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TNA Impact results and live blog for Thurs., April 18: Road to Slammiversary Continues

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (April 18, 2013) with its latest episode of "Impact," which was taped live from Corpus Christi, Texas last Thursday. The road to "Slammiversary" continues tonight with still reigning World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray and The Aces & Eights, the NEW Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernández, plus much more!


TNA's Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Apr. 18, 2013) with a broadcast that was taped live from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas last Thursday. If you don't mind spoiling the surprise, then tonight's show can be previewed right here.

The road to Slammiversary continues tonight with still reigning World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray and The Aces & Eights, the NEW Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez. Plus, this broadcast will feature the in-ring return of AJ Styles when he takes on "Cowboy" James Storm at the demand of Impact General Manager Hulk Hogan. TNA intends to let us know whether Storm will attempt to beat an answer out of AJ, or if Styles will finally address his allegiance to Hogan.

In other action, there will be a Handicap Match as Aces & 8s members Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff give Olympic gold medalist and multi-time World Champion Kurt Angle his shot at revenge. In a #1 Contenders Match Mickie James takes on Miss Tessmacher for the next spot in line for a shot at the lovely and lethal Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky.

Tonight, starting at 8pm ET on Spike TV is where all the action will be, so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.






C.J. here, see you tonight Cagesiders!

Sincerest apologies, Cagesiders.

Ol' C.J. decided to take a cat nap before the show, only to miss my alarm clock and oversleep.

All work and no play makes C.J, a tired boy.

The play-by-play will be starting now, and the post will be updated later in the night for the first half of the show.

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.


Video package of Mickie James and what she represents. She knows what it is like to come back from injury and has been working her ass off.

And it's about time she gets some respect in this company.


In the locker room with Storm. He is tired of this feud with Styles, and it's time to kick some sense into him.

"Sorry, about his damn luck"


Recap of Chavo and Hernandez winning the Tag Team Championship last week.


Out come Bad Influence to the ring.

Daniels says that it is great to be them, the fans love them, the group as some sweet new shirts at ShopTNA, apparently they are in production for a movie.

Morgan Freeman will play Dixie Carter.

But as a cherry, they are this close to convince Styles to join the band.

They even got Styles his own Bad Influence shirt!

That's nice of them.

Kaz on the mic, and he says, they have some old business to attended.

They want their title shots against Chavo and Hernandez.

Out comes Dirty Heels with a response!

Roode says Bad Influence must not have gotten the email. They are not the #1 Contenders.

Because Chavo and Hernandez "fluked" into a victory, the Dirty Heels are getting a rematch.

Daniels comes back with calling Roode Canadian, and Canadian's opinions are only worth 3/4's of a real opinion.

Daniels: "That's scientific fact!"

Aries says his opinion is 1 and 1/4, so together they have a full 2 opinions between them.

That's Steiner Math!

He goes on to say he and Roode don't spend all their free time together like Bad Influence does.

I think he's hinting at something, there.

Kaz comes back, telling Roode he only cut his hair because "I did it first and it looks cool." He follows up by calling Aries a dirty vegan

Aries makes a "meat in your mouth" joke.

Le sigh. Really, Aries? Disappointing.

Things devolve into a shouting match. Aries & Roode back Daniels & Kaz out of the ring.

But look at this! Chavo and Hernandez are right behind them! Aries & Roode don't see them!

The team of Dirty Heels turn around, and they are jumped. A clothesline for each send them out of the thing.

Chavo: "This is why we're better"

Crowd: "crickets"

That's a shame, Chavo.


Video package of Kenny King, Gail Kim, and Bobby Roode giving respect to Jeff Hardy and worrying about Aces & 8s.


Recap of Kurt Angle and Magnus being attacked by Aces & 8s earlier in the night.


Matt Morgan watching on television. He wants to recap Hulk's mistakes

1 Not naming him the #1 Contender

2. Allowing Bully Ray to marry Brooke and win the Championship.

3. Sting leaves the show

4. Hardy gets strechted out by Aces & 8s

This all could have been easily avoided.

