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TNA Impact results and live blog for Oct. 3: Hulk Hogan's decision

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Oct. 3, 2013) episode of TNA "Impact" in Little Rock, Arkansas, featuring Hulk Hogan deciding whether or not he's going to stay with the company.

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 3, 2013) from Little Rock, Arkansas, featuring Hulk Hogan deciding whether or not he wants to stay with the company or leave for greener pastures.

Elsewhere, AJ Styles is scheduled to cut a promo, Jeff Hardy will team with Manik to take on Chris Sabin and Kenny King, Magnus battles E.G.O. in a gauntlet match, and new matches will be announced for Bound for Glory.

You can read spoilers by clicking here.

To follow along with the live blog as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to check for updates from the show set to air on Spike TV.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

AJ Styles out for a promo. He appreciates Hogan coming out and trying to smooth things over but of course Dixie Carter showed her true colors. He could bury her with every shovel that he has but he's not here for that.

He's here to talk about Bully Ray, his opponent at Bound for Glory.

He reiterates that he's without a contract and hungry to get what he wants, which is the TNA heavyweight title. "They say Bully is the most dangerous guy in the building? I beg to differ."

Cue Aces and 8's music.

Ray comes out with a head of steam, only stopping to kick Styles' hat off the entrance ramp.

Bully brings up the fact that AJ said he "hopes" to win the heavyweight title. His use of the word "hope" means Dixie is so far into his head that he can't fully focus on the task in front of him.

It's a good point.

Ray continues by bringing up his track record of outright destroying everyone around him who opposes him, even his own brother Devon. He knows he can beat Styles, he proved that a couple years back. But what does AJ have for him to take away?


Then again, he can take AJ away from the fans, so that's exactly what he'll do.

Styles brings up Bully being just like Dixie: they're both ruthless who will walk all over anyone to get their way. Ray takes that as a compliment. He proceeds to destroy Styles right where he stands.

AJ's response to this is to say Bully has a match tonight that he should worry about. "Joe is gonna kill you. Joe is gonna kill you. Joe is gonna kill you."

Yeah, okay.


Pre-tape segment showing Dixie Carter having Styles thrown out of the building. She says his only obligation to TNA at this point is his match at Bound for Glory, so he can just leave now.

He tells the security guards to save their energy because he'll walk out on his own due to the fact that he doesn't even want to breathe the same air as Dixie.


Austin Aries on commentary for this next match.

Chris Sabin & Kenny King vs. Jeff Hardy & Manik

The X Division guys can go but this one felt particularly disjointed for some reason. The work was fairly average considering the participants. The babyface team went over after a double finisher from both guys saw Hardy get the pinfall victory on King.

Aries was better on commentary than the wrestling was in the ring.

After the match, Aries gets in the ring and proposes a 4-way dance for the X Division title at Bound for Glory. Hardy gets the mic and says he wants to do something he's never done before at the show, which is compete in an Ultimate X match.

It doesn't get officially announced, but it seems to be official.


Pre-tape of Sting and Hogan backstage talking. The former wants to know what's going on. Hulk says after 35 years he didn't think anyone could be worse than Eric Bischoff as far as getting drunk on power.

But Dixie is even worse.

Sting is amazed at the situation. Meanwhile, someone comes in and delivers Hulk a gift, which he thought was a small coffin. Instead, it's a watch, apparently the same one Dixie gave Sting last year at the Hall of Fame.

Not sure what kind of significance that has, but I'm guessing it matters somehow.

There were multiple shots at Bischoff within this three minute pre-tape, by the way.


Magnus vs. E.G.O.

This is a gauntlet match, starting with Magnus vs. Christopher Daniels. The two had a solid little five-minute showdown with Magnus avoiding the moonsault and finishing Daniels with the MDD.

Kazarian is next out to keep the party going. The show promptly goes to commercial break but we're told Kazarian got beat down the entire time. Naturally, he takes the edge right when the show comes back.

Magnus gets Kaz to tap to the Cloverleaf, giving him two wins so far.

That leaves Bobby Roode to come down to the ring. He's dressed full on, robe and all. They jaw back and forth, giving Kazarian time to jump in the ring and clip Magnus' in his knee while he was turned around.

Magnus loses to Roode and snaps after, throwing chairs outside the ring. This brings out Sting, who tries to talk him back up. Magnus isn't hearing it.

They argue back and forth and Sting brings up how he had that one big breakout match in his career against Ric Flair back in the late 80s. Yes, Flair's name was used. Magnus responds by saying he knows all about that because he's always looked up to Sting and watched him as he was coming up.

This leads to Sting challenging him to a match at Bound for Glory.


Pre-tape backstage showing E.G.O. hanging out with Daniels and Kaz telling Roode that he's being inducted into the Hall of Fame. It's made to sound like they're referring to the TNA Hall of Fame, but they reveal it to be the E.G.O. HOF.

They all play it up big and you can't help but chuckle at them.


Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher

The winner of this match will move on to Bound for Glory to challenge ODB for the Knockouts title. Velvet let the pigeons loose wearing yoga pants.

Before the match gets underway, Lei'D Tapa shows up looking insane. They talk about her being a former Gut Check contestant who was booked to show up. She's just wrecking shit, taking out the referee and then hitting Sky with a Samoan drop.

No match, I guess.


Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe

Both big men are working with shirts on. It's a relatively slow match, as expected. Not much heat, considering. We get a terrible ref bump from Earl Hebner just before Joe locks on his submission. Naturally, he taps, but the ref was out, as stated just a second ago.

How that keeps happening is unreal. And stupid. Ray comes in with a shot from the chain off the ropes and that's when Hebner wakes up, seeing the chain that Ray just used.

So, Joe wins by disqualification in a nothing match that no one cared about.

Post-match, Bully tries to piledrive Joe onto the concrete on the outside but Styles runs in through the crowd and makes the save. Security tries to get to him but he just runs into the crowd again and they provide all the protection he needs.

Not a bad scene, but poorly timed and executed. This show has been awful.


The main event, naturally, is Hulk Hogan deciding whether or not to stay with TNA.

Carter is in the ring and Hogan comes out to join her. She says she's tickled to death about him wearing the watch she gave her, one she got from Tiffanys. She has to know, though, if he's going to ride the Dixie train or not.


He gets on the mic and says it's amazing how high they could get working together. BUT at the end of the day it's an amazing offer for somebody else. He drops the mic, "I quit."

He starts slapping hands as he walks out and she chases after him. They're shown arguing and true to the spoilers, Dixie literally grabs his leg and hangs on to him begging him not to leave. Finally, she lets him go and he walks out with his head held high while TNA is humiliated.

At least the show ends with Dixie screaming at his back that he's fired.



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