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TNA Impact spoilers for upcoming shows on Spike TV

TNA is holding multiple tapings in Orlando, Florida, for upcoming episodes of "Impact" and that means there are spoilers available. Read them right here.

Now that TNA is no longer on tour and doing its damnedest to save money wherever it can, multiple tapings have been held this week for upcoming episodes of Impact on Spike TV. And while the taping has featured a jumbled line-up purposely done out of order to avoid major spoilers getting leaked, well, that happened anyway.

Yesterday, we alerted you to results from one taping that featured the heavyweight title tournament playing out to the final. Now, we've got results for other upcoming shows, though there's no telling when the following events will air:

- There's a segment that sees Bad Influence turn into investigative journalists again. They head for Chicago and find out that Park, Park, and Park -- GASP -- shut down 13 years ago! Joseph Park isn't a lawyer at all! Park catches a beatdown but is saved by his tag partner, Eric Young. Match made for later.

- The match that goes down later is won by Park and Young after they did the blood gimmick again. This time, however, Young reveals, once and for all, that the reason Park never found Abyss is because they're the same person.

- More dissension between James Storm and Gunner, as they had a match against the BroMans -- who are now rolling with a returning Zema Ion -- won before Gunner got the team disqualified. Storm was upset that his pin was for naught and they're now much closer to breaking up.

- Ethan Carter 3's next big opponent? Earl Hebner. Yes, that Earl Hebner. It's a silly match that sees Carter just tell Earl to lay down and Brian Hebner count the pin.

- Austin Aries wins the X Division title from Chris Sabin, and clean, no less. I'm not sure why this was done but does it really matter?

- Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa beat down ODB before Madison Rayne made her return to make the save.

- EC3 was going to have a match against Jeremy Borash, continuing his run of ridiculousness before Sting showed up and forced his hand. He had two choices: a singles match against the Stinger or a spot in the Feast or Famine match later. Carter chose the latter.

- There were four briefcases up for grabs in the Feast or Famine match and they contained contracts for a world title shot, a tag team title shot, and an X-Division title shot. The fourth briefcase had a pink slip in it.

Here are the participants in the match:

James Storm
Austin Aries
Samoa Joe
Chavo Guerrero
Ethan Carter 3
Chris Sabin
Zema Ion
Curry Man
Norv Fernum
Dewey Barnes

Here are the four winners:

Ethan Carter 3
Zema Ion
Chavo Guerrero

It wasn't revealed who got what contract, or the pink slip, but winners make it somewhat easy to figure out.

- It should be noted that Mr. Anderson was set to compete in the Feast or Famine match but Bully Ray came out and hit him with a piledriver on the stage, leading to a stretcher job.

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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