If Hulk just did the right thing.


Devon vs. Samoa Joe for the Television Championship

Devon attacks Joe before the bell even rings. He chokes Joe with his own towel.

Joe flips the scripts and puts Devon in the corner, landing a flurry of rights and stomps. He then sends Devon into the ropes and hits a leg lariat. A flip and a chop to the back from Joe, followed by a kick to the face. He lands a running knee drop.

Only gets a two count.

Joe with the headlock, but he is flipped by Devon.

Big spear by Devon off the ropes!

Devon drags Joe to the bottom rope and chokes him with it.

Joe makes it to his feet and lands a few rights.

Devon puts him down and drops the elbow on Joe's face.

Only good for two.

Devon with the headlock. Samoa finally makes it to his face and lands a few punches. Devon sends him into the corner. He tries to follow, though, but Joe ducks out of the way.

Standing enzuigiri by Joe!

He props Devon up on turnbuckle...

And here comes Aces & 8s to ruin the fun!

Wes distracting the ref while Mr. Anderson runs into the ring and hits Samoa Joe with brass knuckles.

And...somehow the ref didn't see.

That gets the three count, and Devon retains.

Devon wins via never walking alone

Joe is being held by Devon. Anderson lines up his shot...

And brass knuckles to the face!

Samoa Joe is going to have to eat his Samoans through a straw.


AJ Styles vs. James Storm

AJ makes his way to the ring, only to walk away.

Storm is not having it! He rushes up the ramp to attack AJ. He looks to go for a powerbomb, but AJ wiggles free.

A big right from Storm sends AJ flying into the ring.

The match starts, and AJ gains control. He sends Storm into the corner and follows up with a few shoulder tackles. He lands a pair of heavy elbows to the dome.

Whip is reversed by Storm, who lands a leg lariat to drop AJ. He mounts and delievers a few shots to the head before the ref pulls him up. He runs the ropes, but Styles is too quick and drops the toe hold. AJ standing all menacing like above Storm.

We come back from commercial with AJ hitting a delayed suplex. He gives a nice stomp before going to the headlock.

Storm is slow to make it to his feet. He lands a few body shots before both men exchange blows.

Storm is sent into the ropes, but comes flying back with a clothesline. He sends AJ running right into a back body drop.

Eight Second Ride by Storm!

Chop in the corner by Storm. He props AJ up on the turnbuckle. He sets up for the superplex...

But AJ fights back! He drops Storm, whose legs are tied up in the ropes.

Running drop kick to the inverted Storm!

Only good for two.

Out comes Bad Influence to watch the match! AJ is distracted, which allows Storm to land a backbreaker and clothesline AJ out of the ring.

Storm follows, but is sent into the barricade. AJ lands a few punches before rolling Storm into the ring.

AJ follows...

Right into Closing Time.

Storm is setting up for Last Call...

AJ catches the leg and rolls forward and cranks on the ankle. Storm can't handle it! He taps!

AJ Styles wins via mysterious submission

Bad Influence joins AJ in the ring. They all raise their hands in victory.

And then AJ attacks both Daniels and Kaz.

He walks away from the ring.

And here comes Aces & 8s to attack Storm, Daniels, and Kaz!

AJ don't care! He's just going to walk away as his friends are dropped.

Bully on the mic. He wants to know who he is, and who they are.

They are responsible for destroying out heroes.

He is the man responsible for taking out Hardy.

His brothers are the men responsible for taking out the three pieces of trash in the ring.

Bully tells us we have no heroes left. All the heroes are now just victims. And there is one man we can blame.

Hulk Hogan.

Hulk is the reason all of

Bully wants to stare into his "dad's" eyes and look into his soul. And he wants Hulk to explain to the audience why all our heroes have been turned into victims.

And when you ride with Aces & 8s...

You never walk alone.

Face to black with Aces & 8s celebrating in the ring.


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