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TNA Impact results and live blog for April 11: Full Metal Mayhem = tables, ladders & chairs

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (April 11, 2013) with its latest episode of "Impact," broadcast LIVE from Corpus Christi, Texas featuring "Full Metal Mayhem" for the World Heavyweight Title as Bully Ray defends against Jeff Hardy, and more!


TNA's Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Apr. 11, 2013) LIVE from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. The huge main event will feature World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray defending the gold against Jeff Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem match. Finally, "The Charismatic Enigma" gets his rematch from Lockdown for the title against the President of Aces & 8s in a bout featuring tables, chairs and ladders -- no DQs --anything goes.

Speaking of Aces & Eights, Hulk wants answers tonight as to whether or not AJ Styles' allegiance lies with TNA Wrestling, or the card-based gang, so be sure to watch for that.

This IMPACT event will also mark the return of members of the famous Guerrero wrestling family to Corpus Christi, a city rich in professional wrestling history dating back to the Blanchard family running shows on a regular basis in the region. Corpus Christi will be the third city to host IMPACT since the television events went on the road in mid-March. The first two hours of the event will air live tonight, with the second part of the show taped for air on April 18. -TNA

With this in mind, tonight's show will start off with the World Tag Team Championship match, featuring Austin Aries & Bobby Roode defending against Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez in a 2-out-of-3-Falls Match. Also, if Chavo & Hernandez do not win the Tag Team Titles, the stipulation is that they can never team together again.

Additional amazing action features the TNA Knockouts own Taryn Terrell making her singles debut against her sworn enemy in Gail Kim. TNA Gut Check returns tonight as well, you can catch newcomers Adam Pearce and Magno attempting to earn a spot on the roster by facing the judges for their final decision tonight.

Tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET/7p.m. CT on Spike TV is where all the action will be, so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.





C.J. here, see you tonight CageSiders!

NOTE: Your usual live-blogging aficionado Mr. C.J. Bradford will be a tad bit tardy tonight, so expect the live blog to be kicked off by either The General or the Asst. to the GM!

The General in the house.


Hulk Hogan runs into Jeff Hardy backstage and Hogan tells him he needs him to be great tonight and bring the title back to TNA and all that nonsense.

Out first is Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. They don't even get done with their entrances before Austin Aries and Bobby Roode show up to crash the party. They ring the bell, so I guess the match is on.

Aries & Roode vs. Guerrero & Hernandez

Thanks to the sneak attack by the champions, Roode gets a quick fall on Guerrero. Oh, this is a 2-out-of-3 Falls match, by the way, so the heels have a great jump on the action. They get cocky and start making fun of the Guerrero family before Aries misses a diving headbutt and Chavo gets a roll up for the second fall.

We're at one each.

The running story early on is that Guerrero has been on his own the entire match because Hernandez was taken out early. They still set up the hot tag and "Super Mex" cleaned house with his usual power moves.

Naturally, he hits Air Mexico and they go to commercial.

Coming back from break, the roles were reversed, with Hernandez getting beat on before a hot tag to Chavo, who cleans house. He hits the Three Amigos on both Aries and Roode. They set up a spot with Hernandez coming in on Aries, but he moves and hits Guerrero. That doesn't get the pin, though, and the match continues.

They tease a big powerbomb from Hernandaz before he hits a double suplex. Chavo was in the corner on the top turnbuckle and he came off with the Frogsplash for the pinfall.

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez def. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode to win the tag team titles


Backstage and Brooke Hogan is walking around backstage. Joey Ryan shows up to say she doesn't need to be upset over how hot and bothered the Knockouts got last week.

Also, he can ref again tonight.

She acts cool and even flirts with him for a second before turning on him and saying he'll be in a match tonight without revealing who it will be against.

As per usual, there were a lot of dick jokes.


Here comes Joseph Park, and not surprisingly, he's over in Corpus Christi. His theme song is beyond ridiculous. Old jazz porno music.

Not that I would know what that sounds like.

The music might have been covering for him, because he's getting some boos as it drowns out. He's cutting a promo on Aces and 8s, saying what they've been doing is going to stop right now. "Revenge" and "retribution" don't come to mind when thinking of Bully Ray; "Justice" does.

And justice will come when Hardy wins tonight's Full Metal Mayhem match.

Now he brings up being well versed in divorce law. He took it upon himself to draw up an annulment. He's got a document with him that will "officially" end the marriage of Brooke and Bully. He's going to file it and all that ....

Uh-oh, here comes Devon through the crowd.

Park starts freaking out, saying TNA officials told him he could have this time in the ring. Devon grabs the document and tears it up right in front of him. "You got a problem with Aces and 8s, you got a problem with my brother Bully, then you got a problem with me," Devon says.

"I don't give a damn what you think, you miserable jackass. Stay out of the family business; you've been warned."

