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TNA Turning Point results, live match coverage for tonight (Nov. 21) in Orlando

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Nov. 21, 2013) episode of TNA "Impact" in Orlando, Florida, featuring the "Turning Point" event that will see the continuation of the world title tournament.

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 21, 2013) from Orlando, Florida, featuring the Turning Point event that will feature the continuation of the world heavyweight championship title tournament. Matches scheduled include Magnus vs. Samoa Joe and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in a Bullrope match.

Also set for the show is a Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson match with the added stipulation that if Ray loses, Aces and 8s break up, and if Anderson loses, he will have to leave TNA forever.

To follow along with the live blog as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to check for updates from the show set to air on Spike TV.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

A fine promo video to start the show talking about AJ Styles winning the heavyweight title and bailing on the company, setting up Dixie Carter booking a tournament to crown a new champion.

Two big matches tonight: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode.

Oh, and we're also getting Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson with a million stipulations added in.


Dixie Carter runs into Samoa Joe backstage and says she re-watched the show last week to see how great she was and how he turned in a crappy performance.

Actually, if he ever takes a harsh tone with her again, he'll find himself right alongside his buddy AJ Styles, wrestling in third world countries for pesos.

He says he understands.

She tells him to forget about a unification match if he wins the tournament because Styles is never coming back to the company and Joe is lucky to be here.

I'm sure he feels the same way.

"Now, we have a show and I'm thinking the people would really rather see me before you, so you just keep doing what you're doing."

That was a good go away line.


Here's Dixie!

The cameras are doing a good job making the studio space they're in not look terribly minor league. There is a guy on the hard camera side rocking AJ Styles gloves and representing as hard as he can. It's glorious.

Anyway, Dixie is talking about having lawyers who are going to shut down Styles from defending the TNA title in other companies because the belt is her intellectual property.


She keeps yammering on before James Storm's music interrupts and here he comes with a bullrope in hand.

He comes down pissed and about to introduce the footage of his getting jumped by Bobby Roode at a bar the night before. That was actually a slick little gimmick TNA tried to pull. It didn't work very well, but it was worth a shot.

Now they're haggling over the match stipulation. He says a bullrope isn't enough. He wants a new stipulation for his match with Roode, hanging the police over her head as a threat to get what he wants.

I didn't hear the stipulation.

Oh, Mike Tenay just said it's a "Florida Death Match". What in the blue hell is a Florida Death Match?

Anyway, Dixie gives it to him and he bails out.


Magnus vs. Samoa Joe (Falls Count Anywhere)

This one is a heavyweight title tournament match featuring former Main Event Mafia members against each other.

They started out brawling in the back before working their way to the stage and then down to the ring. The way everything is set up, it looks like they're still on the road but this is how it's always going to look now. That's not necessarily bad. The energy seems pretty high for this match.

They're running long and it's been a big brawl, mostly. Magnus hit his elbow drop, which looked decent, before Joe took over and hit a suicide dive on the outside.

The finish saw Magnus set up a chair and take Joe out on the outside, getting the pin on the mat. He moves on in the tournament.

Magnus def. Joe


Bad Influence is on the scene, looking dapper as always. Kazarian confirms that they're here for our viewing pleasure. They just came out to make a comment about the upcoming match, Joseph Park vs. Abyss.

Right. That's the only reason they're here.

Park comes out, grabs a mic and says he wants those two hooligans to sit down and shut the hell up. So they grab some popcorn and do just that, right there at ringside.

Park's been looking for his brother for over a year -- has it been that long? -- and now it's finally come to this singles match right here tonight. He just wants to prove he's not a fraud. "You can call this my turning point tonight."

Christy Hemme introduces Abyss and his music hits. Let's see what they do here.

Abyss's music plays multiple times but he never comes out. Because of course he's not coming out.

Instead, Christopher Daniels gets in the ring and starts running Park down. "You're not a man, Joseph Park. You're a human water bed mattress."

Holy shit, that's amazing.

Daniels is absolutely destroyed Park here, to the point that tears are nearly coming down. Daniels says we just need some blood to transform Park and Kazarian dumps some red liquid all over him.

"What are you going to do now, huh?"

Daniels is really going hard on him. Like, really hard. Like, maybe a little uncomfortable. He's just bombing him, calling him a worthless waste of human excrement.

Park walks out with his head down.


Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa are out for week two of Kim's open challenge. She puts it out there and Candice Larea comes on down.

Gail Kim vs. Candice Larea

I don't know who Larea is but here you go.

It's nothing more than a squash and Kim destroys Larea before Tapa climbs in the ring and holds her arm up.

Gail Kim def. Canidice Larea


Styles is fired but they're running a video showing footage of him defending the TNA heavyweight title in other shows. That's pretty great that they can do that.

Oh, that's right, this message was brought to us by "The Friends of AJ".


James Storm vs. Bobby Roode (Florida Death Match)

As expected, they brought out a ton of props for this. At one point, Storm threw a trash can at Roode and missed completely. Instead of improvising and creating something brilliant, Roode sold like the can connected clean, dropping to the mat.

Storm, trying to make up for it, picked the can back up and pointed out to the crowd that he would get all of it on the second go round. Then he crushed it over Roode's head. Roode's response?

A Flair flop.


It turned into a glorified hardcore match with shots of trash can lids and crutches and all sorts of nonsense. There was a great spot later on with Roode suplexing Storm onto two chairs set up across from each other. I used to love when Raven would do the drop toehold spot onto the chair in WCW.

Anyway, Storm answered a 10 count, because apparently the rules to this are that it's Last Man Standing style. Suddenly, Gunner comes running down with a white towel and throws it in to end the match.

Bobby Roode def. James Storm

Storm freaks out on Gunner after he comes to and it looks like they might be breaking these two up. The announcers are putting over Gunner having done the right thing by saving Storm from further harm.

Storm wonders how he could possibly be doing the right thing for him and Gunner says "because I care".


They show the updated bracket for the heavyweight title tournament and Roode will move on to battle Jeff Hardy while Magnus is set to take on Kurt Angle next.


There was a segment with Sam Shaw hitting on Christy Hemme, a useless skit with Ethan Carter 3 bagging on some geeks, and Bully Ray cutting a promo on Mr. Anderson, saying he's going to end his career before taking care of his pregnant wife.


EC3 vs. Shark Boy

Tazz calls Carter a future world heavyweight champion. That's great. He gets the mic before the match starts and says he thinks it's time he raises his level of competition, so he brought back a former star.


It's a dumb match that Carter wins because of course he does.

EC3 def. Shark Boy


Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Great promo airs before the match. But before they get underway, Gunner, Kurt Angle, Daniels, Kazarian, Samoa Joe, and a couple others walk out on the stage.

Hmmm, I wonder what they're doing here. Is this finally the night Aces and 8s goes away for good?

As expected, it's mostly a brawl. That's been a lot of this show, actually. The finish saw Ray drive Anderson through a table set up in the corner before Brooke went to grab a hammer. She threw it in the ring but Anderson grabbed it and used it to get the pin.

Mr. Anderson def. Bully Ray

Aces and 8s is no more.

After the match, Anderson took Ray's cut, then had the wrestlers on the stage take Taz's cut and give it to Anderson so he could celebrate with the two vests in the ring.

Fade to black.

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