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TNA Impact results and live blog for Feb.28: Lockdown Countdown, ten days to go!

The road to the lethal Lockdown pay-per-view (PPV) event continues, as tonight's show features; Aces & 8s fallout from the Hogan family attack, an update on Hulk's condition.

TNA Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 28, 2013) on SpikeTV, at 8/7c, back stateside from The Impact Zone at Orlando, Florida's Universal Studios.

The road to the lethal Lockdown pay-per-view (PPV) event continues, as tonight's show features; Aces & 8s fallout from the Hogan family attack, an update on Hulk's condition. In case you missed the action last week, you can check it out the details at, or right here on Cageside Seats.

Tonight will also give us the return of TNA Gut Check, and of the World Heavyweight Champion "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy -- just a week after Bully Ray was elected to be his opponent at Lockdown next month (Mar. 10) in San Antonio, TX.

Not only that, but "The Icon" Sting and Devon will both reveal their teams for the Lethal Lockdown match. Plus, new TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky will defend the gold against the former titleholder, Tara!

Remember to check back right here at 8 p.m. ET tonight to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



C. J. Bradford at the helm for TNA tonight for some good times, Cagesiders!

Out comes Bully Ray to the ring!

Taz is nowhere to be found. And there was much rejoice.

Bully is pissed off Aces & 8s have been running roughshod. They have ruined everything.

Much agreed.

They even ruined Hulk Hogan's return to the ring.

I'm not too upset about that one.

Bully is going to get his hands on all of them, including Devon. His brother will never want to step foot in a ring again when Bully is done with him.

But now Bully calls out Jeff Hardy to the ring.

And here the TNA World Heavyweight Champion comes!

The crowd gives a "Hardy" chant to welcome him.

Bully says that he never thought he and Hardy would be wrestling for the most prestigious title in pro wrestling.

Sure. What he said.

Bully says that there were better choices them him. Other guys wrestled for the opportunity, and he feels like they were cheated. Bully is unsure he's the right guy to challenge for the belt.

TNA really needs to figure this stuff out soon.

Hardy tells the crowd it's great to be back "in the Zone!" He tells Bully that he wants to face him. They've swung a lot of chairs, climbed a lot of ladders, and broken a lot of tables.

And now it's time for the cage!

He extends his hand to Bully...

But here comes Christopher Daniels and Kazarian!

Kaz says that Bully's daddy-in-law gave him the title shot, just like Hulk gave him Brook.

Someone had to rub her back and post pictures on Twitter.


Daniels tells Hardy that he out wrestled him last time they met. It was Hardy's facepaint that kept him from winning. Neither Bully nor Hardy want a piece of them. So they should leave the ring so the people can "worship us."

That last line was said with much hip giration.

Bully takes Daniels appletini, drinks it, and spits it out in the glass.

Bully: "Real men don't drink appletinis"

And we got ourselves a brawl!

Bully says if they want a fight, they got on.

Bully. Hardy. Daniels. Kaz. Tonight!



Sting, and Magnus in a random office. Magnus wants to face Aces & 8s in the big match at Lockdown. Sting has always been there for Magnus, and now he wants to pay it back.

Magnus: "Why me? Why the hell not?"


Gail Kim at commentary to help call the Knockouts match. Loving it.

Velvet Sky vs. Tara for the Knockouts Championship

Tara takes the early offensive, pushing Sky into the corner. A few shoulders are followed by a hair toss.

A pair of two counts, but Sky kicks out of both.

Whip to the opposite post. Tara tries to follow, but meets a boot to the dome. Tara tries for the splash again, but Sky ducks out of the way.

A pair of clothes lines for Sky, followed by a head scissors takedown.

Jessie causes some distractions for his beau. Taryn is leaning over the ropes, telling him to get lost.

Sky with the cover, but Jessie pulls her off.

And Jessie gets sent to the back!

Tara is complaing -- as she should.

She turns around, and walks right into an In Yo' Face!

That gets the three count, and Velvet Sky retains.


In the locker room with Aries on the phone. He is wondering where Roode is for their photo shoot.

Chavo and Hernandez walk up. He says they shouldn't be worried about photo shoots, they should be worrying about matches.

And Aries has a match with Hernandez. Tonight!


Outside with an interviewer bothering Kenny King. Mr. King claims he's the X-Division, and he's going to Rob Van Dam.

Quick cut to the locker room. King is now bothering RVD, wanting another match. Van Dam says if King wins, he's the champ.

If RVD wins, King has to leave the X Division.

...okay then.


Taz finally back at commentary. That was a fun 30 minutes without him.

Austin Aries vs. Hernandez

Both men lock up, with Hernandez pushing the smaller star to the corner.

Aries tries to relax on the ropes but is quickly pushed off.

Ref breaks them up, and they circle.

Aries with a chop to the back to bring the bing man down. Hernandez retaliates with a knee to the gut.

Aires goes for the hip toss. He is unable to get the big man up. Hernandez reverses into a hip toss of his own.