Park goes to pick up the ripped up pieces of paper and Devon attacks him with a chain. Devon's forehead looks awful, by the way.


Video package airs on the feud between Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim.

They'll be up next.

Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim

Turns out, the referee is ODB. She's got a shirt on that has hand prints where her tits are. She's also drinking from a flask. Living the gimmick and all that.

The match was relatively short, with Kim getting all the offense in until a quick roll up got the surprise pin. Everyone is putting it over like it's a huge victory over a former champion. Now Kim and ODB are getting into it to the point that the latter chased the former all the way to the back.

Terrell gets interviewed by Christy Hemme to ask how she feels after her first win in TNA. "I have waited a long time to get physical with Gail Kim. Now the question is: Who wants to get physical with me?"

Uh ....


Gut Check is up next.

Adam Pearce and Magno are the two who are being deliberated over. Bruce Prichard is flubbing his lines like crazy. Eventually, he settles on Magno. Pearce calls him a damn fool on his way out.

So I guess Magno gets a match later.


Now we move on to AJ Styles. They've got a decent video package running showcasing his turn to the dark side. It's not the traditional heel turn, it's the old Sting turn in 1997.

He might be good, he might be bad, or he might just be out for himself.

Either way, the character is exactly the same as Sting, he just doesn't look nearly as cool or have anywhere near the same presence as Sting did in 1997. Plus, they can't execute the angle as well playing in smaller arenas with a roster like this.

Hogan pre-tape shows him saying Styles is running out of time to make a decision.

Another pre-tape with Styles just walking around outside in broad daylight with his scruffy beard before an off-camera interviewer tries to get a word in. He gets shoved for his troubles.

Then, Mr. Anderson approaches and gives Styles another shirt to go along with the usual pitch to get AJ to join Aces and 8s. It's such a heavy knockoff of Sting to the nWo in '97 but it doesn't work anywhere near that level because the stars involved are so much smaller.

Sadly, Hogan is still around as a common link.


It's the top of the second hour, so you know who is getting that prime slot. To his credit, Hogan still manages to get a pretty big reaction wherever TNA travels, probably bigger than anyone else on the roster.

Naturally, his first words are about how hot the crowd is right now. It doesn't take long for him to get to business, though, and he calls AJ Styles out to the ring, demanding an answer. Whose side is he on?

Styles has the Aces and 8s shirt with him.

Hogan says they're in the middle of a crazy war right now and he needs to know whose side AJ is on. This is an ultimatum, too.

Styles grabs the microphone and actually speaks. "Let me tell you something, BROTHER: I don't respond well to ultimatums."

James Storm's music hits to ZERO reaction. That theme is perfect for a big pop from the crowd and they gave him nothing at all. He comes out and says he's here just to fight. Just as he drops the mic and gets in AJ's face, Bad Influence make their way to the ring. Christopher Daniels has an appletini with him.

Kazarian tells "Toby Keith" to piss off, which is phenomenal. He continues by saying he's out to make peace. He calls Hogan "Thunderlips," which is also phenomenal. The basic gist of it is Hogan is going to make him choose and Bad Influence wants him not to.

Daniels gets on the mic and continues putting a further divide between Styles and Dixie Carter, Hogan, Aces and 8s; hell, everyone. That's everyone except Bad Influence. Daniels says he needs to come stand with his brothers and it can be them against the world.

Things get real animated in the ring. Storm is pointing at the fans, calling Bad Influence jabronis, and the crowd is chanting for Hogan in all this.


Styles walks away from all of them without saying anything more.

Hogan calls to him and says since he won't make a decision, he'll be fighting Storm on Impact next week.


Joey Ryan is on his way to the ring now for a match-up against a mystery opponent.

A commercial break before we find out, of course.

And that's also perfect timing for C.J. to jump back on the live blog. It's been one, Cagesiders. This is your General, signing off.


The inmate known as C.J. is back to run the asylum.

In the locker room with Kurt Angle. He tells us the balence of power will change when Hardy wins the Championship title.

And next week, he's going up against Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff.

Because Angle is the baddest SOB in professional wrestling


Recap of Ryan harassing the Knockouts last week.

And he's back in full form grinding all up on Christy Hemme.

Joey Ryan vs. Rob Terry

Ryan trying to keep the ref between the two men. He runs the ropes...

Right into the brick wall known as Big Rob.

Rob backs Ryan up into the corner and tosses him across the ring. Big chop by Terry. Ryan staggers to another corner, and eats another chop. Another corner, and another chop. Ryan staggers to the fourth corner. This time Terry mixes it up with a post to post whip.

Terry with a scoop and slam. He takes aim at Ryan...

Ryan gets the boots up, but Terry don't care. He comes right back with a clothesline. Terry hits the big time power slam.

Ryan is crawling up Terry's legs. Up he goes into the fireman's carry...

And down he comes with a Freakbuster!

Rob Terry wins by slaughter.


