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TNA: Christopher Daniels isn't retiring anytime soon

If you were worried that TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels might be considering retiring sometime soon, worry no longer. He's not going anywhere just yet.

Good news for all you Christopher Daniels fans out there: despite the fact that he's been in the pro wrestling industry for 20 years now and turns 43-years-old in March, he has no plans on retiring anytime soon.

From his interview with The Big WrestleShark Show:

"I don't know where that started, I'm not looking to retire any time soon. Right now I feel I'm doing the best work of my career. My first goal was to get to 20 years, and in one month that will be the case...I've always said the minute it stops being fun I'll stop. But I'm still having fun, I'm still doing what I love, I'm working with great guys, I'm in good condition, I've been lucky to have had very few injuries over my career...I'm not looking to hang the boots up anytime soon."

We agree with Daniels that he's doing the best work of his career. His tag team shenanigans with Kazarian, who himself is doing some of the best work of his career, are consistently the highlight of any episode of Impact Wrestling they're appearing on.

Is there a TNA heavyweight championship run in his future? It seems unlikely for now but if he keeps entertaining the way he has been, he could be the fresh face the main event scene will eventually need.

Glad to hear he's sticking around?

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