A clothesline sends Aries flipping over the top rope.

Hernandez goes charging, but Aries is waiting on the apron with a shoulder block. Aries tries the roll up, but to no avail. He gets up and delivers a big clothesline to Hernandez.

Aries on the top rope. He goes for the cross body, but is caught in midair. Aries with a few shots to the dome, and is able to send Hernandez out of the ring

Suicide dive by Aries sends both men into the barricade

To the top rope we go. And down comes Aries with a double axe handle.

The action heads back into the ring. A stomp to the face by Aries. Up to the top rope Aries goes with some flair. Attempts the big splash...

And eats mat for his troubles.

Hernandez with a battering ram over the top rope. He picks up Aries...

And sends him crashing down to the floor.

Hernendez picks up Aries again, but the little man is able to wiggle free. Aries hits a big discuss throw.

He tries to keep up the offensive, but a big shoulder by Hernandez sends Aries flying out of the ring.

And now Aries is taking his belt and going home.


Hernandez chases him and brings him back in the ring.

Hernandez holds onto the belt before the ref finally takes it from him.

And Aries knocks him upside the head with a steel chain.

Ref doesn't see -- of course -- and Aries gets the three count.


In the office with Joseph Park chowing down on a thing of ribs. He is trying to convince Sting that he wants to face Aces & 8s at Lockdown.

Sting: "Kayfabe the ribs."


Quick cut to Sting trying to convince Matt Morgan to join Team TNA. Morgan is having none of it. He hates Hogan, and therefore wants no part of Team TNA.


Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King for the X Division Championship

I feel like we've seen this match before...

An RVD chant rings throughout the Impact Zone.

Both men lock up. King gets the head lock. RVD sends him off the ropes and gets the side lock takedown.

King gets free, and they circle again.

They trade holds before RVD hits the German suplex.

King rolls to the corner and tells the ref to back the champion up.

RVD does his "RVD" chant, and King deleivers a drop kick to the back to send RVD out of the ring.

King tries the corkscrew, but RVD moves out of the way. He counters with a kick to the face. Van Dam hangs King on the barricade before jumping off the apron with a spinning kick.

We come back from commercial with the pair trading blows. King gets the advantage and the long two count.

He hits a suplex on the champ and a series of rights to the dome. Another cover, another two count.

RVD is slow to get up. King sends RVD to the opposite corner. He tries to follow, but eats a boot to the face.

Body scissor cover only gets two.

King in the corner. Monkey flip by RVD followed by a drop kick. Rolling Thunder is followed by...

A 450 Splash!

Except he misses!

King with the cover...

A loooong two count.

King with the Royal Flush!



Sting walking backstage. Angle wants to see who he has picked.

Angle: "You picked him?"


Sting: "I know it's risky, but desperate times calls for desperate measures."

Tell me who he picked, damnit!


Recap of Aces & 8s attack on Hogan and Sting last week.

Looks like Hogan needed knee surgery because of it.


Out comes Aces & 8s.

All...five of them.

Devon doesn't believe that Sting has a team that could take on Aces & 8s.

Yes. Because...the group has lost every match before.

Devon says Sting must be drinking that Kool Aid that Hogan has been dishing out.

What flavor do you think it is? Fruit punch is so cliche.

Devon goes on to say that this is the club that will dominate TNA in 2013.

DOC. Knox. Anderson. Bischoff. And Devon.

Where the hell is Briscoe? And why do I care?

This is going to be no different than Bound For Glory.

Oh yeah. I guess they have one win.

And out comes Sting with his retort!

He is bringing out Team TNA.

And the first man is...

Samoa Joe!

Sting is sorry about this next pick.

Devon: "Sorry about what?"

SORRY! About your DAMN LUCK!

HA! Devon walked right into that one!

The fourth member of Team TNA is...


And the last member will be...



Team TNA sends the gang crawling out of the ring with their tails between their legs.


Get Check video package with Ivelisse Vélez, a puerto rican female with an MMA background.

She looks like she has what it takes. I'm only being 50% sexist with that comment.


Recap of Sting choosing Team TNA.


In the parking lot with Angle stalking Aces & 8s.


Gut Check video package with Lei'd Tapa from the Island of Tonga. She's a second generation star from her uncle. She starts to tear up talking about how important it is to make it.

This looks like it will be a great matchup.


Ivelisse Vélez vs. Lei'd Tapa in a Gut Check Match.

Damn! Tapa towers over Velez. She Tapa lifts Velez up with one hand.

Velez is able to kick out of it and turns it into a guillotine choke.

Tapa shoves her off and lifts her in the fireman carry.

Velez reverse into a rear naked choke!

Tapa fights her off. Velez into the ropes...

And eats a big boot for her troubles.

Into the ropes Velez is sent, and meets a nasty clothesline. Tapa with a body slam to send the little lady down. She drags Velez up by the hair, and drops her with a head but.

A wicked whip drops Velez. To the opposite corner we go. Tapa tries to follow...

And eats turnbuckle.