Backstage with Hulk and Brooke. Hogan doesn't want Brooke to sit ringside, but she wants to see Hardy take the belt. She wants to see the regret in his eyes.

Sounds fishy if you ask me.

Brooke walks away, and Matt Morgan pops up.

He tells Hogan he should have been listened to the whole time. If Matt was the #1 Contender, then none of this mess would of happen.

Hogan does what he did best. Make a Hogan mistake.

And if Hogan keeps making mistakes, one day...

They will all come crashing down.


Danny Davis, Bruce Prichard, and Al Snow in the ring to let us know if Magno gets a TNA contract.

Out comes Magno to a round of boos.

Davis starts to speak, but the fans give a "No!" chant.

And Davis....


One no for Magno.

Magno on the mic. He says there are a lot of goals in life, but he wants to keep going. The reason is simple. He is known as Magno, a luchador from Mexico.

But he wants to be known as Magno, a luchador on Impact!

Aim high, brother.

Prichard tells Magno that he is simply too inexperienced to be on Impact.

A second no for Magno, and he is off.


Outside with Aces & 8s on their hogs. Mr. Anderson gives Bully Ray a hype up speech.

When you ride with the Aces & 8s, you never walk alone!

Bully comes back and says he needs to walk alone. Tonight, he will shove it straight up Hardy and Hogan's asses.

No comment.

Bully makes the gang swear none of them will interfere.

A round of engines roaring in approval follow.

Bully hands off his wedding ring to Anderson, and inside the arena he goes.


Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy Full Metal Mayhem Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Brook Hogan is not amused at ringside. Bully leans over to have a tender moment with his wife.

Bell rings. Both men are hesitant to attack first. Hardy claps to psych up the crowd. Bully gives the devils sign to a round of boos.


He follows with a splash and a series of rights. Post to post whip, and then a pair of chair shots to the back.

Hardy is going balls to the walls!

Hardy with the ladder and sets it up in the corner. Post to post whip sends Bully face first into unforgiving steel.

Running leg lariat from Hardy! The ladder almost falls on Bully!

Up the ladder Hardy goes. But Bully is there to flip it out from under him.

Hardy charges...

Right into a back body drop right out of the ring and onto the steel entrance ramp.

Bully takes his steel chain and whacks Hardy with it.

It's actually connected to his wallet. Interesting.

Bully sets up the ladder. Up, up, up he goes...

Hardy slides into the ring and climbs up himself. A right hand to Bully's doe. Another. And another.

Bully with the headlock. They are hanging on the top step...

Superplex from the ladder by Bully! Both men are down!

We come back from commercial with Bully on the top rope. Hardy pops up and lands a series of rights and a chair shot.

Hardy sets up the ladder inverted leaning on the table. He sets up for a suplex, but Bully frights out of it. Hardy again goes for the suplex, but the ladder falls down.

Moment to get things reset.

And Bully drops Hardy into the braces.

Damn...that looked like it hurt.

Bully tossing chairs out of the ring and screaming at Brooke. He dumps the mangled ladder out of the ring. Chair shot to Hardy before setting up the table.

The crowd is chanting for Hardy. Bully gives the ol' Hogan ear wave.

Bully sets up the ladder in the corner. He picks Hardy up by the hair...

And Hardy gets his second wind! A series of strikes, whip into the ropes. Bully comes back into an atomic drop.

Hardy picks up a chair. Bully grabs a chair. They both swing and hit each other's chairs!

Bully rolls out of the ring towards Brooke. Hardy with the dive...

Right into the guardrail.

Bully mouthing off at Brooke.

And she flips him the Jersey bird!

I love you, Brooke.

Bully bounces Hardy's head off the steel steps before motioning for Brooke to give him a kiss. He sticks his tongue out...

And gets slapped in the face!

And here's Hardy to bounce his head off the steel steps!

Now Bully is sent through the table!

Hardy wondering around the ring and up the ramp looking for something.

He's gone to get the big table!

He walks back and sets it up by the announcer's table. Bully is up and lands a right to the dome.

Now Bully is setting up the table nicely. He goes towards Hardy...


Bully lying on the table. Hardy to the tope rope...


Both men are down!

A holy [explicit] chant from the crowd is bleeped by the censors.

Hardy makes his way back into the ring. He stumbles arounds. Finally is able to set up the ladder.

Bully is up. Taz hands off the time keeper's hammer.


Up the ladder goes Bully. The pair exchange blows. Hardy has the belt in hand...

WHACK! Bully hits Hardy in the head with the hammer!

Down goes Hardy, up goes Bully, and once again the title will rest on his shoulders.

Bully Ray retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship via hammer to to dome.

Bully asks the crowds if they know who he is and who they are.

They are the Aces & 8s, and he is the Heavyweight Champion.

And when you ride with the Aces & 8s, you never walk alone.

Aces & 8s pose over Hardy's broken body.

Fade to black.


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