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TNA Impact results and live blog for Jan. 31: Road to Lockdown

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (Jan. 31, 2013) with its latest episode of Impact Wrestling, featuring the company's first show from England on its annual trip to the U.K.


TNA Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 31, 2013) from Manchester, England, for the first of four shows that were taped in the United Kingdom on the company's annual trip overseas.

These shows are almost always better simply because the crowds pay to get in and they act like they give a shit about the wrestler, the angles, the matches, everything. It should be good.

If you're impatient and want to read spoilers, you can do so by clicking here.

Remember to check back right here at 8 p.m. ET tonight to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Bad Influence is out first wearing kilts and face paint. Kazarian on the mic and putting over Christopher Daniels, who is getting a big reaction for doing just the greatest mannerisms and body movements. This guy is so great.

As soon as he gets the mic he calls the crowd "frumpy Brits" and gets a ton of heat.

The gist of his promo is that he's a king who hasn't been crowned yet and he knows everyone is upset that Jeff Hardy is still champion. But he'll get there eventually, though until he does, the crowd is allowed to worship him like the king he is right now.

This leads to the return of Magnus, who hasn't been a TV for a long while. They're in the U.K., so the crowd is really hot for this. He says Daniels isn't king because Hardy beat him like Daniels owed him something.


Magnus makes a challenge and Daniels accepts but not before referring to England as "an armpit for a country."

So good.

The heels attack and Magnus overcomes before cutting a babyface promo loving on the fans. That's one half of it, at least. The other half is his calling out Devon because Aces and 8s took him out and he wants revenge.


Devon vs. Magnus

This was a decent match that Devon got the better of early but Magnus came back to dominate towards the end. That is until Mike Knox and Doc came running in for the disqualification.

Really unsatisfying finish, though the live crowd didn't seem to care.


Video package airs for Joseph Park, reminding us that he will be challenging someone for Open Fight Night this evening. He's up next, it seems.

He's in the ring and puts over how loud and crazy all the fans are. He's been stressed, though, scouting the entire roster for his first call out. Before he gets to speak, Robbie E and Robbie T come out.

"I didn't pick you," Park says with the greatest expression on his face.

Robbie E starts trashing everyone in the U.K. and this leads to Robbie T getting angry because, uh, yeah, dude's British. Robbie E backtracks before getting back to Park and saying it's "Open Bro Night" and why don't they fight.

Park agrees and here we go.

Joseph Park vs. Robbie E

Robbie E controlled early but Park made the babyface comeback and won with a splash off the second rope. He's absolutely shocked he actually won a match. Is that jazz music playing?

Man, this character is phenomenal.


Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are in the ring and Aries has the mic. He says he knows England is happy to see "greatness" and "dominance" with "The It Factor" and the "Denominator of Greatness."

He says the two are getting on the same page and one by one, they're going to take all the gold. They'll start with the Knockouts championship, then the TV championship, then he'll take the heavyweight championship. Roode gets slightly upset at this but Aries quickly moves on to say they're going to snatch the easiest titles first, the tag team straps.

Roode's promo doesn't last long before Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez make their way out to the ring.

A singles match is set up with a shot at the tag titles on the line.

Austin Aries vs. Chavo Guerrero

The heels heeled it up to win here after a long TV match that ended with Aries hitting the brainbuster to get the pin after interference from Roode that took Hernandez out of the picture.

So Aries and Guerrero will get a tag team title match next week.

As usual, Aries and Roode argue up the ramp.


Pre-tape with Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan trying to figure out where Hulk Hogan is so they can ask for Bully to reinstate him, even though he's been at every single show since his suspension, appeared in multiple TV segments, and even traveled with the company to England for a tour of the U.K.


They're on their way to the ring to lobby for Bully, though, so that's that.

Bully once again asks for Hogan to lift the suspension but says neither he nor Brooke can get Hulk to lift it but there's one man who can and that's Sting. He starts a chant for the Stinger and his music brings him out to join the party in the ring.

They show a sign in the crowd that says someone has been a little Stinger since 1988. That's probably not something you want to put on TV. Also, oh dear god I'm getting old.

Sting tells Bully he's not the one they should chant to bring to the ring, Hulk is the one they need to chant to bring out.

So Sting leads a Ho-gan chant and there's a nice pop for the Hulkster. It seems Hulkamania is still running wild overseas.

It doesn't take long for Hogan to say he always does the right thing for his family and that's why he's reinstating Bully.

He makes a match for next week with the three taking on Aces and 8s. As if that will last.


Up next is a Knockouts match as Velvet Sky is shown walking through the back.

Velvet Sky calls out Tara and her "girlfriend" Jesse. Once they get there, Velvet says she's got a tag partner and out comes James Storm.

Velvet Sky and James Storm vs. Tara and Jesse

Match didn't go long and Sky and Storm won in what was damn near a squash match.


Looks like we're setting up for the main event here.

Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

A hard brawl with a few big spots and some near falls. Anderson wrestled in his jeans and Aces and 8s vest, which is actually a look at works for him, more than any other look he's worn throughout his underwhelming career.

Ultimately, Angle hit a big powerbomb off the ropes and stacked Anderson for a two count but grabbed the ankle that was right there and got the tap with the Ankle Lock.

After the match, a member of Aces and 8s climbed into the ring and at the same time, Wes Briscoe used a key to come into the cage. He locked the door again and once inside, the Aces and 8s member unmasked to reveal Garrett Bischoff. Angle tried to attack but Briscoe cut his legs out and revealed the trademark vest and long blonde hair.

Tazz on commentary: "This whole thing was just a way to get Angle in the ring alone and beat the hell out of him."

Tenay right after: "This whole thing was a set up?"

Nice observation.

The beatdown commences and Briscoe and Bischoff stand tall as the show goes off the air.