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TNA Impact spoilers for Halloween episode on Oct. 31

Get complete spoilers for the episode of TNA "Impact" that is set to air on Oct. 31, 2013, from Salt Lake City, Utah, that was taped last night after the live show on Spike TV.

Now that TNA has taken Impact on the road, the schedule calls for one live show immediately followed by a taping for the show set to air the very next week on Spike TV. Well, the promotion was live in Salt Lake City, Utah, last night (Oct. 24, 2013) with two hours of awful television before taping next week's show.

Here are spoilers:

- Bad Influence turn themselves into Sherlock Holmes and Watson to investigate Abyss and his whereabouts. They found what they were looking for, too, and ate a couple Black Hole Slams for it.

- Just like WWE did when CM Punk left with the company title, TNA is holding a tournament to crown a new champion while AJ Styles is away with the real belt. The participants, as announced by Dixie Carter: Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Kurt Angle, James Storm, Chris Sabin, Bobby Roode, and the winner of a Gauntlet match later in the night.

- Magnus won the Gauntlet match to get into the tournament. Funny enough, he last eliminated Sting to help further their issue and turn him heel just a bit more. But if the winner was to get in a tournament to crown the next champion, why was Sting even in the match? Isn't he never allowed to challenge for the belt again?

- Gail Kim def. ODB, I assume because she's AJ Lee and she'll have the belt with her own version of Tamina Snuke (Lei'D Tapa) until WWE makes a change.

- Ethan Carter III def. Local Athlete, because this is how you build a star, as WWE did with Ryback.

- BroMans def. James Storm and Gunner, which makes sense, I suppose, if only because Storm is in the title tournament and Gunner just didn't look menacing enough while eating that protein bar last night.

- Bobby Roode def. Kurt Angle via count out. They did the spot again where Angle was knocked out and this time they actually did a stretcher job for him.

That's the show, Cagesiders. Your thoughts?

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