Velez drops Tapa with a DDT. She tries to continue the assult with a few shots to the dome. Tapa fights her off.

But Velez hits the hurricanrana!

Velez goes back on the offensive...

And walks right into a Samoan drop! Long two count for Tapa.

Velez is able to go back to the guillotine choke. Tapa tries to fight out...



In the locker room with Hardy stretching. Aries walks in to bother him. He wants to let Hardy know he's pulling for the champion. Hulk is in Bully's corner, and he hopes Hardy knows how that feels.

Maybe Hardy will be able to overcome the odds stacked against him.


A video update on the lost AJ Styles. His wife talks about them meeting in high school.


His friend talks about how he's always been close.

That's less D'AWW

She didn't know what to believe during the Clair Lynch Saga.

That's like the Majin Buu saga, but worse.

She questioned her husband and his commitment. His friend was wondering what was going on. They say AJ hasn't talked to them about everything that has happened.

AJ himself walks in!

And then he leaves.

I'm confused.


Recap of Jessie, Robbie E, and Robbie T's Bro Off, and the Robbies' breakup.


Robbie E in the ring. He says that sometimes a bro has to admit when there is a bigger bro and a better bro.


He calls "Rob Terry" to the ring.

He opens the velvet rope for the big guy and holds open the ropes for him. Terry declines the offer and climbs under on the other side.

Robbie E says that things have gotten way out of hand. He tells Terry that he crossed the line. He risked them being bros, but more importantly he risked their friendship.


Robbie says that them being friends has been the greatest time in his life. He's not going to be jealous anymore.

And he will admit that Big Rob is the better bro, bro.

Robbie offers a fist...

And Big Rob bumps back!

Hit the music!

Robbie E with a few dance moves of his own. Big Rob does not partake, but he does smile.

Robbie E says that Big Rob is the bro of champions and deserves the spotlight.

So Robbie E leaves the ring.

And Big Rob now shows off his moves!

And Robbie E wacks him in the head with the picture of himself.

Big Rob is not amused.

Robbie E takes off running for the hills while Big Rob goes buck wild in the ring.


Backstage with Bully lifting weights. Austin walks up to bother him. He's impressed at Bully's forms.

But more imporantly. Aries wants to let him know that he's pulling for Bully.

Bully wants him to shut up and back off. He says Aries may be a great Tag Team Champion, but he will never be World Heavyweight Champion again. So Aries can back off.

Aries: (as he's walking away) "Tell Brooke I said hi."


Outside with Angle running around the parking lot.

Or...limping around.

He walks into a door.

Okay then.


Jeff Hardy & Bully Ray vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

Bully and Daniels to start things off. They lock up before Daniels hits the knee to the midsection. He sends Bully to the corner, and greets him with a chop.

Daniels gives a salute to the crowd. Which is funny, but not smart.

Bully makes him pay with a wicked clothesline. He tosses Daniels into the corner and delivers a head butt and chop to the chest. Daniels is stumbling around the ring.

Bully kindly directs his head to the turnbuckle.

Kaz charges, but eats a big back drop. Daniels is right there with the clothesline to bring Bully down.

The tag to Kaz, and they hit a double suplex.

Then do some Gangum Style dancing.

Bully is up and hits a double clothesline.

Who takes the time to do do some dancing of his own.

Bully takes care of business and sends Daniels out of the ring. Hardy jumps in and sends Kaz out. The pair on the hard side turnbuckles, posing for the crowd.

We come back from commercial with Hardy and Bully double teaming Kaz. They hit some Poetry in Motion. Daniels comes rushing in to save his friend, but eats a splash from Bully.

Kaz is able to drag Hardy down by his ragged locks. Daniels forearm to the back of Bully and sends him out of the ring.

Daniels in control of the match, stomping on Hardy.

Tag to Kaz, and some tandem offense by the former Tag Team Champions.

Hardy sent into the heel corner for the double team.

Daniels holds Hardy in the air, while Kaz hits a bing springboard leg drop.

Only gets two.

Daniels with a whip to the post. He tries to follow, but Hardy is able to get up the elbow.

Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind! Both men slow to their feet....

Bully gets the hot tag! A clothesline! Another clothesline! A back body drop! Bodies are flying!

Kaz tries to go to the top rope, but Bully is right there to send him flying across the ring.

A sidewalk slam to Daniels. Kaz rushes in to save his teammate.

Hardy on the top rope! But Kaz is right there to send him crashing to the floor.

Daniels and Kaz team up on Bully. Hardy makes his way back into the ring to mix things up.

Kaz working on Bully with some shots to the dome. Daniels doing the same to Hardy.

Bully gets free! He rushes to help his teammate. He drops Daniels with an electric chair...

And Hardy hits the Swanton! That gets the three count! Hardy and Bully are your winners!


Angle in Aces & 8's super secret hideout, kicking the crap out of everyone with a pipe.

He finds the super secret boss! He unmasks him...

And the camera can't see who it is.

Of course.

Aces & 8s start to kick the crap out of Angle.

Fade to black.


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