a good mood.

No one comes out and pisses on Aces & 8s parade like Angle did!

Bully knows his soldiers are going to represent.

He wants his team to take Angle and Co.'s freaking souls.

Devon wants to know what is going on with Brooke.

Bully says he misses his wife!


Devon asks if Brooke is into tag team action.


Bully is going to give his wife the manilla folder later tonight.

Aces & 8s share a toast and drink.


Hype video for next week's Full Metal Mayhem Championship Match.


Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Eric Young, & Joseph Park vs. Aces & 8s.

Angle pulls Bricsoe into the ring and takes him out with a closeline. He follows up with heavy rights and boot to the throat. He snaps the suplex.

Only gets a two count.

Tag to Garrett. Hip toss brings him down.

Heavy rights by Angle. He stomps Garrett into the corner.

Tag to Magnus. He sends Garrett off the ropes and hits a big front powerslam lift suplex.

Tag To Joe. Inverted atomic drop by Joe, big boot by Magnus, and running senton by Joe.

Garrett rakes the eyes and tags Devon.

Devon swings and misses. Joe lets the punches flies!

Whip to the corner and kick to the back of the dome. Devon is stumbling...

And Joe lets the chops flies!

Only good for two.

Devon manages to tag in Knux.

Joe with a flying knee!

Tag To Young. Off the tope rope he flies onto Knux!

Knux gains control of the match with a flurry of punches and kicks to the gut. He slams Young's head into the turnbuckle, and follws with more punches and kicks. He sends Young into the ropes, but Young catches himself. Knux tries to follow...

And is sent flying outside the ring!

We come back from commercial with Young getting his head slammed into the turnbuckle by Knux. The big man hits the forearm and sends Young to the outside.

Back to the ring we go. Knux drops the leg and tags in DOC, who drops the elbow.

DOC with body shots in the heel corner. Devon chokes Young on the ropes while ref's back is turned.

Big clothesline by DOC is followed by a big splash.

Only gets two.

Tag to Devon. He lets off a flurry of rights to the dome before flipping Young and goes for the deep tissue massage.

Young gets to his feet with an elbow to the gut. He hits a huge flying shoulder block.

Devon bring Young back down and tags in DOC. He charges and knocks the entire TNA side off the apron.

He charges Young in the corner. Young manages to get the boot up, but DOC catches it.

Enziguri by Young! Tag to Park!

And Park sends DOC over the top rope!

And he drops Aces & 8s off the apron!

Big splash on Briscoe, the legal man!

Aces & 8s charges to break up the pinfall.

Here come team TNA into the ring.

Everyone is brawling! There is choas.

Joe sends Knux over the top rope. Devon tries to attack from behind, but Joe fights him off.

Joe with the suicide dive on Knux on the outside!

Devon and Park battling it out out!

Garret and Briscoe get hit with a double clothesline by Park!

But Devon is right behind him with a low blow.

He covers up and picks up the pinball.

Aces & 8s by dirty, dirty heel tactics.


Hulk and Brooke in the locker room. Hulk does not want Brooke going out there to meet Bully. Brooke says she feels horrible for what she has done, and she will bring security with her. She assumes Bully just wants to serve her divorce papers.

Brooke: "No more drama."


Recap of Bully's deception.

Bully makes his way to the ring. He's shouting at fans who are trying to reach out for him.

Lets hope he watches his language.

He gives daps to Taz before stepping through the ropes.

Bully reminds us in seven days, the biggest wrestling match in TNA history will take place.

Bully. Hardy. Corpus Christi. Full Metal Mayhem.

He thinks Hardy is the stupidest man on earth. Why would he challenge to a TLC match that involved tables, ladders, and chairs.

But that is in seven days. Tonight, he is calling out his wife.

And here she comes!

Bully asks Brooke how she is doing. He is wondering why Brooke does not have her ring on.

Bully has his on!

He gives Brooke a past this week, but from now on she should do what she is told and wear the ring.

Bully wants to know why there are security guards? Brooke tries to tell him, but Bully shushes her.

Bully doesn't understand why she was so upset at Lockdown.

Her husband won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Bully says that Brooke is insane, but he still forgives her.

Brooke tells him to hand over the divorce papers.

Bully is shocked!

Bully: "You're my wife, the wings beneath me wings. I couldn't have done this without you!"

He hands over the envelope and asks her to open it.

It's a ticket.

It's a front row ticket.

It's a front row ticket to next week's show.

Bully wants Brooke by his side when he beats Hardy again. And he wants Brooker to be as beautiful as possible

Bully: "Because have kind of let yourself go."

Oh no he didn't! Brooke lands a slap across the face.

Crowd: "You suck!"

All Bully can do is laugh. He calls Brooke pathetic.

He is in her head. He has been in her head since day one. He asks if Brooke is going to smack him again.

Here comes Hardy to make the save!

The two many let the punches fly! Both are taking shots to the dome!

Bully knocks down Hardy with a forearm. But Hardy pops back up! He is working Bully in the corner.

Bully comes back! They are exchanging heavy rights!

We're out of time, folks! See you next week!

Fade to black.


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