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TNA Impact spoilers for Nov. 14: World title tournament continues

Get complete spoilers for the episode of TNA "Impact" that is set to air on Nov. 14, 2013, from Cincinnati, Ohio, that was taped last night after the live show on Spike TV.

TNA may be taking Impact off the road soon but the promotion is still out touring and the latest stop was Cincinnati, Ohio, for a live show last night followed by a taping for a show set to air on Nov. 14, 2013. That means spoilers are readily available if you're the type who wishes for such a thing.

Unwrap that present:

- Aces and 8s promo leads to the official announcement that Bully Ray will take on Mr. Anderson at Turning Point on Nov. 21 in Orlando. The added stipulation is that if Anderson loses, he's out of TNA forever but if Ray loses, Aces and 8s will disband. So, you know how this one is going.

- The previous segment led to a match between Anderson and Knux, won by the former after the Mic Check.

- EC3 def. Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum in a handicap match because this is how you get a guy over.

- Christopher Daniels def. Joseph Park. Apparently Abyss is gone again, for reasons no one understands.

- Dixie Carter promo tears down AJ Styles, which is interesting seeing as he doesn't even work for the company anymore (kayfabe) and he should no longer matter. Then again, Hulk Hogan is still on promotional tools. Carter would go on to announce that Bobby Roode vs. James Storm would take place in the world title tournament and it would be a Bullrope match. I guess straight singles matches just aren't enough for TNA.

- Kurt Angle def. Austin Aries in a submission match to advance in the world title tournament. It's as good as you would think considering the two involved.

- Mr. Anderson apparently piledrivers Garett Bischoff on the stage, leading to a stretcher job. That's shades of Anderson's TV write off not long ago.

That's the show, Cagesiders. Your thoughts?

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