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TNA Impact results and reactions from last night (Oct. 3): Good riddance

Complete reactions to last night's (Sept. 19, 2013) episode of TNA "Impact" from Little Rock, Arkansas, that featured all the latest build to "Bound for Glory" and Hulk Hogan's big decision.

TNA Impact returned to Spike TV last night (Oct. 3, 2013) from Little Rock, Arkansas, featuring all the latest build to the Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV) later on this month, which is supposed to be the company's biggest show of the year. Oh, and Hulk Hogan made his decision on whether nor not he wants to stay with the company.

Dear god was this a piece of shit.

Click here for the live blog. Let's get right to reactions:

  • When the spoilers came out and it was written that Dixie Carter actually grabbed Hogan's leg and begged him not to leave, I thought it couldn't possibly be true. After all, what self respecting human being would do this in any scenario, let alone a business woman trying to make sure her pet project promotion doesn't go under, both in kayfabe and reality? Well, that's exactly what happened and it was as pathetic and awful as advertised. I don't feel bad for these people, though. Not one bit. Hogan played them for years, exposing them as the money marks they are, but if you don't get hip to it after the Monday night wars part deux failure, or the going live and taking the show on the road failures, or the complete lack of ratings boost failures, oh hell, it's just never ending. Grow a brain and get rid of the old man already.
  • What's so amazing here is that Hogan left the company this way -- unless it's a swerve and if it is, it's the dumbest swerve in history because it will do absolutely no one any good other than making Hogan feel good about his sad life -- but even if he did go to WWE, most of the audience will have never seen this. Really, many WWE fans today will have the same reaction CM Punk's sister did to Kevin Nash. It's time, Hulk. Pack your gear bag, go home, and stay home.
  • Dixie Carter is a worse television pro wrestling actor than Claire Lynch. That is not an exaggeration.
  • AJ Styles got crushed in his promo with Bully Ray. The gap in charisma between the two is staggering, with Bully possessing a physical presence that really helps when he starts talking hard with that New York accent. Styles is too small, too short of stature, and his voice is too little to go face to face with Bully and look like anything but a runt who's barking up the wrong tree.
  • Austin Aries commentary may have been the highlight of the night. The X Division tag team match was super disjointed with far too many spots featuring poor timing and lacking in execution. Jeff Hardy was legitimately a major drawing star for WWE when he was there just a few years ago, popping huge buyrates on PPV against the likes of Randy Orton and Edge and Triple H. Now, he's reduced to working Ultimate X matches with Manik at Bound for Glory, which will be purchased by maybe 15,000 people. It would almost be sad, if he didn't do it to himself.
  • I guess I'm supposed to think Magnus a hero for his valiant efforts fending off E.G.O. but Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian are all just so much more entertaining that I couldn't care less about Magnus' quest to prove himself in the eyes of his contemporaries. The angle they're taking for his match with Sting is that it's supposed to be on par with Sting's star making turn against Ric Flair in the late 80s? That's a joke. That's worse than a joke because it's not funny in any way. It's just sad. Flair carried Sting to quite a few good matches, as he did so many others, but the chances that a geriatric Stinger could ever get even a three star match out of Magnus is just silly.
  • I don't know who Lei'D Tapa is and I don't care. Her bug eyed screaming didn't make me want to see her again.
  • Bully Ray and Samoa Joe, for being such physically imposing monsters, worked a terrible match. They were lazy, and where they would normally deliver effective offense that actually looks good, every punch looked pulled. The ref bump was weak, the finish was awful, and no one cares about Joe anymore. At all.

This show was terrible. It was awful in every way it could be. There is no defending it.

Grade: F

I look forward to any arguments in favor of this being better than one of the worst shows of the year. Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments section below anyway.

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